The D’Mello House In Goa: Uncover Spooky Secrets

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Goa is the most famous destination known for its warm climate,  rich culture, and beachside holidays in India. It is the smallest state in the country by area, uncovered on the southwestern coast. The area is blessed with beautiful scenic viewpoints, incredible beaches, magnificent natural landforms, tons of popular tourist allures, and many more. 

Goa is considered one of India’s most visited tourist places, with visitors flocking to the region all year round. Goa has something for everyone. It is a paradise for travellers who want to experience thrilling activities during the trip, like beach hopping, water sports activities, dolphin spotting, hot-air ballooning, and more. There are many places to visit in Goa, including forts, churches, famous restaurants and pubs, wildlife reserves, etc.  

But there is a paranormal side, which many of us didn’t know, D’Mello House in Goa. Have you ever experienced ghosts in real life or heard of any haunted stories of D’Mello House? 

Well if you haven’t, then you are in the right place. D’Mello House in Goa is one of the most haunted places in Goa, the D’Mello house story in Santemol Raia is taken into consideration as one of the most haunted places in Goa. D’Mello House Haunted Stories in Goa are mostly about the dark mysteries of two brothers.

People have experienced the sounds of screaming, the breaking of glasses, and many paranormal activities. But what’s the D’Mello house story behind it? As the D’Mello House story says, once upon a time the D’Mello house in Goa was occupied by two brothers, who wanted the property and were not inclined to share with the other. 

This led to many disputes between the two of them. One time, the argument got so terrible that one of the brothers ended up killing the other and burying the body in the backyard. Later on, this whole thing is turned into a scary story of the D’Mello House. The paranormal side of the state hides many haunted stories of D’Mello House in Goa.

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The D’Mello House History

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The D’Mello House History: Once upon a time, there lived two brothers named Peter and Anthony. They were from a rich family and lived in a luxury house with a massive property surrounding it. The D’Mello house history states that it was constructed during the Portuguese supremacy in Goa, making it a completely unique and precious property. D’Mello House haunted stories in Goa are gossiped about by many locals in Santemol.

Peter and Anthony were both married and had children of their own. They lived together cheerfully as a joint family. However, Anthony’s wife, Sally, fell in love with another man, her ex-boyfriend Rosario. Rosario was a cook, and Sally brought him into the house to work so that she could continue her affair with him. Their relationship was confidential.

One day, Sally determined that she wanted to leave the D’Mello house and start a new life with Rosario. She notified Anthony that she was not happy living in a joint family and wanted to live separately so, she asked to split into the property equally, and he eventually approved her plan. 

This delighted Rosario, as he now had a chance to be with Sally without their affair coming to light. You must be wondering how this all turned into a scary story of the D’Mello House, isn’t it? Well, to clear all your doubts let’s dive into the D’Mello house story.

Scary Story Of The D’Mello House 

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The scary story of the D’Mello House is about, Peter not being happy about his brother’s choice to divide the property. Peter knew that Sally was a terrible influence on Anthony and Peter didn’t want him to break his own family. The two brothers argued about it constantly, and their relationship weakened.

One day, in a fit of anger, Peter killed Anthony. The family was destroyed, and Sally left as a widow. Peter was arrested and set on trial, however, he was thereafter pardoned due to lack of proof.

Peter was released from prison, but he was never the same. The guilt of killing his brother tormented him, and he spent most of his time depressed. He spent his time alone in his room and mostly cried every day.

One fine night, Peter was found dead in his room. The purpose of death was never specified, but it was believed that he had committed suicide. After the deaths of Peter and Anthony, the residence has become haunted. The family members could repeatedly hear weird noises, and they would sometimes notice the ghosts of the two brothers fighting. 

The house subsequently became abandoned, and it’s now a popular spot for ghost hunters. This D’Mello House Haunted Stories in Goa is one of the most rumoured haunted stories.

The story of the two brothers and the haunted house has become a legend in the region. Some locals consider that the ghosts of the brothers are still fighting, even as others believe that they’re eventually at peace. Whatever the fact can be, the haunted stories of D’Mello house remain a mystery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind the D-Mello house in Goa?

It is said that the D’Mello house is haunted by the spirits of the D’Mello brothers, who used to fight with each other over the right to their ancestral property.

Where is D'Mello House located?

 D’Mello House located in Santimol, Raia, Goa.

What kinds of paranormal activities have been reported at the D'Mello House?

Most of the people heard the sounds of screaming, the breaking of glasses, flickering of windows and many have been reported at the D’Mello House.

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