Dubai To Get Its Very Own Moon Over A 100 Foot Tall Building

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Dubai, with all its charm and glittering lights is definitely one of the greatest countries in the world and it never fails to surprise us with its inventions and innovations. We have all heard about the artificial rains in Dubai and now it’s time to aim for the moon. 

Dubai, literally aiming for the moon might spend $5 Billion Dollars in a real estate project of Michael Henderson, who is an entrepreneur from Canada, who envisions building a replica of the moon on a 100 foot tall building. Henderson is of the view that they are a brand in fact the moon itself is a brand as he said, “Eight Billion People know our brand and we haven’t even started yet.” 

According to Henderson, the moon will have a hotel with 4000 rooms and the arena would be able to accommodate 10,000 people in one go. Besides, it will also have a Lunar Colony that will give the sensation as if they are walking on the moon. 

You can experience the moon once it’s complete, meanwhile you can visit Dubai by taking a Dubai Tour Package and see other architectural marvels because when it comes to Dubai, sky isn’t the limit, it is just the beginning. 

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