Dubai Frame: Framing The Future

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Out of the innumerable iconic landmarks in Dubai lies one of the most fascinating pieces of architecture called the Dubai Frame. If you haven’t been to Dubai, then you should know that the Best Dubai Tour Packages keep a day for the Dubai Frame.

Dubai Frame was an idea that was so unique that it made you wonder how far human imagination could go. Dubai Frame is a stunning piece of architecture, framing impressive views of this majestic city. It serves as a metaphorical bridge between the past and present of Dubai. 

Shaped like a frame, the concept was that the frame, if seen from one side, would give you a picture of the Emirate’s past, and if seen from the other side, it would give you the views of the lavish city’s present and a possible future as well.

History of Dubai Frame

The journey of the Dubai Frame began in the year 2013 as a part of the project that included the revitalisation of Zabeel Park. The most surprising fact is that almost 900 entries were received in the competition to draft the Dubai Frame’s final design and give it the most distinctive look possible. 

The construction of the Dubai Frame started in the year 2014, and it took a total of 3 years, with its completion in 2017, adding another chapter to the list of iconic monumental marvels in the history of Dubai.

Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum, UAE’s Prime Minister and Vice President, officially inaugurated the frame on 1st January 2018, and the frame opened to the public. 

Dubai Frame Architecture

Image Source : Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame stands at a staggering height of 150 meters above the ground, spanning at a width of 93 meters, and weighs a total of 990 tons. 

The entire structure of the frame is crafted from steel, with gold-coloured stainless steel cladding, proving why Dubai is called the City of Gold. 

The Dubai Frame has been honoured with several awards and recognitions, including the prestigious 2018 Middle East Architect Award ‘A Design Award’ in 2019. 

Besides the architectural beauty, the Dubai Frame also pays homage to the rich, extravagant culture of Dubai and its traditions while also embracing its past and the future that holds limitless possibilities. 

Inside the stunning architecture lies a house of miracles, where you are welcomed with traditional music and the latest technology to show holographic effects with a blend of animations and aromatic scents, taking you back in time. 

The two towers of the frame are connected with a 50-meter-long opaque bridge, which the visitors can access to have the most stunning views of the city, and of course, you can see Burj Khalifa from here as well. 

The most fascinating thing about this bridge is that the floor becomes clear when someone walks on it, allowing you to look at the ground beneath. It will make you feel like you are walking on air. 

Visit the Future Tunnel, which will show what Dubai will look like in the next 50 years, including flying taxis, incredible space missions, and living underwater. 

How To Reach The Dubai Frame?

  • Dubai Metro: If you prefer taking the metro, then take the Red Line and get off at the Max Metro Station. From here, Zabeel Park is just a few minutes walk away. 
  • Buses: You can take the bus line F09 that runs between Al Wasl Park and Al Jafiliya Bus Station, which takes people to and from the Dubai Frame, so you can hop on to the bus as well. 
  • By Car: If you are driving from South Dubai, then take the Sheikh Zayed Road E(11) and take the Exit 32 onto Al Marsa Street. Once you reach Al Gharbi Street, watch for signs directing towards the Dubai Frame. 

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Dubai Frame Tickets

Image Source : Dubai Frame

You can book the Dubai Frame tickets on the official website which will cost you around AED 50 for adults and AED 20 for children, however, children below the age of three can visit the place for free. 

It is advisable that you take the Dubai Frame tickets well in advance to avoid the last-minute chaos. 

Iconic Places To Visit In Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa: If you are in Dubai you cannot miss visiting the tallest skyscraper in the world, with a staggering height of 828 meters. 
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: Dubai Miracle Garden is another one of the most favourite tourist destinations where almost 50 million flower petals have been used to design various structures including the A380 flight, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa and several other structures. 
  • Dubai Fountain: Marvel at the tallest performing fountain in the world, rising upto 900 feet in length which is equivalent to two football pitches. At the time the Dubai Fountain operates, there is a total of 22000 gallons of water in the air.
  • Dubai Mall: Shop at the largest shopping mall in the world, which is home to 1200 shopping outlets, 200 eating options, and an underwater zoo and an aquarium. 

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