Essel World: The Complete Guide To The Ultimate Theme Park

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Essel World is nostalgic among the millennium and early gen-z because of their 50% off offer on 10th or 12th Board students. After the board exams of the 10th or 12th, you would see many students holding their hall tickets at the ticket counter to avail that offer. Unsurprisingly, a little relief is all you want after a tough grind for the whole year. 

There are many amusement parks in Mumbai, but one of the most famous among the locals and tourists is Essel World. Recently, Essel World in Mumbai has opened a Bird Park that is spread over an acre where in a perfect rainforest condition you would encounter over 400 exotic birds from 50 different species. While exploring the rain forest at Essel World Bird Park it literally feels like you have come to Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

So let’s waste no more time and brace ourselves for an adventurous trip to Essel World in Mumbai. 

Things To Do In Essel World

Nestled in the heart of Gorai, Mumbai Essel World is one of the most famous Amusement Park. It covers an area of 65 acres along with Water Kingdom and Essel World Bird Park. 

There are various slides and rides for all the age groups that you can enjoy at Essel World Theam Park. So, let’s explore some of the rides to instigate your adventurous spirit you can try within Essel World timings.

1. Shot And Drop Ride


One of the extreme adventures at Essel World amusement park is the shot-and-drop ride where there is a vertical railing and sitting arrangement on all four sides of the metal tower. 

The swings on these towers go up and down vigorously giving a sense of adrenaline rush to the rider. The free fall from the top of the tower will shrink your stomach in a quarter. 

At Essel World amusement park, the price of this adventurous free fall from shot and Drop ride is around Rs. 75/-.

2. Super Telecombat

Taking a ride at Super Telecom Bats is one of the things to do in Essel World. It is a rotary ride with the rider’s seat at the end of each pillar. The Main Center rotates and goes vertically up. The Arms with Planes further swings up to reach their maximum height while going around. 

In Essel World, to enjoy this ride, the minimum height of a person should be around 4 feet 6 inches. Super Telecombat will cost you around 75/- per person.

3. Thunder Ride

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Another adventurous ride at Essel World amusement park is Thunder Ride where the seating arrangements are on either side of the vertical tower. The swings on either side will rotate 360 degrees developing a knot on your stomach. The cost of the Thunder Ride is Rs. 90/-.

4. Hoola Loop Ride

Hoola Loop Ride is a zig-zag rail track where the bogies ride on it. These tracks are at an elevation and have a steep slope which will take you to a different ride altogether. The ride will also take you to a 360-degree railroad. It will cost you Rs. 75/- per person. 

5. ATV Bike Ride


The ATV Bike Ride at Essel World amusement park is a must-try sport for all ages with the hurdles and muddy road, the track of the ATV Bike becomes more difficult and exciting. The cost of the ATV Bike Ride is around 150/- per person. 

6. Other Rides

Other adventurous rides at Essel World in Mumbai include the Top Spin Ride, Slam Bob Ride, Crazy Cups ride and the list goes on. These rides are for young and adults both. 

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Essel World Timings

Essel World timings are from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm and are open on all days. If you want to get on all the rides within Essel World timings then it is advisable to come early. With the rush in the amusement park, it will take 4-5 hours.

Essel World Birds Park

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If you are a bird watcher or a birder then Essel World Bird Park is for you. It is said to be India’s first interactive bird theme park. While entering you will encounter various types of ducks in the pond, along with fishes. There is a small tree house above the pond with glass flooring where you can see the ducks from above which has a mesmerising visual of the pond.  

A little further you will find sulphur cockatoos which are native to Indonesia. At Woodpeckers Stadium you will find many exotic birds to interact. You will see many varieties of birds here from woodpeckers to pigeons, parrots and the list goes on. 

You will also find interactive kiosk where which wil show you all the birds that are kept in this bird Park. The list of birds at Essel World Birds Park is from terrestrial birds to Aquatic birds. At the cage section of this park, you will find many intelligent birds where you will find different varieties of parrots, herons, hens, and the list goes on.

We can conclude that if you are a birdwatcher you will truly enjoy this place and can explore a lot. There is no best time to visit Essel World and Bird Park, this park not only gives us an opportunity to watch and observe the feathered creature but also admire and be a part of this realm. 

Essel World Ticket Price

Essel World ticket prices are different for children and adults. You can save more money if you book the tickets to Essel World online. The Essel World ticket price ranges from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1550/- for adults and Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1350/- for children below the height of 4.5 feet. 

To gather more information on Essel World ticket prices you can visit their website. You can also collect the coupons from the ticket counter for food and beverages as outside food is strictly prohibited. Also, if you want to visit Essel World Bird Park then the combo ticket including Tic Tac Toe and Bird Park will cost you around Rs. 1000/-. 

Best Time To Visit Essel World


Although there is no best time to visit Essel World and you can visit this amusement park any time of the year, however, it is advisable to visit Essel World in winter. During this time the weather and the climate are not humid.

Also, the best time to visit Essel World during the day is at 10:00 am when it is just started as it will take your entire day to explore all the rides. 

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How To Reach Essel World

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How to reach Essel World is not a tough question to answer. It is easily accessible by Jetty and Railway station. You can travel to Essel World easily 

How To Reach Essel World By Ferry Services

If you are travelling by local train, the nearest railway station is Borivali Railway Station. Once you get down at Boravili Railway station you can either get a bus or a rickshaw to Gorai Creek. The buses are 294 and 247, which will take you to Gorai Creek. 

You can also reach the creek by Boravali Metro station. You can get a rickshaw from the metro station to the creek. The metro station is around 3.8 km from the creek.  You can get an Essel World jetty that will cost you around INR 100/- go for this return trip ferry. The distance is around 500 metres to Mumbai Essel World. 

How To Reach Essel World By Train

Travel by Local train up to Bhayandar Station West (W.R.) and then take MBMT (Mira Bhayandar Municipal Transport). From Bhayandar Station (Westside), route no. 4 Bus is available for Global Vipassana Pagoda. Timings 6.30 am till 7.30 pm.  The fare from Bhayandar Station to Mumbai Essel World is approx. Rs. 22.

Hotels Near Essel World

Source: Thrillophilia

There are many options for hotels near Essel World. However, it is advisable to pre-book your hotel to avoid last-minute hassle and save yourself from breaking the bank. Following are some of the curated hotels near Essel World for your reference.

  1. Hotel Park and Farm
  2. Farm Regency Resort
  3. White Sand Lodging Manori
  4. Tom’s Hideout Resorts
  5. Villa Bharat
  6. Breeze Resort

Places To Visit Near Essel World


There are many places to visit near Essel World which are total fun and you should explore this part of Mumbai as well. Following are some of the hand-picked places to visit near Essel World.

  1. Water Kingdom
  2. Global Vipassana Pagoda
  3. Gorai Beach
  4. Manori Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entry fee of EsselWorld?

Essel World ticket prices are different for children and adults. You can save more money if you book the tickets to Essel World online. The Essel World ticket price ranges from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1550/- for adults and Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1350/- to children below the height of 4.5 feet.

Which is India's largest water park?

Essel World alongside Water Kingdom is India’s largest water park

Which is better Imagica or EsselWorld?

Although Essel World is the oldest Amusement park in Mumbai there are many rides to enjoy at Imagica. Therefore we can conclude that Imagica is better than Essel World.

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