Chappan Dukan Indore: A Tour to Indore’s Famous Street Food Heaven

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Indore is the cleanest city in India. Being the largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh it comes under one of the million population cities of the country. Indore is known for its cotton handloom industries, palaces, temples, street food, night market, and many more. 

There are many tourist spots in Indore, but one such spot for all the foodies in the house is Chappan Dukan. It is named after the 56 shops lined up in the market. Chappan Dukan Indore also has a radio station for both shopkeepers and visitors.  

Famous food here includes – Jalebi, Indori Poha, Momos, Hot Dogs, and many more. Chappan Dukan was also awarded by the Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India (FSSAI) in 2022, making it one of the safest and cleanest places to dine. 

Much recently Sara Ali Khan and Vicky Kaushal visited Chappan Dukan for the promotions of ‘Zara hatke Zara Bachke’. British High Commissioner Alek Ellis has also visited Chappan Bazar while on a trip to India. 

Chappan Dukan History

Source: Rattibha

The Chappan Dukan history dates back to 1974 when the market was earlier known as Udasin Ashram Market, it was a dispersed wooden region before 1974 lacking all the features that we can see today. The local administration of Indore felt the need for an integrated place for the local vendors and thus Chappan Dukan Indore was established. 

Initially, the market was catered to only retail shops like vegetables, but with time the new individuals introduced varieties of offering. In 2000 a major transformation took place and the popularity of the area was widespread among locals, celebrities leaders, and their families. 

Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL) redeveloped the market into a smart food street. Chappan Dukan Indore also has a radio station which is not only for the vendors but also the visitors. 

In 2022 ChappanDukan was awarded by the Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India (FSSAI) for being ‘The Clean Food Street Hub’. 

Chappan Dukan history has witnessed many reforms and redevelopments. From a mobile business to a six-by-eight-dimension shop.

The Best Time To Visit Chappan Dukan

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The best time to visit Chappan Dukkan is anytime during the year. There is no specific time to visit Chappan Dukan. Also, the best time to visit Chappan Dukan during the day is the evening time when the sun sets and the nightlife of Indore begins. Though some shops might open in the early morning and wind up by afternoon. Research and google the timing of any particular restaurants/ shop you want to visit. 

How To Reach Chappan Dukan


Chappan Dukan is located in the Palasia area. It is well connected to the other parts of the city. You can travel to Chappan Dukan Indore via train, rickshaw, and cabs conveniently. 

By Railway

It is located at a distance of 2.2 km from Indore railway station, you can take a rickshaw to reach there.

By Air

The distance of Chappan Dukan from Indore airport is 9 km, from here you can book a cab and go to Chappan Dukan.

By Bus

The nearest Bus Stand to Chappan Dukan is Indraprastha which is 500 meters away from here you will get a bus easily.

Top 11 Places To Eat At Chappan Dukan

Indore is famous for its street food culture. The staple food in India is Indori Poha and Jalebi. But except for the staple food, there are a lot of foods you can try. Chappan Dukan is one of the best places to try food in Indore.

The best thing about Indore food vendors is that they have a thing for cleanliness. The food vendors and other food stalls in Chappan Dukan Indore focus majorly on cleanliness with taste as well. 

Following are the Top 10 places to eat at Chappan Dukan – 

1. Johny Hot Dog

Source: Indore Talk

Different from your standard hotdog, this hot dog is available in veg and non-veg as well. The hot dog is toasted in butter giving it a hint of crispiness and served in a round bun with mint sauce (Pudina Chutney) and chopped onion. 

Famous food at Chappan Dukan, there are four major varieties of hotdogs available at Johny Hot Dog including – Egg, Egg chicken, Mutton, and Veg. 

The bestseller at Johny Hot Dog is the mutton hot dog. We can say that the mutton hot dog has earned the title of the famous food in Chappan Dukan.

2. Vijay Chaat House

Source: yummraj

As recommended by the celebrity chef Ranveer Brar, do not make the mistake of missing Kopra Pattice at Vijay Chaat House. In every layer, the dash of spice elevates the experience of the Kopra Pattice. 

Also, the atmosphere after eating the famous Indori Poha and Jalebi at Vijay Chaat House will wrap you with all the Indori Love. We can conclude that Kopra Patties at Vijay Chaat House is the famous food in Chappan Dukan. 

3. Sam’s Momos

Source: Sluurpy

A Delhi delicacy with Indori tadka serves veg and non-veg momos at Chappan Dukan Indore. This shop also has Shawrma in the house. Sam’s Momos is mostly famous for its momos, but Rolls and Shawrma are not to be missed. 

A spacious sitting with a top-notch ambiance Sam’s momos are one of a kind at Chappan Dukan. 

4. Mumbai Chowpatty

Source: Justdial

Craving some ‘Amchi Mumbai’ food, don’t worry for Mumbai Chowpatty at Chappan Dukan Indore has got your back. They have different types of vada pav, pav bhaji, missal pav, Bhel Puri, and milkshakes.

5. Conical Gaufres

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Instagramable waffles at Conical Gaufres in Chappan Dukan is one of a kind. These delicious waffles have different toppings including different sauces, choco chips, Lotus Bischof, etc. 

6. Chick-N-Serve 56

Source: Justdial

Heaven for Chicken lovers, this place serves one of the best-fried chicken in the entire Chappan Dukan market. They have a huge variety of chicken including Chicken Alfaham, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Wings, Fried Chicken, Biryani, etc. 

A hardcore chicken lover should not miss this opportunity to fest at Chick-N-Serve 56.

7. Dosa Craft


Craving for South Indian Food? Don’t worry Dosa Craft at Chappan Dukan Indore has got you covered. Dosa Craft covers varieties of dosas including Masala Dosa, Sada Dosa, Spring Dosa, Jiny Dosa, etc. 

Their must-try dosa is Burj Khalifa Dosa. No, there is nothing common between dosa and building except that you will be awestruck with the size of the same.

8. Naturals Ice Cream

Source: Tripadvisor

If you want to play safe and do not want to experiment with your dessert then Naturals Ice Cream at Chappan Dukan is the best place for you. Being one of the most famous franchises in all over India natural Ice Cream is one of the best places you can be at. 

9. Shree Guruji

Source: Shree Guruji

A great advice given by an anonymous legend is not to miss your dessert after your food. Sree Guruji at Chappan Dukan offers varieties of Shakes, ice cream, Tawa Ice Cream, ice Balls, Slushes, etc. 

Kulfi Falooda is a famous food in Chappan Dukan and has frozen kulfi pieces and dry fruits.

10. Chaat Palace

Source: NDTV Food

Chaat Palace is another famous chaat shop in Chappan Dukan. They serve authentic Indori Poha and Jalebi. Chaat Palace is one of the most underrated chaat houses. One should visit this place for authentic Indori Poha.

11. Nema Kulfi And Gajak

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Going to Indore and not trying Gajak is a crime. If you are at Chappan Dukan then only Nema Kulfi And Gajak can save you from the crime. It is famous for its Gajak (Indori Sweet), pani puri paneer tikki, and famous Raj-kachori. 

Please don’t miss their Rabdi malai, Faluda, and Kulfi. 

Shopping In Chappan Dukan

Not just food but shopping in Chappan Dukan is a must-try thing. There are many shops including clothing mostly. Following are some of the Shops you can try – 

1. One Centre

Source: Justdial

One Centre is a mall for shopping in Chappan Dukan. They have different clothing for men and women. They also have a shop for musical gear like Guitar. Jawed Habib Saloon is also located in One Center at Chappan Dukan.

2. Fashion Shoppe

Source: FabHotels

Near Chappan Dukan you will find this hidden gem for women’s clothing. It includes Cargo pants, shorts, nightwear, oversized t-shirts, party wear tops, etc. The prices of the clothes here are reasonable and affordable.

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Hotels Near Chappan Dukan

Source: KAYAK

There are many hotels near Chappan Dukan Indore. Accommodation near Chappan Dukan is very convenient for a tourist as it is in the heart of Indore.  Following are some of the options of hotels near Chappan Dukan –

  1. Click Hotel Sapphire Star
  2. HRJ Sarovar Portico
  3. Lemon Tree Hotel
  4. Hotel Purva
  5. Hotel Mumbai House LIG 
  6. Hotel Ambassador
  7. Hotel Prashant

Places To Visit Near Chappan Dukan

The city of Indore is happening and full of life. Chappan Dukan has been one of the major tourist attractions in recent years there are many places to visit near Chappan Dukan.

1. Mayank Blue Water Park

Source: Etika

Mayank Blue Park is 5.8 Km from Chappan Dukan. It is one of the famous water parks in Indore. It is a family-friendly destination, having a variety of water slides, a wave pool, and a swimming pool.

They also have a Sauna bath facility to let the visitors after a hectic week. The artificial waterfall and rainforest are also available in the water park. The entry fee for Mayank Blue Water Park is INR 250 per person for adults and INR 150 per person for children.

2. Holkar Cricket Stadium


Holkar Cricket Stadium is less than a kilometer away from Chappan Dukan. It is a home ground for the Madhya Pradesh Cricket team and the Madhya Pradesh Women Cricket team.

3. Khajrana Ganesh Mandir


Built by Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar Khajrana Ganesh Temple is 3.7 km from Chappan Dukan. The main temple complex is dedicated to lord Ganesha. The ancient temple built in 1875 has historical significance and has a peaceful surrounding. 

The main festival celebrated at Khajrana Ganesh Mandir with pomp and grandeur is Ganesh Chaturthi in August and September. The eyes of the deity are studded with diamonds which were donated by the businessman of Indore. 

The gate and the upper wall of Gharbaghar are made of silver.

4. Sarafa Bazaar

Source: Savaari

Just like Chappan Dukan Sarafa bazaar is another major tourist attraction and is another heaven for foodies. Sarafa Bazaar is 4.2 km from Chappan Dukan. It is famous for its nightlife. One of the famous street food is Jambo Jalabi famously known as ‘Jalaba’. 

Not only food but the Sarafa Bazaar is also famous for its jewellery and precious metals. The market is located right in front of Rajwada Palace.

5. Rajwada Palace


Rajwada Palace is around 3.6 km from Chappan Dukan. Rajwada is also known as Holker Palace or Old Palace. Being one of the oldest palaces it was constructed in 1747 AD. 

The palace was a residency of the Holkar Family now sears as a museum. It is a great tourist attraction for the people visiting Indore. It is located in front of Sarafa Bazaar. 

The garden in front of the palace is well-maintained and has a statue of Rani Ahliya Bai Holkar. 

6. Kanch Mandir


Kanch Mandir is around 4.4 km from Chappan Dukan. It is a famous Jain Temple built by Sir Seth Hukumchand Jain. As the name suggests the temple is made of glass This integrated glasswork is done on the ceiling, floor, column, and walls.

The temple is a home for the sixteenth Tirthankar Shantinatha. Craftsmen from Jaipur and some from Iran were hired to complete the construction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indore famous for?

Indore is famously known for its Handloom, Street food, magnificent palaces, temples, etc. It is also known as the cleanest city in India.

What is famous in Indore to buy food?

Phoa jalebi, Khopra Pattice, Bhutte ki Khees, Gajak, Khatta Samosa, and the list goes on.

Is Chappan and Sarafa same?

No. Chappan dukan and Sarafa Bazaar are two different market. Sarafa Bazaar was known as Chappan Bazaar in the olden days which was later renamed as Sarafa Bazaar.

What is Chappan Dukan famous for?

Chappan Dukan is a food and shopping street famous for its 56 shops. Also, It was awarded by the Food Safety and Standard Authority Of India (FSSAI) in 2022, making it one of the safest and cleanest places to dine.

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