Explore Uttarakhand From The Sky, Govt. To Start Affordable Chopper Services

Uttarakhand, a place with a delightful view of the Himalayas, rich pahadi culture, and the air filled with spirituality never fails to mesmerize travelers. It has a lot to offer-ancient holy places, spectacular meadows, lush green mountains, snow-covered soaring peaks, breathtaking hill stations to say the least. If you want to experience something thrilling, then you can go for rafting, bungee jumping, camping around the riverside, and skiing. On the other hand, if you want to plan a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday you can visit Yoga ashrams in Rishikesh, this Indian state has something for everyone.

Chopper Services in Uttarakhand
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Today, To increase to encourage tourism and connectivity in towns and cities, the State Government has announced that they will start providing chopper service in Uttarakhand from February 8, 2020. Captain Deep Srivastava, Flight advisor (CM Uttarakhand) conducted a press conference today and told the press that 28 choppers will operate throughout the state. It will cost you a tariff of INR 1200 for a chopper from Haridwar to Haldwani, which will be the first route.

Chopper Service in Uttarakhand

The travel time will be reduced to just 40 min as compared to 6-8 hours by road and other mediums. The main focus of this initiative is to boost tourism and regional connectivity in the state so that people can cover more places paying less and in lesser time as well. The price of chopper services will range from INR 1000-5000 depending upon the distance and time. 13 Districts, selected cities, and towns will be covered in this chopper service in Uttarakhand.


At these low prices, people will find these services feasible as well as be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayas. So we have given you one more reason to visit the Land of Gods soon, don’t wait and book a trip to Uttarakhand.

Source: Affordable chopper services to start in Uttarakhand from Feb 8

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