Exploring Connemara Market: A Guide To Kerala’s Vibrant Shopping Hub

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Connemara Market is located at Palayam junction in Thiruvananthapuram city, in the state of Kerala, India. This is an amazing marketplace that offers a rich taste of local culture, fresh produce, unique handicrafts, and traditional spices. 

This guide will take you through the must-see highlights of Connemara Market, making the most of your visit. There are so many best places to shop in Connemara Market which can be explored with our Kerala Tour Package to get the best of both worlds. 

Connemara Market in Kerala is renowned for its diverse offerings and lively atmosphere, this bustling marketplace has become a central hub for locals and tourists alike. Shopping in Connemara Market is so popular that you will find people exploring the market for different purposes. 

History of Connemara Market in Kerala

Connemara Market in Kerala was established many decades ago, it holds significant historical importance as a focal point of trade and commerce in the region. The market was established in 1857 during the reign of King Uthradom Thirunal of then Travancore Kingdom to supply day-to-day commodities to the army members.

The arched gate that leads to the interior of the marker was inaugurated by Sir Connemara, Governor of Madras presidency, on his visit to Thiruvananthapuram in 1888 during British rule. The market was known as Connemara market in honor of him.

Here’s what the best you can get from your visit to Connemara Market:

Here is the list of a few common products which you can purchase from Connemara Market in Kerala. Do check the list and explore further:

1. Fresh Veggies and Fruits


Connemara Market in Kerala has a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and local produce, showcasing Kerala’s agricultural richness. People can find vibrant displays of tropical fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, and much more along with an assortment of leafy greens, root vegetables, and aromatic herbs. 

Visiting Connemara Market provides a true taste of Kerala’s diverse agricultural background.

You can easily do shopping in Connemara Market for fruits and fresh veggies. Also, visit the best places to eat in Kerala and explore the delicious delight. 

2. Handicrafts and Souvenirs


Connemara Market in Kerala is a treasure trove of unique handicrafts and souvenirs, offering a glimpse into traditional Kerala craftsmanship. There are so many Traditional crafts in Connemara Market. Among the most popular items are intricately woven textiles, such as handloom sarees and scarves, which showcase the region’s rich weaving heritage. You will find other offbeat places in Kerala which you can explore. There are a lot of Best places to shop in Connemara Market which offers an extensive variety of handicrafts. 

Traditional crafts in Connemara Market are so popular that you will find everything at just a single place. Pottery and terracotta items, often featuring traditional designs, are also widely available and make for excellent decorative pieces. Visitors can do Shopping in Connemara Market to find Kathakali masks, wooden carvings, and traditional brass lamps, all of which make for great keepsakes and gifts, embodying the essence of Kerala’s cultural artistry.

3. Spices and Condiments


Connemara Market in Kerala is famed for its extensive selection of traditional spices and condiments, integral to Kerala’s rich culinary heritage. There are so many Best places to shop in Connemara Market for spices.  There are shopping places in Connemara Market for spices and condiments. 

The market is a sensory delight, with the air filled with the spices such as cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and star anise. Shopping in Connemara Market  for spices you can find a wide variety.  Moreover, there are so many things to do in Kerala in which you can indulge yourself. These spices are not only essential to the region’s cuisine but are also prized globally for their superior quality.

Popular Spices to Buy:

  • Cardamom: Known as the “Queen of Spices,” cardamom is used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Add it to desserts, teas, or curries for a fragrant flavour.
  • Black Pepper: Often referred to as “black gold,” Kerala’s black pepper is renowned for its pungency and depth. Use it to enhance the flavour of meats, vegetables, and sauces.
  • Cloves: These aromatic flower buds are perfect for spicing up curries, rice dishes, and baked goods. They also have medicinal properties.
  • Cinnamon: This warm spice is great for adding a sweet and woody flavour to desserts, beverages, and savory dishes.
  • Star Anise: With its distinct licorice flavour, star anise is ideal for flavouring biryanis, stews, and teas.

Cultural Experience of Connemara Market in Kerala

Connemara Market in Kerala is not just a marketplace but a vibrant cultural experience. Connemara Market Kerala shopping gives you a wide range of cultural experience. Shopping places in Connemara Market will give you an amazing experience.

It’s a lively blend of people, sounds, and colours that offer a genuine glimpse into local daily life. Most of the people do visit beaches in Kerala as they are way too amazing. It’s a must-visit to experience the true essence of Kerala’s communal spirit and cultural richness.

Best Time to Visit Connemara Market


Morning Hours: Visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and experience the market at its freshest. Vendors often restock their produce overnight, ensuring a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices.

What to Bring to Connemara Market in Kerala? 

  • Reusable Bag: Bring a sturdy reusable bag to carry your purchases. This not only helps reduce plastic waste but also makes it easier to manage your shopping.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be exploring the market on foot. Some areas may have uneven ground or crowded pathways.
  • Camera: Capture the vibrant scenes of Connemara Market with a camera or smartphone. You’ll encounter colorful displays, bustling activity, and unique handicrafts worth remembering.


Visiting the Connemara Market in Kerala isn’t just about shopping—it’s a journey into Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. It’s a place where you can connect with locals, taste authentic Kerala flavours, and experience the traditional marketplace.

Take the opportunity to try new flavours, learn about traditional cooking ingredients, and capture the vibrant scenes with your camera. By visiting Connemara Market, you not only support local vendors but also bring home a piece of Kerala’s heritage—a tangible reminder of your journey into the heart of this dynamic region.

So, step into Connemara Market in Kerala with curiosity and openness. Let its sights, sounds, and flavours guide you through an unforgettable experience that celebrates Kerala’s unique cultural tapestry.

What are the operating hours of Connemara Market in Kerala?

The opening hours of the market are 6 AM- 9 PM

Is parking available near Connemara Market Kerala?

Multilevel car parking is provided on the lower two floors of the multi-storeyed building. At present, customers’ vehicles are parked without any organisation, creating traffic jams on the road front.

Are credit/debit card payments accepted at Connemara Market Kerala?

Since most parts of India are accepting online payments, please be assured of this. You can use credit/ debit card payments.

Can I find authentic Kerala spices at Connemara Market?

This market is located at the Palayam junction in Trivandrum. The amazing complex has the best spice shop in Trivandrum which is famous across Kerala. It remains crowded by the local people because they can find fruits, vegetables and other such things here.

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