China Eases Visa Process For Indians Until 31st December

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China has recently made a significant announcement that will directly impact the Indians planning to visit China this year. 

China has made a much-needed ease in flexibility to Indians, and this policy will stay in effect until 31st December 2023. 

According to this policy, Indians traveling to China and seeking visas for tourism, transit, short-term family visits, and business purposes are not required to give biometric data, which means that Indians no longer have to go for the step of fingerprinting, allowing a smooth process for visa applications. 

The age group between 14 to 70 years is eligible for this policy. It will benefit the people who have recently given their fingerprints to the Embassy and those whose fingerprints have been termed uncollected. 

To get access to the latest information, the Chinese Embassy has asked visa applicants to get in touch with the Embassy in New Delhi to have all the necessary guidance and information. 

Travellers from India planning to have a secure Chinese Visa have to follow the standard visa application process, which means that they should have a valid passport with a validity of at least six months and two blank pages in the passport and follow the entire process as it is. 

The cost of a Chinese Visa ranges between INR 3800 to INR 7800, depending on the type of visa the applicant is applying for. 

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