Eauzone In Dubai: Top Restaurant With A Cozy Arabian Setting!

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Dubai with its luxury setting and enchanting experience always ranks at the top list of foreign destinations throughout the year. One of the major attractions that almost every Dubai tour packages emphasize is its culinary options. 

Restaurants here are eternal in number starting from luxury dining to authentic Indian restaurants in Dubai. If you want to give it a unique try this time, get your head on to the Eauzone in Dubai, best in class for taste and elegance. So, let’s get into more details about its timings, Eauzone Dubai menu, prices, reasons to try and ease of reaching this location.

About Eauzone In Dubai

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Eauzone in Dubai is revered for its ambience and the top-quality cuisine mix. This restaurant rests sweetly in the famous One&Only Royal Mirage resort in Dubai. Eauzone is not only well-known for its beach setting but also for the lush gardens surrounding this place, which create a sense of stunning poignance of the Arabian Gulf.

The other luring factor for Eauzone Dubai rests in its Asian cuisine culture, this not only blends with authentic and traditional cooking techniques but also enhances the experience with its cosiness with the gentle Arabian sea breeze. With the reasonable height, you can enjoy the enchanting sunset creating a sense of romance amidst the bustling city landscape.

How To Reach Eauzone In Dubai


Strategically located on one of the luxury resorts of Dubai, the One & Only Royal Mirage resort, Eauzone in Dubai is easily accessible via private car ride. You can travel along the E11(Sheikh Zayed Road), southbound and exit at Al Sufouh Road, and here you can see the signboard to the Eauzone boards. You can also pick a taxi and mark the location of the One & Only Royal Mirage on Uber or Careem services. To stay on budget you can simply pick a Red Line Metro to Dubai or Dubai Tram to Palm Jumeirah, from there a short taxi ride would be fine.

First-time visitors can also seek a water taxi to the Palm Jumeriah station and then pick a shuttle service thereon. If you are anywhere near the location and want to walk to Eauzone in Dubai, it is better to use Waze location services which is more convenient to access.

Eauzone Dubai Menu Details

Eauzone Dubai menu caters to the needs of all kinds of visitors, ranging from starters to beverages. So, here are the top items to pick in relevance to your choice.

Starters Menu In Eauzone In Dubai

Here are the top starters in the Eauzone Dubai menu:


1. Sushi And Sashimi Platter

This is an authentic starter carved out from fresh sashimi and sushi with the addition of tuna, salmon and bass cooked in the Japanese style.

2. ​Wagyu Beef Tataki

T​his starter is served with Wagyu beef served with a ponzu sauce and specially garnished with spring onions and the sesame seed add-ons.

Main course In Eauzone In Dubai

Here are the top main course items in the Eauzone Dubai menu:


1. Wok-Fried Prawns

This cuisine comprises the special prawns stirred and fried with garlic, chilli and vegetables served in jasmine-flavoured rice.

2. Green curry Chicken

This is a tender chicken item diced with rich curry sauces with the add-ons of coconut milk, and bamboo shoots, which helps it to rank as one of the best lip-smacking foods in Dubai.

3. Vegetarian Pad Thai

This is a famous vegetarian item in Eauzone made out of the Thai noodle style with tofu, vegetables and also peanuts in a tamarind sauce.

Apart, from starters and the main course you can also enjoy the beverage section and end your meal with the slavery Arabian desserts like Kunafa which is a must-try item here.

Eauzone Dubai Menu Prices

Catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the visitors, Eauzone Dubai Menu prices vary. Here is the basic range for the different items:

Eauzone Dubai Menu Prices For Starters

  • Low Range: Around AED 50- AED 70
  • Mid Range: AED 70 – AED 100
  • High Range: AED 100- AED 170

Eauzone Dubai Menu Prices For Main Course

  • Low Range: Around AED 90 – AED 120
  • Mid Range: AED 120 – AED 140
  • High Range: AED 160- AED 190.

Eauzone Dubai Menu Prices For Beverages

  • Low Range: Tea/Coffee or House wines range from AED 20-AED 50
  • Mid Range: Mocktails – Cocktails range from AED 50 – AED 150
  • High Range: Special Mocktails – Premium Wines range from AED 160 – AED 250+

Best Time To Visit Eauzone Dubai

With the setting of a sunset viewpoint amidst the Arabian water, Eauzone ranks as one of the best restaurants in Dubai for its ambience and taste. So the best time to visit restaurant Eauzone in Dubai is in the evening time, ranging from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM. This time can help you enjoy the sunset views of the Arabian Gulf amidst the authentic taste that Eauzone Dubai offers.

Famous Dishes Eauzone Dubai

Here are the famous dishes Eauzone Dubai offers:

1. Miso-Glazed Black Cod

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This is a signature dish of Dubai features black cod with a rich and savoury miso glaze. This dish is famous for its nature of melting down smoothly right after entering to mouth.

2. Grilled Lobster Butter


Grilled lobster with herb butter is an innovative Asian fusion cuisine at Eauzone Dubai. This not only reflects an indulgent taste but is also well-known for its golden brown texture. 

Top Dishes Eauzone For Dinner

Here are the top dishes Eauzone for dinner to try: 

  • Tuna Tartare: This dish is carved from fresh Tuna mixed with creamy avocado and served with crispy chips for the taste.
  • Duck Breast: Considered to be one of the top dishes Eauzone offers for dinner. Served with perfection and dumpled in the plum sauce and the jasmine rice.

Reservations For Restaurant Eauzone In Dubai

You can simply reach out to the customer service number +971 4 315 2412 for advance reservations for restaurant Eauzone in Dubai. You can also fill in the customer on their official portal.

Places To Visit Near Eauzone Dubai

Here are the top places to visit near Eauzone Dubai:

  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Marina
  • Burj kalifa & Dubai Mall.

Best Restaurant To Visit Near Eauzone In Dubai

Here is the best restaurant to visit near Eauzone in Dubai:

  1. Pierchic: Pierchic Dubai is a romantic seafood dining space overlooking the Arabian Gulf marking it as the best restaurant to visit near Eauzone in Dubai for ambience and the cosy setting.
  2. Ossiano- Atlantis: This restaurant is the best restaurant to visit near Eauzone in Dubai with stunning underwater views of the marine life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the operating hours of Eauzone Restaurant?

Eauzone operates from afternoon 12:00 PM to night 11:00 PM.

What type of cuisine does Eauzone Restaurant serve?

Eauzone offers Asian-styled food with authentic traditional flavours.

Where is Eauzone Restaurant located?

Eauzone restaurant is located in the One & Only Royal Mirage resort.

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