Civic Center: The Shopping Hub Of Bhilai

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Chhattisgarh is a state known for its historical and natural sites. There are plenty of Places To Visit in Chhattisgarh. Still, it is also known for its commercial purposes and shopping hubs, such as the Civic Center of Bhilai. This place is famous in Chhattisgarh. Whether you are a shopaholic or just a visitor, the mall is a delightful mix of shopping, dining and other entertainment activities. Let’s find out more about the Civic Center in Chhattisgarh.

About Civic Center


The Civic Center is a popular shopping and entertainment center. If you look at the complex, it is built in an L-shape with shops and stores lined on two sides and has undergone multiple renovations. Returning to the early 1970s, this place used to serve as a supermarket. This was the area where the Russian book fair used to take place regularly. 

The Civic Center in Chhattisgarh was established in the formative years of Bhilai as an Industrial township, and now it has evolved into a vital community space. The place holds a variety of shops and local vendors selling traditional and modern retail outlets; apart from that, the center is also known for hosting cultural events and public gatherings that reflect the diverse spirit of Bhilai.

Things To Do In Civic Center

The Civic Center offers various activities and things you can participate in. Here is a minor breakdown of what you can expect from the shopping hub

1. Shopping:


For shopaholics, this place is a paradise for them; here, you can visit shops, from high-budget boutiques and jewellery shops to local stalls with handmade artefacts. If you are looking for some Chhattisgarhi souvenirs, you’ll get them here, and the place will never disappoint you.

2. Dining:

You are in a shopping center exploring various things, and you may get hungry. Luckily, the Civic Center is surrounded by numerous restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisines. Whether you are looking for Indian food, Italian pasta or any other international cuisine, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Some popular spots include local eateries that serve authentic Chhattisgarhi delicacies such as Dal Makhani Bukhara, Chana Samosa, Muthiya, etc.

3. Space For Children:


If you are with your toddlers or teenagers, the civic center also has a proper space for children. Here, you will find a children’s garden and an amusement park with a toy train where they can enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

4. Entertainment:

The centre is also known for entertainment; here, you can see an open-air amphitheatre and an art gallery. The hub also hosts cultural events, exhibitions, and other performances that portray Chhattisgarh’s rich cultural heritage and talents.  

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How To Reach Civic Center


Now, you must be looking for ways to reach the Civic Center, and here are some of the routes that you can opt for:

1. By Road:

The roadways and highways of Chhattisgarh state are well-maintained and connected. You can opt for any state or private bus that reaches Bhilai in Chhattisgarh. From there, you can take any public transportation service, such as a city bus or auto rickshaw, at your convenience.

2. By Railway:

If you travel by railway route, the Bhilai Junction Railway Station is the nearest place. You can take any cab, taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the center according to your budget.

3. By Airlines:

If you want to travel by air, you can land your flight at Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur. It is approximately 45 km from Bhilai; you can take any cab or an app-based ride and reach the civic center via National Highway 53.

Best time to visit Civic Center

As you will be visiting Chhattisgarh, the best time to visit Civic Center is from October to February, as the climate is cold enough to explore the complex and nearby places. You can also see it during the light monsoon season if you want to explore the natural areas of Chhattisgarh. However, you have to take extra precautions during summer and heavy rains. 

Places To Visit Near Civic Center


You have explored the Civic complex, did your shopping and immersed yourself in other activities. Still, you have an ample amount of time left, so here are some nearby attractions where you can plan your visit :

1. Mahadev Temple, Deobaloda

The Mahadev Temple in Deobaloda is one of the best places to visit near the Civic Center. It is the oldest temple, built in the 13th century, and belongs to the Kalchuri Period. Today, the temple is under the protection of the Archeological Society of India. The Mahadev temple in Deobaloda is known for its cultural significance. During the festival of Mahashivratri, the temple is crowded with thousands of devotees who visit here to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

2. Banjari Mata Mandir, Raipur

At a distance of 45 km from Bhilai, you can reach the city of Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Here, you will find the Banjari Mata Mandir, which is one of the most popular temples in Chhattisgarh. The name itself suggests that the temple is dedicated to Goddess Banjari Mata. One of the main highlights of this temple is the rope-way method that allows all visitors to climb the hill comfortably. Apart from being a spiritual hub, the temple is also known for its cultural events.

Restaurants near Civic Center


Here are some of the restaurants where you can visit near Civic Center

1. Tripti Studio Restaurant, Bhilai

The Tripti Studio Restaurant is one of the best restaurants where you can find a wide range of cuisines, including desserts, at a budget-friendly price.

2. Quality Spice Gallery, Bhilai

If you are looking for the best Indian cuisines nearby, then Quality Spice Gallery must be on your checklist. The place is known for its tasty dishes and value-for-money services.

Hotels Near Civic Center


1. Hotel Nikhil Regency, Bhilai

If you are looking for a place that offers premium quality rooms at an affordable price, then you can visit the Hotel Nikhil Regency in Bhilai.

2. Spot On City Tower Inn, Bhilai

Another place where you can visit is Spot On City Tower Inn of Bhilai. The hotel is known for its spacious rooms and premium services at a reasonable price.


The Civic Center of Bhilai is more than a commercial hub; it’s a place where people from different regions come together, go shopping, have their favourite cuisines and participate in cultural activities. Whether you are more into shopping or just a visitor, the place embraces everyone. So whenever you are in Bhilai, do not forget to visit the Civic Center to enjoy a different life.

What is the Civic Center in Chhattisgarh?

The Civic Center is a popular shopping hub and an entertainment center in Chhattisgarh. The whole complex is built in the L-shape consisting of shops and stores lined on two sides.

Where is the Civic Center located in Chhattisgarh?

The Civic Center is located in Bhilai.

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