10 Dubai Travel Tips To Blend In With Dubai

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To be honest, we have all made a plan to visit Dubai which is one of the most luxurious cities in the world. However, sometimes we just lack the most important thing. Do you know what that is? The answer is Dubai Travel Tips. When you are travelling to some country, it is important to have essential information handy. 

If you want to make the most of your Dubai Tour Package, you should have all the information you need before you visit the city or at least some travel hacks, and tips for visiting Dubai. 

Dubai is a city that gives opulence a new meaning. You can see that it is a city that has achieved a place in the world where its iconic structures have broken all records, for either being the highest skyscraper in the world or for being the tallest residential building around the globe, or for being home to the largest mall in the world, Dubai never disappoints. 

Ever since the inception of the development in Dubai, the city has only pushed its boundaries, reaching heights and creating a place of endless possibilities. No wonder why this tiny fishing village is now a global metropolis and is a dream for many travellers. 

As I said, no matter where you are planning to travel, having essential information about the place you are travelling is very important, be it Dubai or any other place, so here are some of the essential Dubai Travel Tips, or Dubai Tips to make your trip to Dubai worthwhile. 

Essential Dubai Travel Tips

Here are some of the essential Dubai Travel tips that will help you explore the city in all its buzzing glory and these Dubai tips will also let you have the best time in the city as long as you are there.

1. When To Go


One of the most essential Dubai travel tips that one can provide you with is when you should plan to travel to this place. Now the answer is very simple, and it totally depends on what your expectations are from this place and what it is that you are looking for. 

An ideal time to travel to Dubai, which by the way, is also the tourist season, is between October to March. The reason is that this time of the year, the weather in Dubai is absolutely pleasant. It is because Dubai has only two seasons, summers and winters. Summers are very hot, so most people avoid visiting Dubai during summers unless that is the only time when they can plan their vacations. On the other hand, Dubai in October has just said goodbye to the scorching heat of the sun, and winters have just kicked in, making the place all the more pleasant. The best part is that you can shop as much as you want without worrying about high temperatures, and you can also go for various adventure activities as well.

2. Documents And Currency


Now getting to the very serious part of the trip, which means discussions about the documents that you will need for the trip and the currency that you will be carrying. 

One of the most important Dubai travel tips includes applying for a Dubai visa at least a month before the travelling date. Though getting a Dubai visa is a hassle-free process for Indians and takes just 4-5 working days, to be on the safer side, you should do it a month before the trip. 

You should carry your travel insurance along with your passport. If you planning to rent a car or drive there, then you should have an international driving license. 

Dirham is the currency of the United Arab Emirates, and you can carry a few Dirhams with you and then exchange your currency at the Dubai Airport. You can also exchange currency at the malls, which sometimes offer better exchange rates. 

Another option is that you carry your International Debit/Credit card to make transactions or withdraw AED from the ATM.

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3. Arriving In Dubai


Dubai Airport is the busiest airport in the world; thus, having important Dubai travel tips related to your arrival is essential. Once you are done with the baggage claim, screening and immigration, you have to move towards your mode of transport that will take you to your hotel. Now you have the option to either take a metro, a bus, or a cab. Dubai Metro is a fast and convenient mode of transportation to you will reach your destination. Dubai Metro allows only two bags for one person. The ticket cost for one person on the Dubai Metro is AED 4 to AED 8.5.

Another option is that of a bus; however, buses take twice the time taken by Dubai Metro, and the cost of the tickets is AED 5.

The most expensive but fastest way to reach your hotel from the Dubai airport is to hire a cab and reach your destination. It may be a little expensive, but it will save you a lot of time.

4. Arabic Phrases


You may not have been aware of this one of the very useful Dubai Travel tips, but learning a few local phrases will go a long way. 

If you learn to speak a few common words that can be used every day, then you can create an impact. People don’t expect travellers to speak their language, so they have to make a lot of effort to make you understand what they are trying to say, especially the vendors, and shopkeepers. Thus a few words of gratitude in their language can make you stand out among other tourists and can also fetch you discounts. 

Marhaba – Hello

Shukrun – Thank You

Na’am – Yes

La’ – No

Min Fadlak – Please

Afwan – Sorry, Excuse Me 

These are some of the Arabic phrases you can use while on your trip to Dubai, and this is definitely one of the most essential Dubai travel tips for a hassle-free trip. 

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5. Alcohol In Dubai


Now people may say that you will not get alcohol in Dubai because the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country and alcohol is banned. Well, let me tell you something, which may be one of the most useful Dubai travel tips for people who cannot go a day without consuming alcohol. You can find alcohol everywhere in Dubai, even in restaurants, so the thing about the unavailability of alcohol in Dubai is just a rumour. 

6. No Public Display Of Affection

Source : India Today

This is one of the Dubai Travel tips that not many people talk about, though it is very important. Dubai, as modern as it is, still has some strict rules, which we all know about. However, there are some unsaid rules, too, that one must follow to avoid getting in trouble. Holdings hands, giving hugs, and showing any form of affection that includes touching your partner is seen against the culture, and you never know what trouble you might attract, so it’s best that you keep all your love for your partner indoors only.

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7. Etiquettes


Some etiquette that one needs to follow is to dress up properly. When you are in a foreign land, you have to respect the laws of the land, be it the said rules or the unsaid ones.

Dubai is the most liberal among all the Emirates, but it is better to avoid tight-fitting clothes or revealing clothes in public.

You can wear swimsuits near the pool and at the beach but make sure that you don’t wear any place other than that.

Try to wear clothes that don’t show your knees while you are in public places, and women should avoid initiating handshakes with men.

8. Shopping

Source : The Telegraph

Some Dubai travel tips for shopping enthusiasts is that you should plan your trip in January to attend the Dubai Shopping Festival if your main agenda in Dubai is to shop. You can also visit Dubai in July for a summer surprise and get crazy discounts on all items. 

Dubai Gold Souks and other souks in Dubai allow you to buy everything you want at very reasonable prices, unlike malls that are very expensive and unaffordable. 

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9. Safety And Security


Dubai is a very safe city with very low crime rates, probably due to strict law and order, so safety and security in Dubai should be the last concern you have. An important tip is that you should keep all essential documents in your hotel room and carry a photocopy of those documents while you are exploring the city.

10. Dubai Night Life


Dubai is popular for its nightlife and illuminated skyline. The city has a completely different vibe at night as if it’s dancing to the invisible melody that soothes your heat. There are several bars and nightclubs waiting for you to check out. 

From traditional Emirati dances to the dance of the Dubai fountain to Emirati music, Dubai has everything that you can and cannot imagine. The drool-worthy food and a variety of cuisines all over the city are what will leave you wanting to prolong your stay. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Travel Tips

1. What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The most common question people have is what is the best time to visit Dubai. Well, the answer to that question is very simple, which means that it’s up to you. For instance, the best and the most ideal time to visit Dubai is said to be between the months of October to March because of the excellent weather. However, if your leaves don’t allow you to travel during that time of the year, then you can travel in other months too. Sure, summers are going to be hot, but there are plenty of things that can be done during summers, including various adventure activities, as well as water sports which is one of the best parts of the trip to Dubai. One of the essential Dubai travel tips includes visiting the famous attractions at night to experience the city in all its glittering glory.

2. What is Dubai famous for?

It would not be fair to the city of Dubai if one could take one particular name of something that Dubai is famous for. Trust me, Dubai has so much to offer that everything you see here is so extraordinary that it will make you fall in love with the city. Be it Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper and one of the most iconic landmarks of Dubai, Burj Khalifa, the only seven-star hotel in the world with world-class amenities and top-notch services, Dubai fountain, which is the highest-performing fountain in the world. Dubai has everything beyond the imagination of the human mind, so it is undoubtedly the most extravagant city dripping with luxury, and every architectural marvel, Dubai food, adventure activities, and man-made islands all together make Dubai famous and the most loved places among travellers.

3. What should I shop for in Dubai?

When in Dubai, it’s quite common to get confused with what to shop and what to sulk over because, obviously, there is a weight limit when you are flying back, so you cannot take everything. However, there are some things that you should definitely take from Dubai. You can get Gold from Dubai because it is cheaper here, besides the quality of gold you will find here is something you may not find anywhere else. You can also buy electronic products such as an iPhone or any other cell phone because the price difference is almost INR 40000, so that would be a smart choice. Other things to buy from Dubai are lanterns, ittars, spices, and souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

4. What are the best places to stay in Dubai?

There are multiple options to stay in Dubai, depending on your budget. Let’s say if you want to stay in a luxury hotel, then you can go to Centara Mirage Beach Resort, Bvlgari Resort, Antara Downtown, Burj Al Arab, and Atlantis The Palm. If you wish to stay in Budget hotels, then you can go for Media One Hotel, Hampton By Hilton Al Seef, Le Wana Hotel, City Avenue Hotel, and Premier Inn Dubai International Airport Hotel. However, if you want to stay in cheap hotels in Dubai, you can try Prestige Dubai, Alphatel Beach Hostel, Torch 77, Homestar Deluxe, and Resivation Hotel.

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