Delhi Will Have Air Taxis By The Year 2026

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The face of travelling is changing every now and then, and the government is planning to make commuting easier by introducing Air Taxis in Delhi by the year 2026. 

Inter Globe, which is said to be Indigo’s parent company, is teaming up with Archer Aviation on a game-changing project that will solve the problems of those who find the 60- 90 minute commute very challenging.

This Air taxi will drastically reduce the travel time to 7 minutes. This taxi service is expected to begin in 2026 and will definitely revolutionise Urban travel, offering eco-friendly trips. 

This initiative will introduce eVTOLs(Electrical Vertical Take Offs and Landing Aircraft), which are environmentally friendly and make very little noise due to low noise levels. 

The primary aim of this initiative is to expedite travel from Delhi to Gurugram to revolutionise the face of travel. 

 The Group Managing Director of Indigo and the Chief Commercial Officer of Archer signed the MoU.

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