14 Christmas Celebrations In India With Light And Love

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As the mornings become foggy and the night stars hide away in clouds, you can smell the Christmas vibe in the air. The most fascinating thing about the Christmas celebrations in India is that the celebration is not only limited to Christians. The love for this festival is above the barriers of religion. 

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Christmas in India is celebrated throughout the country, with great enthusiasm, especially in places where the majority of Christians live, such as Goa and other places. As I said, the Christmas festival of India is above the barriers of religion, and everyone comes together to celebrate their joys together. 

You can see people hosting several parties on Christmas to bring friends and family under one roof to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

  1. Goa- Party Like Never Before
  2. Bangalore- Smell Festivities In The Air
  3. Shillong- A Charming Christmas Celebration
  4. Pondicherry- Get Ready For Cookies And Gifts
  5. Kerala- Sing The Midnight Carols
  6. Mumbai- For The Night Long Parties
  7. Kolkata- The City of Joy
  8. Daman & Diu- For A Cultural Touch
  9. Manali- For A Snowy Christmas
  10. Delhi- Celebrate With A Bang
  11. Shimla- Among The Snow Laden Hills
  12. Chennai- The Illuminated Beauty
  13. Sikkim- For A Picture Perfect Christmas
  14. Dadar & Nagar Haveli- For A Calm Christma

Places To Celebrate Christmas In India

1. Goa- Party Like Never Before


Goa has Christians in the majority, and the place is full of various ancient churches, so you can imagine how lavishly Christmas is celebrated in Goa. The celebration is more like a carnival rather than a festival, making it the most happening places in India during Christmas. 

 The churches and homes are decorated with sparkling lights, and the entire street lights up. You can smell scented candles, and different aromas, and merriment in the air. 

Children sing Christmas carols, and several parties takes place, setting the vibe for Christmas. There are plenty of things to do in Goa in Christmas. No wonder the place attracts thousands of tourists from different part of the country and foreigners from abroad, especially during the time of Christmas. 

2. Bangalore- Smell Festivities In The Air


The Christmas celebrations and New Year Party in Bangalore is elite for the place with a lot of beautiful churches, and an alluring Christian legacy. Many of the churches built here have been built by the Europeans, so they have a European touch, which is an explanation for it’s unique designs. 

The most prominent churches in Bangalore are St. Patricks on the Brigade Road and the All Saints Church, on Hosur. 

The city has plenty of bakeries, restaurants and cafe, serving drool-worthy delicacies all around the town, especially during the Christmas season. The city has so many options that you will be spoilt with choices.

Christmas celebration in Bangalore will definitely get you in a joyous mood, as the city looks absolutely beautiful, decked up like a bride. 

3. Shillong- A Charming Christmas Celebration


Shillong has a considerable number of Christians, who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with great enthusiasm, due to which the Christmas celebrations in Shillong is very charming and you are in for some major festive vibes here.

If you are confused where exactly to go for your next Christmas celebration, then think no further and head straight to Shillong.

Shillong is a picturesque place with breathtaking views, and during the Christmas celebrations, you can see that the churches, streets, and the houses are decked up with beautiful decor and lightings, which makes the even brighter and a lot happening.

The midnight mass witnesses a huge crowd of people flocking towards the churches, singing Christmas carols, hymns, and soulful gospel music. The place is also popular for it’s food, and during the time, they serve traditional dishes, which is something to try.

4. Pondicherry- Get Ready For Cookies & Gifts


Located a little off the coast of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry is one the best places to visit for Christmas Celebrations in India. The Union Territory has a French lineage, due to which you can see many Christians in Pondicherry, who celebrate Christmas a great zeal, and change the picture of the town. 

There are several churches, but the most prominent ones such as the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is decorated with sparkling lights and Christmas Decor. 

The midnight mass has a large crowd of people including Christians and non-Christians, all gather at one place to celebrate the joy of this amazing festival together. 

Pondicherry is one of the best choices for celebrating Christmas festival of India, as you can relax on the beach, have a nice time near the beaches, enjoy the picturesque views and be a part of the merriment during the Christmas celebrations. 

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5. Kerala- Sing The Midnight Carols


The state of Kerala has a strong Christian population, and countless churches decorated with light. People decorate their houses, and the festive vibe can be felt in the air. All the Churches, whether they are small or large, remain open throughout the night because a large crowd gather here and sing the midnight mass.

Besides enjoying the festivities, you can also explore Kerala, and go enjoy the Backwaters, the lovely beaches. You can shop for spices from the Western Ghats, and have the best time in Kerala.

6. Mumbai- For The Night Long Parties


The Christmas festival of India is celebrated across the country with merriment and joy but the celebration in Mumbai is wild. Mumbai is already known as the city that never sleeps, so imagine what would the nights of Christmas look like. 

The city has a rich colonial past, and the suburbs of the Bandra is a delight during Christmas, so if you are spending your Christmas holidays in Mumbai then you should definitely have a look at it. 

The city has a considerable Catholic population and you can see the Hill Road beautifully decorated with lights and flowers, and will leave you mesmerised. 

Fancy Christmas trees, and the streets jazzed up with lights make it one of the best place for Christmas Celebrations in India. 

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7. Kolkata- The City Of Joy


Kolkata is the city of joy, and the city turns more joyous as the jingle bells are heard ringing. Irrespective of the fact whether they are Catholic or not, the people of Kolkata celebrate Christmas with a lot of vigor. 

Heavy discounts, live performances, soulful Christmas carols, the decked up streets, light and sound show, and exhibitions,Kolkata has got you covered for the best Christmas in India. 

8. Daman & Diu- For A Cultural Touch


Daman & Diu may not fall in the list of best places to visit during Christmas but surely is a delight during that time of the year. The destination organizes several cultural shows, Portuguese dance, and a midnight mass, and millions of lamps illuminating the sky, giving you more reasons to visit Daman & Diu during the festive season. 

If you are not visiting the Churches, then you should visit the beaches of Daman because most people head to the beaches as well to celebrate their joy. 

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9. Manali- For A Snowy Christmas


We are no strangers to the fact that Manali remains overbooked throughout the Christmas and New Year week, but if you make bookings before hand, there is no problem.

There is nothing like Celebrating Christmas in India like hitting the hill stations, and which place is better than Manali to spend some quality time with your loved ones on Christmas.

Spending Christmas in Manali is no less than a fairytale and you can go for various adventure activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or you can play with snow and make snowman.

Manali looks like a piece of heaven during Christmas, and there is no reason why shouldn’t visit Manali during the most loved festive season of the year.

10. Delhi- Celebrate With A Bang


While looking for the best Christmas celebrations in India, how can we miss out the capital city. Delhi is known for its stunning night life, extravagant parties, clubs but during the time of Christmas, the city looks absolutely stunning. 

Almost all the malls in Delhi get decked up with Christmas trees and other decors, which attracts more visitors than usual. You can get heavy discounts and deals on merchandise. Clubs start throwing themed parties, which is something to look forward to for Christmas celebration. 

The top cafes and restaurants pull out special Christmas menus, and the entire city gets filled with the essence of the festive vibes. 

Delhi is undoubtedly the best place for Christmas celebrations in India, and you can also attend some of the best Christmas New Year parties in Delhi.

11. Shimla- Among The Snow Laden Hills


After Manali, the tourist hotspot during New Year and Christmas in India is Shimla. This snow-laden hill station turns into a paradise during the month of December, and the interesting decorations, make it a stunning place to visit during Christmas. 

Enjoy the famous toy train ride and watch the snow peaked mountains, offering a picturesque view of the valley. Shimla’s architecture has a colonial touch, so the architecture has a British touch to it. 

Enjoy the British era cafes and buy toys and other stuff made entire of wood on the Lakkad bazaar, located on the Mall Road. Attend the Mass at the Christ Church, and understand why people from all over the nation visit Shimla to have their Christmas celebrations here.

12. Chennai- The Illuminated Beauty


When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for celebrating Christmas in India, then Chennai can be a good option. Besides the many churches and the Midnight Mass, the restaurants in Chennai offer special Christmas buffet feast.

Savour your taste buds with some of the most lip-smacking food, various clubs hosts parties that lasts all night long. Besides that, the Pheonix Market city mall offers plenty of activities to indulge in for an unforgettable night. 

Chennai, is without a doubt, one of the best places for celebrating Christmas in India. 

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13. Sikkim- For A Picture Perfect Christmas


If you are looking for a picture perfect Christmas, then head to Sikkim. Located at a towering elevation of 1540 feet above sea level, Sikkim offers the most picturesque views, and once it begins to snow, the place turns into a winter wonderland. 

The place is popular for its cleanliness, and the calm it offers, attracting thousands of tourists every year, especially during the winter months including the Christmas week. During Christmas, the place turn all festive and lively, setting the mood for party.

14. Dadra And Nagar Haveli- For A Calm Christmas


Wedged between Maharashtra and Gujarat, is a very quaint Union Territory that boasts of hosting a unique Christmas celebration. Not many people are aware about the Christmas celebrations here. 

Dadra and Nagar Haveli has a very pleasant climate, with picturesque views, making it the perfect place for a Christmas holiday. The most fascinating thing about this place is that it has a tribal touch, so that makes the experience a little unique for the visitors, compelling them to come back again.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Celebrations In India

How is Christmas celebrated in India?

Christmas is the most loved holiday of the year, and is above the barriers of religion and culture because it is celebrated by all. You can see Christmas trees all around, and people decorating their houses with lights, flowers, and other Christmas decors. People often travel to some scenic locations to celebrate this festive season. 

Which state festival is Christmas?

Christmas is not a state festival, it is a festival of Christians who celebrate the birth of their Lord Jesus Christ on 25th December. Almost all cities gets decked up like a bride and these cities look absolutely fabulous. 

What do India eat for Christmas?

Indians all around the country have different ways of celebrating Christmas, and some states have their own traditional Christmas dishes, such as Pallappam is eaten as a traditional Christmas breakfast in Kerala, Kulkuls is eaten across Maharashtra, and the most popular Goan desert is Bebinca, which you can have during the Christmas season.

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