Delhi Government To Collaborate With Influencers And Update Websites To Boost Tourism

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The Capital is all set to boost tourism activities by introducing some of the most exciting activities and is trying to attract more tourists ahead of the G20 summit. The Delhi government has collaborated with famous influencers and cab aggregators and is rigorously working on updating its website. 

The website Dekho Meri Dilli has everything you need regarding directions, nearest metro stations, routes, places you can visit, and more. Since the website is being updated continually, soon it will have more information.

The Department of Tourism in Delhi collaborates with the archaeological department to promote heritage walks in the capital city. Many influencers will join these walks to put up videos of these on their social media for better reach. Not long ago, the tourism department introduced the fascinating yet scary idea of haunted walks. 


The Delhi haunted walks are soon going to start, which would basically take a group of 20 people to a monument that has some haunted story behind and all of it would be under the supervision of a tourism official and a guide who will be narrating both the history and the mystery behind the monument. 

Once the haunted walks are officially launched, people can book their slots through the official app. 

The Government is also planning to revamp the famous coffee house in Connaught Place, and they will put up digital screens so everyone can see what’s on the menu. 

Besides, the government plans to organise events like the Mango Festival and host its first International Film Festival in August. The films of the member countries of the G20 Summit will be given preference. 

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