Dubai Shopping Festival For A Retail Therapy

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Dubai Shopping Festival is the most awaited time for all the people living in Dubai as well as those who take Dubai Trip Packages to attend this festival. 

The festival is an extravaganza, lasting for an entire month, offering several activities and plenty of things to do and buy from the ultimate Dubai Shopping Festival. 

The city gets into hues of vibrant colours, with joy and cheerful vibes all around. If you have planned your trip to Dubai In December, then you are in for a shopping extravaganza.

The Dubai Shopping Festival takes place every year between December to January. 

This shopping festival in Dubai is the largest in the Middle East attracting thousands of tourist across the world to attend the festival. 

If you are a shopaholic, then this festival is exactly what your wardrobe needs, for you can find plenty of fashionable clothes, jewellery, accessories, home decor, appliances, gifts, adventure activities, you name it and it’s there in Dubai Shopping Festival 2024. 

Where Is Dubai Shopping Festival 2024 Is Taking Place?


Dubai Shopping Festival 2024 is going to take place in multiple locations, for it is a city-wide celebration. However the exact places have not been revealed yet but in 2023, the festival took place at several locations including DSF Desert Camp, Al Rigga Street, Dubai Mall, Night Souk, Global Village, Al Fahidi For, The Layali Dubai Concert, Promenade at Dubai Festival City, Gold Souk, Asianet Film Awards, Mall of the Emirates, Al Seef Street, Deira City Centre, Festival Waterfront Centre, Ibn Battuta Mall, Lamcy Plaza, Dragon Mart, Lulu Village and Mercato Shopping Mall, are some of the places where you can enjoy this city-wide festival. 

The festival takes place in multiple locations so that everyone can have access to the festival because Dubai is a very big city, and to cover distances you need to travel a lot. Thus to make it easier, it takes place in multiple locations, so you don’t have to spend hours driving. 

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Things To Buy From Dubai Shopping Festival 2024

Now you have reached Dubai during this shopping festival in Dubai, and you are clueless about what things to buy in Dubai, and things not to buy. It becomes confusing because you also have to fly back home and there is a limit to the luggage that you can carry. 

So, you might get stuck in this dilemma, but let me make it easy for you. Let’s check out the things you can buy in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

1. Dresses

Image Source : Pinterest

If you have a great dressing sense and you are always looking for brands, then let me tell you that you can find the best brands for dresses at the Dubai Shopping Festival, including Armani, Gucci, Jack & Jones, Boggi, Veri, Burberry, Billionaire, Prada, and plenty other brands that will blow your mind. 

If you want to shop for the best clothes, then look no further, for this shopping festival will change the way your wardrobe looks. Dubai may be a little strict on clothing, but when it comes to fashion, it never takes a backseat. 

2. Gold Jewellery

People who visit Dubai, especially women, always take back the gold for you can find the finest quality of Gold in Dubai, plus it’s also cheaper. 

You will find Gold jewellery in abundance with intricate designs, fine detailing, excellent quality and low prices, making the shopping festival the best thing to happen to you in Dubai. 

From contemporary to some of the most modern and sophisticated designs can be found here, the jewellery will meet all your needs. You can also buy diamonds, precious stones, and other items of gold as well. 

The kind of Gold you will find here will make you want to throw away your previous gold jewellery if you compare the quality between the two. 

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3. Fragrances

Image Source : Quora

There are some fragrances that linger in your mind and soul, and usually, these fragrances have been bought from Dubai, and usually, you don’t find these fragrances anywhere else. 

At the Dubai Shopping Festival, you will find some of the most exotic fragrances, ones you may never find anywhere else. 

People buy perfumes from brands such as Bvlgari, Chanel, De Beers, Burberry, and many others. 

These perfumes have a long-lasting smell that will forever be stuck in your memory, so do not forget to buy some of the amazing fragrances from the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

4. Watches

If you have been looking for a watch but haven’t been able to find that one watch that is a luxury symbol in itself, then the Dubai Shopping Festival is what you need. 

You will find luxurious brands like Rado, Michael Kors, Burberry, and Cartier. You can even find diamond studded watches at the festival, which is no less than a dream. 

You can find these watches at low prices during the festival, which usually are very expensive.

So if you have been waiting to buy a good watch, then your wait till Dubai Shopping Festival 2024.

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5. Leather Bags & Purses

Image Source : Time Out Dubai

The country is popular for its leather, so why not take advantage of it when it is hosting the biggest shopping festival in the world? 

You can buy the finest quality leather jackets, and you can also buy leather wallets and purses. Some popular brands that you can expect to find are Prada, Condotti, Burberry, Jashan Mahal, Sharief, and so on. 

If you are one of those people who are crazy about labels, then you can buy the best leather bags, jackets, wallets and other leather goods from the shopping festival. 

6. Home Decor 

Your trip to Dubai will go to waste if you don’t buy home decor stuff from the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

Dubai is a lavish city, and the home decor of the locals will lure you to buy some for your home as well. Some of the finest things for home decor can be found at the Dubai Shopping Festival. 

There are beautiful carpets at about 75% discount, lamps, lights, curtains, and other beautiful stuff to make your home more adorable than it already is. Give your home a touch of Dubai with some of the home decors at the most reasonable prices. 

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7. Phones & Other Gadgets

Image Source : Quora

People say that if you are planning to buy a phone or a laptop or any other gadget, then you should buy it from the Gulf, for there are no taxes, making the gadget at least INR 40000 cheaper than its original price in India. 

So if you have been planning to buy the latest iPhone or Mac, this shopping festival is the best choice. 

I am sure when you leave for Dubai; there will be at least one person asking you to bring the latest iPhone because there is a huge price difference. 

Dubai attracts all gadget freaks, for there are no taxes, and you get good prices on all your favourite items. 

You can buy from brands such as Apple, Sony, Acer, Vertu, Cross Gold, Bose, and Fujitsu, which will make you go crazy. 

8. Spices

You will find some of the most exotic spices at the Dubai Shopping Festival and some very fresh dry fruits. 

You will find the best quality spices at the Dubai Shopping Festival, so you can take the flavour of Dubai with you. 

Things To Do At The Dubai Shopping Festival

1. Food Trip


If food is what you live for and you want to try out the various cuisines at the Dubai Shopping Festival, then you are at the right place. 

Satiate your taste buds with some of the most drool-worthy food at the Dubai Shopping Festival. Many restaurants serve the most unique cuisines by some of the most renowned chefs which will leave you drooling for more. 

It is the best time for foodies to plan their trip, for there will so so many varieties that it will confuse you what to eat and what not to eat. 

After all the shopping, you are going to be hungry, and that is exactly when you need to relish the delicious food and savour your taste buds. 

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2. Live Concerts

After a long day of shopping, you need something to clear your mind, and what would be better than attending a live concert? 

Since this is one of the most interesting times of the year for Dubai, several concerts take place to relieve your stress and get you grooving to the best music. Enjoy the best evening at the Dubai Shopping Festival concerts. 

3. Carnival

Image Source : Tripadvisor

During the festival, you can also enjoy the Dubai Carnival, where popular celebrities can be seen performing. Kids can enjoy the fun rides while you enjoy live music performances and magic shows. Also, enjoy the flash mobs and raffle draws. 

Awaken the inner kid in you and meet your favourite Pokemon characters, Tarzan and Casper at the carnival. 

4. Mind Blowing Fireworks

The best part about the Dubai Shopping Festival is that you get to enjoy the amazing fireworks that will blow your mind. These fireworks are so beautiful they will leave you in awe. 

If you love adventure, you can also go for a dune-bashing activity as well to get the adrenaline rush you have been seeking. 

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Tips For Dubai Shopping Festival


Since you will be new to the city, there are certain things that you should keep in mind, and for that, I would like to give you some tips to enjoy the festival to the fullest. 

  • If you want to stay updated about the festival, download the Dubai Shopping Festival app. The app gives you all the information and updates that you need to know about the festival. 
  • Do your homework first. Before going to the festival, it’s better that you do your research properly. If you know where is the product you want to buy, it will be easier to get it instead of searching for it in the crowd. 
  • One of the best advice I would like to give you is to shop a little early. Shopping early means less crowd and more access to the stuff available at the market. There is going to be a huge crowd at the festival. So shop early to avoid that. 
  • Don’t get swayed by the prices because there is a high possibility that you may find the same stuff at an even lower price. So compare before making the purchase. 
  • After all the shopping, you will get tired. So it’s better to take a break and recharge by getting a spa. The spa will relieve your stress, and you will be fresh again to continue shopping. 
  • Use your credit and debit cards to get instant cashback and reward points. They will help you a lot. 
  • Remember that you can always ask the locals for their opinion, and what are the best spots for shopping at the festival. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Shopping Festival

1. What is special about the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival is special because it is one of the biggest shopping festivals in the country, lasting for more than a month. You will get the greatest deals in terms of gadgets, apparel, gold jewellery and so on.

2. How long is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival lasts for more than a month, and this year, it will start on 15th December and will continue till 29th January 2024. It will be a shopping extravaganza offering plenty of things to shopaholics to quench their thirst for shopping.

3. Is the Dubai Shopping Festival worth it?

Yes, the Dubai Shopping Festival is worth every penny, for you will find the best and the most reasonable prices on almost everything. You should definitely buy gadgets from the festival because there is a huge price difference.

4. What can I buy from Dubai?

There are innumerable things that you can buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival, and you may get confused between what to buy and what not to. You can buy gold, stylish clothes, home decor, gadgets such as Apple products, etc.

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