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Are you dreaming of christmas celebration in goa ? We know what you are thinking, Of Course! You are obsessed with the holiday in Goa. From Christmas cakes to outdoor décor, what could we hopefully tell you here that you are not aware of yet? Plenty- A lot, that is what!

With the essence of the mild climate, rhythmic waves of oceans, glorious party culture, and vibes of positivity all around, Goa should always be at the top of your bucket list for Christmas & New Year trips. December in India calls for immense merriment due to intense festive eves, but Christmas’s “joie-de-vivre” is electrifying for an experience to cherish forever. Goa, a former colony of the Portuguese in India, delivers a distinctive vibe on Christmas Eve. You can’t miss that charm. 

Christmas celebration in Goa is one of the thumping carnivals in India, where even a hidey-hole is drenched in luminescence and glittering glam. Here’s our complete guide to celebrating Christmas day in Goa. Make the best of it. 

1. Missa De Galo: Be a Part of Midnight Mass

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Interestingly, there is no better way to celebrate the Christmas festival in Goa than by being a live part of midnight mass. Indeed, Midnight Mass is the most prominent tradition celebrated in all the churches in Goa. With the honour of having more than 400 churches in Goa, people can easily participate in Midnight Mass at one of the most sought-after churches on Christmas day. And, when it comes to having the honour of attending the eve at the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Immaculate Conception Church, nothing is much more rewarding than that. 

The proceedings of Midnight Mass start at 10 pm. Thus it is advantageous to come early and grab your seat at the church. Peaceful hymns and carols would make your Christmas celebration in Goa fantabulous! 

2. Relish the Sunset View at Mandovi River Cruise

Image Source : Indian Holiday

What else can be more gratifying than enjoying Christmas on a private boat while taking a river cruise? Hiring a river cruise in Mandovi River lets you experience the magic of Christmas eve that you would have never experienced before. What a mesmerising view of rhythmic water waves with a pleasant ambience and a cool breeze on Christmas in Goa! More so, if you have come with your beloved, there would be nothing special than this to surprise your partner.

Cosy together for a romantic candlelight dinner on the river cruise and admire the essence of Christmas celebration in Goa via the events in the inland waters of Goa. Hurry up and book your slot now! 

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 3. Embrace the Palatial Princely Christmas Dinner 

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Truthfully, food and family are India’s two biggest obsessions. When it comes to Christmas Dinner, nothing would be better than tasting the lip-smacking savouries of Goa. Goa is a hub of fancy restaurants where you can joyfully relish the food of your choice with your family and friends. Whether it is a shack on a beach or an arresting stall, Goa offers the delights of their turkey roast, pork, grilled seafood, and continental or assorted savouries. 

Also, Goa is far-famed for its delicious delicacies all over the world. And, what is better than Christmas time to satiate your taste buds? Truthfully, Goa serves the best dishes during the festive time. When it comes to their traditional food in a posh restaurant or a beach shack, and that too on Christmas, nothing tastes better! 

Foodies can grab an opportunity to taste pork sorpotel, plum cakes, chocolate cakes, stuffed chicken, seafood, and many more. 

Do not forget to leave some space for Goa’s favourite Desserts, Bebinca, Serradula, and Dodol. By that, a Christmas celebration in Goa is thoughtfully incomplete without its local food. 

4. Experience the Marvellous Firework Show at Night 

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Almost every nook and corner of Goa is saturated with lightning and glittering. The Christmas carols, eye-catching cracker show, marvellous fireworks, stunning decorations, colourful ornamentation, and, most importantly, the happiness on people’s faces turns the entire place into a whimsical drama. This picturesque scene is no less than a treat to the eyes!

Special light shows and firework shows amalgamate the glam of the place, particularly Old Goa, where most of the churches are settled, making one indulge deeper in its vibrant festive vibes.

And if you wish to experience the spectacular evening along with rhythmic oceanic waves, join the Goa Christmas events at Anjuna Beach. It is one of the most incredible places to visit in Goa during Christmas. In South Goa, Colva and Bogmalo beaches offer colourful fireworks and lighting with a flock of people partying till dawn. 

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5. Rock on the Beats with the Locals 

Image Source : Goa Villa

Indians are obsessed with music and dance, and Goa is the best option for party lovers on a festive eve. Goa is far-famed for its nightlife. Almost the entire place can be seen partying and rocking the dance floors. Tremendous bonhomie, glittering décor, and positive vibes make the Christmas parties in Goa alarming and incredible. 

Vagator and Anjuna are undoubtedly the best places to visit in Goa during Christmas for youngsters, as they can experience trance parties, techno parties, and rave parties in one go, which often reminds people of a New Year celebration in Delhi. Local bands make the occasion more theatrical.

6. Smack the Sumptuous Homemade Chocolate Cakes

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Chocolate cakes are a famous Goan delicacy, and when it is Christmas, their craze goes a notch above! The Christmas festival in Goa is incomplete without these homemade chocolate cakes. Every street, home or beach offers mixed flavours of cakes with a blend of chocolate glaze that makes it more delightful. Goa Christmas events look scrappy without chocolate sweets.

Another famous delicacy that completes the festive mood of children and adults is the colourful Marzipan. All the local Goan desserts are must-try for every food lover. Bebinca, Neuros, and Bath add additional vitality to the Xmas celebration in Goa.

7. Have a Glimpse of Burning of Effigies of Old Man

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As India boasts diverse cultures and traditions, Goa welcomes New Year by burning an Old Man Effigy as the means of their practice. The puppets are formulated with old clothes and hay, which are further burnt by the locals – marking a goodbye to the old year while welcoming the New Year. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?! All these characteristics make Goa an essential addition in the list of top places to visit in the world during New Year.

Also, Goan people share the tales with a glass of feni – their traditional drink in their hands while burning the efficacy. If you are wondering how Christmas is celebrated in Goa, experience the live moment by visiting this year only!

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8. Adventure Geeks Can Enjoy While Having a Bike Ride on the Streets 

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Whether a church, street, alley, road, house, shop, mall or market, everything in Goa greets you with alarming picturesque Christmas festivities enwrapping the entire town. A bike ride is the best option to please your soul, as you can view the prettiest Christmas decorations in Goa.

Imagine the breeze nights with a mesmerising climate and a Bike Ride, and that too in December in Goa.

9. Participate in Star Making and Crib Making Competitions 

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Christmas Day in Goa offers an exciting time to exhibit your hidden talent. Christmas Crib attracts most visitors during the celebration of Christmas in Goa, thus turning the occasion into an experience for a lifetime. People show innovative ideas concerning the village of Jesus, interior designing, Christmas tree decorations and many more. Star Making competition is also organised on a large scale for locals in which local people present distinct ideas and cultural themes while displaying their talent.

There remains so much to love about a Christmas in Goa, from dozens of talent events offered to numerous adventurous events for kids and adults alike. Food Fairs and Live Music adds intense pleasure during the event. Children would be amazed by the “Play Along with Santa” market events.

10. Visit the Christmas Markets to Shop for Something Special 

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Every visitor gets astonished by the mini pop-ups and Christmas-themed markets in Goa. Christmas in Goa is best for hanging out with families, friends, and colleagues. If you are thinking of buying something special for your loved ones, this market is indeed a perfect choice to make. With exotic and traditional musical vibes, unique activities for children, diversity of delicacies, from pizzas to coffees and cocktails, Christmas markets in Goa present more than that. 

Also, you can pick up fruit cakes, handmade gifts, ornaments, homemade wines, and Christmas delicacies from the Goan Farmers Market in Margao, BPS Sports Club.

11. Have the time of your life while partying at Sunburn 

Image Source : Indian Express

Endless Christmas Parties in Goa highlight another giant music festival at Vagator Beach just two days after Christmas in Goa. You will be amazed by the astonishing performances of International DJs at the Sunburn Festival. The most popular Christmas celebration at Goa, Sunburn, stuns the mind and soul of every visitor and compels them to come back for more the following year.

It is a proven fact that there is no better place to experience that joy and wonder of a fantastic Christmas time than in Goa!You will also discover illuminated markets, beaches, stalls, Christmas trees, gifts, seafood, restaurants, and much more. Tour to the light and sound shows with marvellous views of fireworks are fun for children and families.

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So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, as WanderOn’s Christmas Celebration in Goa will set your journey to explore extraordinary merriment. Goa never runs out of attractions and places to visit. Christmas in Goa through WanderOn would allow you to satiate your soul with intense joy and endless memories. Strolling around Goa at Christmas would convince you that there is a castle full of merriment lurking in the heart of India. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Christmas in Goa 

1. How is Christmas celebrated in Goa? 

Goa Christmas events are popular all over the world. You can attend the Christmas Mass, taste the sumptuous Goan delicacies, party at the beaches, participate in crib-making, and dance like no one around you at Sunburn. Apart from this, you can cherish the stunning fireworks and lightning shows during the Christmas celebration in Goa.

2. What clothes should I wear in Goa during Christmas? 

You can wear Maxi dresses, swimming costumes, beach dresses, shorts or anything you feel comfortable with. 

3. Is Goa Expensive during Christmas?

Goa is for sure expensive during Christmas, but the festive vibes, joy and pleasant weather make you forget about expenses.  

4. What should I do in Goa in December?

You can be involved in plenty of things to do in Goa during December. Christmas is celebrated with pomp and show during December. You can choose the Mandovi River Cruise, enjoy at beaches, participate in burning old man effigy, or attend a sunburn music event. Adventure geeks can enjoy a ride on a bike during Christmas.

5. What is the usual weather like in Goa in December?

You will find a dry and warm type of climate in December. It is indeed the most suitable time to visit Goa. People spend mesmerising time on beaches. Moreover, Goa celebrates Christmas in December with full zeal, which one should always attend. 

6. Can I go to Goa with my family on Christmas? 

Whether you are planning to visit alone or with families and friends, Goa greets you with intense merriment and a homely culture. Goan delicacies and traditional celebrations make families and children enjoy themselves thoroughly. Moreover, there are various items to shop for that would surely surprise your family.

7. How can I attend Sunburn?

Sunburn is a three-day festival offering different kinds of tickets and bookings. You can opt for daily passes, all-day passes, after-party booking, and more. You can bring your family along, and an early entry pass is also available. It is important to note that re-entry is not allowed. 

Written By : WanderOn

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