Denpasar Festival: A complete guide

 In Bali

Denpasar Festival or Denfest is a year-end celebration held in Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia. It is held at zero kilometres or at the Catur Muka Statue, the center of Denpasar City. This festival presents exhibitions of local products, local foods, cultural feasts, community activities, music concerts, traditional Balinese musical instruments, and traditional Dances of Bali. It portrays the diversity of expressions and creativity of the citizens of Denpasar City.

The Denpasar festival also shows Denpasar`s strong and deep-rooted historic, artistic, and Bali Culture. It was first held in the year of 2007 by the Bali Tourism Department. 

During the day ceremony of the Denpasar Festival, a number of cultural shows are performed at the junctions of the Catur Muka Statue or at the corner of Puputan Square. 

Denpasar Festival is usually visited by more than a thousand visitors during the festive season. Some people just walk around the site and some parents with kids just take their children to the play areas set up around the Festival area. 

Every year has a new theme for the festival and it is always rooted in the traditions and culture of Bali. In 2023 the theme for the Denpasar Festival was “Jayastambha”, which meant ‘Pillar of Glory,’  presenting a more stunning experience with presentation in the form of art exhibitions, musical performances, cultural performances, and a series of other exciting events for visitors.

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Mask Parade of Denpasar Festival and other traditional games


The most striking feature of this festival is often the Mask Parade which is complemented by other cultural events like live music and dance performances often by local artists of Bali. Denpasar Festival often also holds traditional games such as “Tajog” – a running competition using “bamboo legs” which is often a bonding activity between the older generation and the younger generation and gives an insight into the rich cultural heritage of Balinese Hinduism

What are the main attractions of the Denpasar Festival?

The main attractions are the Masked Parade and traditional games and music and dance performances by local artistes. 

How can I get tickets for specific events at the Denpasar Festival?

You can check the Bali Tourism Department website for more information regarding dates and tickets for the festival.

Can visitors participate in any interactive activities at the Denpasar Festival?

Yes, tourists are most welcome to be a part of the celebrations in the festival.

Are there any nearby accommodations for visitors attending the festival?

Yes, you will find a lot of accommodations in Denpasar.

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