10 Countries With Free Education: Pack Your Bags

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It has always been a dream to study in a foreign country. Not many people know about this, but there are countries with free education policies for higher studies. Living abroad is already very expensive, and studying there with all the fees one has to pay will cost a fortune. 

However, there are several countries with free education policies, making our dream of living in a foreign country a reality. 

New place, new people, new friends, exotic cuisines, and an independent life in a country abroad, how cool would that be?

If you have always wanted to study abroad, but budget is the issue, or you don’t know how to get free education abroad, then let me tell you that there are countries with free education policies for International students and Indian students alike, so you can enjoy free education with a nominal tuition fee, and live your dream life. 

List of countries that offer free education

1. Free Education In Germany


Germany, the land of opportunities and ideas, is probably one of the best countries to study abroad for free.

Offering the best quality of education, Germany allows students to study free of cost except for a nominal admission fee, which may or may not have to be paid. 

The fee is approximately between INR 12000 to INR 19000, which is not much because this much fee is nothing since you will be living in Germany and completing the entire course for just a small amount. 

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2. Free Education In Norway


Norway is another country with free education policies for students who want to pursue graduation or post-graduation. 

The best part is that you can avail of the offer irrespective of your nationality, but there is one condition which makes all the difference. 

You have to be fluent in the Norwegian language because almost all the courses are taught in that language, so if you don’t understand or speak Norwegian, this free education would be of no use. 

Infact, if you claim that you know the language, they will ask for proof of your proficiency. So, if this is what you wish to move forward with, then start learning the language today. 

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3. Free Education In Sweden


Sweden is probably one of the best countries to study abroad for free and live a very happy life. 

It is among the countries with free education rules. 

Sweden does charge fees for post-graduation and graduation programs from the EEA, residents of Nordic Countries, and non-members of the European Union. 

However, there is no fee for pursuing a Ph.D. from Sweden, you also get a monthly salary to carry out your expenses. 

So why not get a Ph.D. free of cost and add Dr. to your name? 

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4. Free Education In The Czech Republic


The Czech Republic has one of the top universities in the world that offer free education except for one condition, which requires the person to know the local language. It is one of the few countries with free education rules, which must be followed.

However, if you want to study the course in English, then that is not a problem. You can pay a nominal tuition fee of INR 70000 and learn the course in English.

Considering how expensive education has become, this fee is actually nominal.

5. Free Education In France


If you have watched Emily In Paris, I am sure the urge to live in Paris has increased. 

France is one of the few countries with a free education policy, where education in most of the universities is free. 

However, there are some universities that charge some fees, but it is very nominal. 

So what are you waiting for? Go live your dream life in France, be the new Emily who is out there pursuing the dream career. 

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6. Free Education In Belgium


Belgium, the name itself is tempting enough to make you want to live there.

If you are still in your studying phase and want to visit Belgium, then you are lucky, for it is among the countries with education for students.

International students have to pay a minimal fee to take the course, but it is not much that you drop the plan.

7. Free Education In Greece


History buffs, you are in for a treat, for what I am about to tell you may sweep the ground off your feet.

Greece is among the few countries with a free education policy, which imparts low-cost education to International students and a minimal cost of living as well.

With several historical sites, Greece is probably one of the best countries with free education rule.

8. Free Education In Spain


Next in line on the list of countries with free education is Spain.

Spain offers free education to students who are members of the European Union and provides low-cost education for International students with a minimal cost of living.

Think about it: good education, low fees, and drool-worthy food from Spain make it one of the best countries with a free education policy.

9. Free Education In Austria


Austria and the quality of life here is many people’s dream. If you have the same dream and are still a student, then you can fulfil this dream by studying in Austria, for it is one of the few countries with free education for the citizens of the EU/EEA. 

For International students, they do charge minimal tuition fees of INR 55000, which is nothing compared to how much we pay for education these days. 

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10. Free Education In Finland


As beautiful as the country is, so is its education. Finland is one of the countries with a free education policy for all students, irrespective of their nationality. 

However, it charges a nominal tuition fee for the Masters program taught in English to non-members of the EU/EEA. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Countries With Education

1. What are the countries that offer free education for international students?

Countries with free education include Finland, Spain, Austria, France, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium, Norway, and Germany. Some may charge a nominal fee from International students.

2. Is the education completely free, or are there hidden costs?

Countries with free education don’t have any hidden costs. However, international students may have to pay a nominal fee.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for free education for countries with free education policy?

Different countries have different criteria. In some countries, to avail of free education, you have to learn the local language; otherwise, you would not be able to avail of the benefit, or you may have to pay some nominal fee. 

4. What types of courses or programs are offered for free?

All types of courses and programs are offered in these countries that offer free education and solve your dilemma of how to get free education abroad.

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