Cheesecake Factory In Dubai: A Renowned Culinary Destination

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Dubai, a desert gem offers plenty of options to create long-lasting memories with its vibrant charm and advanced city landscape. One of the notable things that Dubai tour packages mention is the adventure activities and the culinary options this place offers to its visitors.

If you are fond of bakery items don’t forget to take a ride to the Cheesecake Factory In Dubai which lies strategically in famous places like Dubai’s Mall Of Emirates and Dubai Mall, with its exquisite menu and budget-friendly options this place offers one of the best appetizers which are a must-try elements in the Dubai trip. So, let’s get into more insights into this place, the best time to visit and also the famous dishes of Cheesecake Factory.

About Cheesecake Factory Dubai


The Cheesecake Factory Dubai is a renowned American restaurant chain owned by Oscar and Evelyn Overton. Famous for its extensive this place offers more than 200 food items that include appetisers, salads, pasta, burgers, and mainly cheesecakes. This was first established in Beverly Hills California in the early 1950s with Evelyn’s passion for baking in their house basement and then turned into a full-time outlet in 1978. From then it gained huge popularity and established as a global chain worldwide.

The most opted signature dishes here like Chicken Madeira, Cheese-filled cakes, and Avacado Eggrolls make it a more highlighting factor for the visitors to create a sense to visit again and again. With cosy interiors and spell-bound services till today this is one of the most happening food places in Dubai.

How To Reach Cheesecake Factory Dubai


The Cheesecake Factory Dubai offers its services from prime locations in Dubai. The top outlets are located in the Mall of Emirates and also The Dubai Mall.

You can reach via metro, which is considered the most cost-effective way to reach both locations. To visit the Mall of Emirates you can take the redline and alight at the Mall of the Emirates station and walk from there for 80 Metres. In order to reach the Cheesecake Factory outlet in Dubai Mall you can take the same path of Redline and get off the BurjKalifa/Dubai Mall station and from there on walk a quiet distance in the air-conditioned walkway.

The most convenient way is taking a private taxi and entering directly to the location using apps like Uber and Careem. You can also enjoy the free valet parking if you are driving in your own car to the Cheesecake Factory in Dubai.

Cheesecake Factory Dubai Menu

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One of the famous reasons for the Cheesecake factory in Dubai became famous is its exquisite menu. So here is the diverse menu glance:

1. Appetizers: Factory nachos with mayonnaise, Avacado egg rolls, Hot spinach bath and also the special cheese dip.

2.  Salads: Caesar Salad, Cobb Salad, Thai Chicken Salad, and Veggie soup salad.

3.  Pasta Dips: Pasta Carbonara, Evelyn’s special pasta treatment, and also Fettuccini Alfredo.

4. Special Items: Chicken Madeira, Miso Salmon Crunch, Shepherd’s Pie.

5. Burgers: Special CF Burger, Old Fashioned Burger, Smoke BBQ Burger, and special sauced veggie burger.

6. Cheesecakes: Original Cheesecake, Godiva Chocolate cheesecake, White chocolate raspberry truffle.

Other popular items like sandwiches, pizzas, steaks, seafood, and a wide range of beverages are also available here to satisfy your appetite. 

Cheesecake Factory Dubai Prices


Here are the Cheesecake Factory Dubai Prices:

Cheesecake Factory Dubai stands out the one of the best restaurants in Dubai for its taste and price range which is moderate to high. Most of the items here are affordable and come with the comfort of taste and looks.

The appetizers can range from AED 40 – AED 80, Maincoure is around AED 70 – AED 150 and the cheesecakes can be around AED 30- AED 60 per slice. Chef special items can slightly range higher than the regular price.

Famous Dishes Of Cheesecake Factory

Here are some famous dishes of Cheesecake Factory Dubai:

1. Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake


This is a decadent option, especially for chocolate lovers that features special layers of flourless Godiva, chocolate mousse and also the cheese panning all across.

2. Avocado Eggrolls


A signature appetizer, these eggrolls are filled with avocado, sun-dried tomato, red onion, and cilantro, and served with a tamarind-cashew dipping sauce.

3. Chicken Madeira


This is one of the famous dishes of Cheese Factory Dubai, especially for its taste where it features sauteed chicken breast diced with fresh asparagus, melted mozzarella cheese, mushroom madeira sauce and severed in mashed potato paste.

Best Time To Visit The Cheesecake Factory Dubai


The best time to visit the Cheesecake Factory Dubai to enjoy the right experiences is at lunchtime between 12 – 3 PM on weekdays and also the early supper time which can be around 5-7 PM which shows less crowds than usual.

Places To Visit Near The Cheesecake Factory Dubai


Here are the places to visit near the Cheesecake Factory Dubai:

You can visit the famous places in Dubai like Dubai Mall, and Mall of Emirates or even explore Ski Dubai an indoor Ski resort that offers a snow experience in the scorching temperatures of Dubai. If you are a movie freak you can also enjoy the VOX cinemas near which is considered to be some of the best family entertainment centers in Dubai. With time you can also take a ride to Dubai’s Burj Kalifa, Underwater aquarium and the virtual reality park which lets you dip in lots of memorable moments.

Can Muslims eat at Cheesecake Factory?

Yes, Muslims can eat at The Cheesecake Factory, as it offers halal options.

What is the location of the Cheesecake Factory Dubai?

The Cheesecake Factory in Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall.

Is there a dress code for The Cheesecake Factory Dubai?

No! There is no particular dress code for visiting Cheesecake Factory Dubai.

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