22 Top Destinations To Celebrate Father’s Day

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No matter what, our Father is our 1st hero, our role model. He shapes our life and safeguards us in every step we take. His love towards us might not be in his words but his actions say it all!  He worked hard day and night just to ensure our needs were met. He is the man who put our family first and sacrificed his basic needs. 

What if there’s a chance to celebrate him and gift him an unforgettable trip this Father’s Day? Though it is the least we can do, this means a lot to him! And you will surely cherish these moments for life. 

Well then you can’t miss these destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. In other words, these are the best vacation ideas to celebrate Father’s Day. 

From the serene hills of Auli and Mussoorie to the spiritual sanctuaries of Varanasi and Dwarka, from the coastal charm of Goa and Pondicherry to the natural wonders of Meghalaya and Hampi, these places offer the best Father’s Day travel ideas where the father-child duo can enjoy, relax and spend some great moments together.

After all, it’s time to make your dad feel loved! And he deserves it!

1. Pondicherry 


Pondicherry is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. All you need to do is to “enjoy” by renting a bicycle and explore Pondicherry’s vibrant streets and French colonial buildings. Enjoy delicious pastries, and local Indian foods with your father. 

Or relax at peaceful beaches watching amazing sunsets. You can also visit Auroville Ashram for meditation. Pondicherry is an ideal place to spend Father’s Day, as the place is unique blend of French and Indian cultures together. It is the top destination for Father’s Day celebration.

2. Darjeeling


Would you afford to miss a memorable toy train ride with your pop amidst beautiful sceneries and tea plantations? Darjeeling is one of the top destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. Explore the tea gardens and witness the best sun rises over the Tiger Hill viewpoint.  

Visit Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park to spot rare species like Red Panda, snow leopard, and more! Darjeeling is a perfect spot for shopping at Mall Road and tasting delicious momos and Tibetan cuisine too. 

3. Kodaikanal


Father Son/Daughter duo! Want some adventurous moments together? Plan a trip to the beautiful Kodaikanal, as it is one of the top destinations to celebrate Father’s Day in India. 

Trek to Coaker’s Walk or Green View Valley to enjoy stunning views of valleys and mountains. Spend great moments amidst nature and don’t forget to click pictures together.

 Not only that, explore Guna Caves, taste delicious chocolates, and go on a boat ride on Kodaikanal Lake and enjoy peaceful moments. 

4. Varanasi 


For a thoughtful and spiritual getaway, Varanasi is the best Indian destination to celebrate Father’s Day. Witness the sacred aarti ceremony together. 

Indulge in prayers at Kaashi Vishwanath Temple and take a dip in the sacred Ganga River. 

To enjoy Kaasi’s atmosphere take a boat ride on Gaga River during sunrise. You will surely admire the ghats and rituals in this place.

5. Haridwar


Haridwar is one of the best getaways to celebrate Father’s Day. For refreshment and spiritual energy visit this place. 

Witness Ganga Aarti, take a dip in sacred waters. A destination to Haridwar could also be a chance to renew and indulge in devotion. 

Haridwar is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. You can visit Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple. Enjoy an ayurvedic massage or yoga session together!

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6. Dwaraka


Dwaraka is the best Indian destination to celebrate Father’s Day. In Dwarka, you and your dad should seek blessings at the famous Dwarkadhish Temple and attend the beautiful evening aarti.  

Also explore places like Rukmini Devi Temple, Gomti Ghat, and Sudama Setu. Spending Father’s Day in Dwarka, experiencing its spirituality through temples, and ceremonies, and exploring mythological sites and ancient ruins together is a perfect Father’s Day getaway!

7. Rameshwaram


Rameshwaram is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. Get blessings at the famous Ramanatha Swamy Temple, explore the architecture of the temple walls, and take a dip in Agni Theertham. 

Explore Pamban Bridge and enjoy the views of the ocean. The best part is to plan a sea excursion to witness the marine life of the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve.  Indulge in activities like snorkelling and glass-bottom boat rides. 

8. Nashik


Nashik is one of the best getaways to celebrate Father’s Day. It is the wine capital of India. Explore vineyards here and indulge in wine tasting. Visit ancient temples, and take a dip in the sacred Godavari River. 

Visit the famous Trimbakeshwar Temple. Not only that explore ancient caves and stay in luxurious resorts located amidst beautiful nature. Nashik is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. 

9. Nainital


If your dad really enjoys traveling and discovering new places Nainital is the best choice. In fact, it is one of the top destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. 

Plan this trip by booking a resort in one of the calm and serene areas of this hill station to spend peaceful moments together. 

Explore Naini Peak, Tiffin Top, the main walking street called Mall Road, Snow View Point, and the local zoo. 

This visit wouldn’t disappoint as Nainital gives a  wonderful Father’s Day experience for a dad who loves to travel. 

10. Shimla


Shimla is one of the best Father’s Day special destinations. If you want more peaceful locations, you can travel to nearby areas like Narkanda or Shogi. The natural scenery and views in these hill stations are truly breathtaking. 

You can also enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, which would undoubtedly make for a wonderful experience. With a peaceful mountain setting, Shimla is an ideal getaway for quality time with your father. 

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11. Manali


Manali is one of the top destinations to celebrate Father’s Day in India. It is a very popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, famous for its natural beauty. The hill station has many charming and attractive tourist spots that are worth visiting. 

Surprise your dad by buying him a gift from the shops during this trip. Manali is the best adventure destination for Father’s Day. Take your dad on adventurous activities like river rafting, hiking, trekking, and camping outdoors. 

Engaging in such adventures together can make your Manali vacation truly memorable and exciting.

12. Mussoorie 


Plan a weekend getaway to Mussoorie with your dad. It is a little hill station in Uttarakhand that is popular for its lush greenery and natural beauty. 

Mussoorie has many beautiful resorts and inns in peaceful locations. These can give your dad the peaceful and relaxing time that he ever wanted!

You can also have dinner at the best cafes and enjoy a wonderful trip with your dad. Mussoorie is one of the best Father’s Day special destinations. 

13. Auli


Auli in Uttarakhand is a good place to surprise your dad on Father’s Day. Auli has snow-covered mountains, pretty views, and a peaceful environment.

You can plan an overnight stay with your dad here and get a  special Father’s Day cake for him to cut while enjoying the beautiful hills and natural surroundings. Auli is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day.

14. Goa


Goa is one of the top Destinations to celebrate Father’s Day.  Don’t miss the lively spots in North Goa. From Baga to Morjim, Calangute, and Anjuna, hire a bike or car to hop between the beaches. 

You can also take small trails to secluded beaches like Butterfly Beach or go trekking to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. You both can also visit beautiful churches like St. Xavier’s and forts like Cabo De Rama. 

Indulge in water sports like scuba diving, parasailing, and jet skiing. If your dad loves swimming, he will love all the water activities.

15. Gokarna


Gokarna is a place with beaches, forts, and a historic temple, a perfect mix of fun and spirituality and one of the best Father’s Day special destinations. Start the day by taking your dad to Mahabaleshwara temple. 

The area around has great places to enjoy a tasty breakfast. You can visit the hidden Shiva Cave and the Mirjan Fort. Make the evening special for him by relaxing on the beautiful Kudle, Om, or Paradise beaches. Gokarna is one of the best places to travel Father’s Day. 

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16. Meghalaya


For a nature-loving dad, plan a trip to Meghalaya. It is one of the best Father’s Day special destinations. Meghalaya is called the “Abode of Clouds”. This hill station has countless beautiful waterfalls, misty green valleys, and various trails and spots to enjoy the stunning scenery. 

Visit Nohkalikai Falls and unique natural root bridges and limestone Mawsmai caves. With its waterfalls, caves, lakes, villages, and rivers amidst lush greenery, a vacation in Meghalaya is one of the best places to travel Father’s Day.

17. Hampi


Hampi is the best Indian destination to travel with father. You both can explore its huge, carved monuments and sculptures. Each place in Hampi has stories that bring history to life. It is one of the offbeat places to celebrate Father’s Day.

Visit the various temples, and also spend some fun time on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. There, you can enjoy a boat ride. Hampi is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day.

18. Kumarakom


Kumarakom is the top destination for Father Day celebration. Kumarakom is located on Vembanad Lake in the famous backwaters of Kerala. 

This charming place lets you and your dad experience living on the water as it is well-known for its houseboats. You can eat delicious food made with coconut oil or coconut milk. 

Gift your dad the famous Ayurvedic massages to relax his mind and body. You can also watch cultural shows happening in the town.  It is one of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day.

19. Rishikesh


Want to offer thrilling experiences to your dad? Rishikesh is a great choice. It is the best Indian destination to travel with father. It is known as the “Yoga capital of the world”, but it also has an adventurous side. 

This place is also great for whitewater rafting. You can also experience the thrill of bungee jumping in the river canyons. 

Rishikesh offers a unique blend of spirituality through the Ganga Aarti and adventure through white water rafting and bungee jumping amid beautiful surroundings.

20. Spiti Valley 


For a beautiful road trip with your father, embark on a journey to Spiti Valley. As you ride through, you can visit the many grand monasteries and stupas.  

You can enjoy hot Maggi noodles, momos and other tasty food in the cold winds. 

Take breaks enjoy the views along your ride and nurture your father-child bonding. Spiti Valley is the top destination for Father’s Day celebration. 

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21. Dandeli 

Source: Holidify

If your dad is an animal lover, a trip to Dandeli is one of the best vacation ideas with dad on Father’s Day. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a thick forest area with streams and the Kali River.  It is one of the offbeat places to celebrate Father’s Day.

This dense forest is home to animals like black panthers, leopards, sloth bears, and the famous Malabar squirrels. It also has colourful birds that can be spotted with the help of a professional guide. 

At night, the sky in Dandeli is filled with stars. You both can enjoy rafting in Kali River. Go on jungle safaris to try to see the incredible wildlife.

22. Dhanushkodi


Dhanushkodi is one of the top destinations to celebrate Father’s Day. It is known as the “Ghost Town”.

 It is a beautiful but haunting place that you must visit for a unique experience. Long ago, this town was washed away overnight, and now only remains are left. 

To get to Dhanushkodi, you need to pass through the town of Rameshwaram. Here you can see beautiful temples and visit the famous Ram Setu bridge. 

You can gift many things to your dad, and spending quality time with him is one of the best vacation ideas with dad on Father’s Day. 


Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, spirituality, or a blend of experiences, these destinations to celebrate Father’s Day offer something for every father-child duo. 

Embark on a journey that strengthens the bonds of love, respect, and cherished moments that will forever be remembered in your hearts.

Frequently Asked Question

Looking for an adventurous Father's Day trip. Any suggestions?

Kodaikanal, Manali, Goa are some of the best adventurous trips on a Father’s Day. 

We prefer a relaxing Father's Day getaway. Where should we go?

Often, spiritual destinations like Varanasi, Nashik, and Rameshwaram offer relaxing getaways. They provide a chance for soul reflection and fill us with new energy. 

Celebrating Father's Day on a budget. Are there affordable options?

Goa, Kodaikanal, and Kumarakom are some of the best destinations to celebrate Father’s Day on a budget. 

Travelling solo with Dad for Father's Day. Any unique ideas?

Indulge in adventure activities together. Go on a road trip amidst breathtaking nature. Spot rare animals together in the sanctuaries. Enjoy wine tastings. Rent a bike/bicycle to explore beautiful areas and more. 

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