China’s Travel Visa To Extend 5-Years! Announced By Beijing Officials

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Starting July 10, non-Chinese permanent residents of Hong Kong and Macau can apply for a new five-year China’s Travel Visa permit to enter mainland China, officials in Beijing said on Monday.

The National Immigration Administration announced that after completing necessary steps like fingerprinting, China’s Travel Visa holders will be able to use self-service checkpoints when entering the mainland.

China’s Travel Visa aims to make it easier for foreign businesses and skilled workers to extend their duration in Hong Kong and Macau. By simplifying travel between these cities and mainland China, authorities hope to boost economic ties and cultural exchange.

This new China’s Travel Visa rule is part of a bigger plan to bring Hong Kong and Macau closer to mainland China while maintaining their own statuses. The government thinks China’s Travel Visa will make Hong Kong and Macau more attractive to international companies and workers. 

They hope more businesses will want to set up offices in these cities because it will be easier for people to travel between them and mainland China.

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