Drunk Tourist Breaks Historic Statue Costing Damage Worth €17,600

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We often keep hearing the stories of drunk people who got drunk and became stupid, but this time, a drunk tourist broke a historic statue, causing damage worth  €17,600. 

The man has been captured on a video where he scales the statue of an angel cradling the lion and detaches a portion of it as he descends. The incident happened two days after the Brussels Stock Exchange €90 million restoration project reopened in Belgium. 

The man was caught by the police near a fast-food restaurant and was unaware of the damage he caused. 

The Project Manager of the Stock Exchange project has demanded €17600 from the accused to restore the statue. 

The spokesperson of the Stock Exchange has expressed profound dismay and also talked about the cultural significance of the statue. He has urged other tourists to approach public property with utmost care and practice responsible tourism. 

Posing or climbing on statues may be tempting to get a perfect shot, but it destroys the artwork and its cultural and historical significance while also causing irreversible damage. 

Besides the damage, the incident also embarrassed the Irish government, which led the Irish governor to regret the incident and pledge full cooperation for a prompt repair. 

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