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In an era where travel is necessary, everyone around you is travelling. Those who can afford an international trip are going abroad, and those who cannot are travelling locally, but everyone is travelling. However, when you travel, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, such as the travel accessories that you have to carry, what kind of travel luggage bags you might need, and all the travel hacks that you have saved on your Instagram, waiting to have a look again when you plan the trip. 

When travelling, it’s possible that you may forget the essential travel accessories that you will need while you are travelling, so let’s check out the list of all the essential travel accessories. 

1. Re-Usable Water Bottle

Source : Amazon.in

Now you may say, why does one need a reusable water bottle when you can buy it from anywhere while on the trip? But what about the fact that you will be spending money on buying a bottle every time you feel thirsty? 

Let’s suppose you bought four bottles every day, which cost INR 25 each, and your trip is for five days. You can do the math and see for yourself why you would want to spend 500 INR on water bottles when you can take a reusable one and fill it every time you leave the hotel room or from places you are going, and that too free of cost. 

So reusable water bottles are an important travel accessory which you should definitely have.

2. Pocket Towel

Source : Amazon UK

Now I know that you might think that you can get towels everywhere in hotels, so you don’t need a pocket towel, well my friend, you could not be more wrong. This pocket towel should be in your carry bag, which you will be carrying every day. 

Anything can go wrong at any time; let’s say your kid spit up or your pant got dirty because someone spilt orange juice on it. For all such purposes, you are going to need a pocket towel to wipe up the mess, thus making it an essential travel accessory. 

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3. Paper Soap

Source : Amazon.in

There is one thing that should not be compromised when it comes to packing essential travel accessories and that is paper soap. 

You can find all kinds of shower gels and everything you can imagine in your hotel, but you won’t have it when you will need it the most, and that is when paper soap will come to your rescue. 

4. Travel Toiletry Bag

Source : Amazon.in

It’s a smart choice to keep a travel toiletry bag to keep all your toiletries organised properly so that you don’t lose them. 

Again you need this bag because you will also need your toiletries while you are still travelling and haven’t reached your destination yet.

5. Binoculars


If you want to see some of the best things on your trip, then don’t forget to put binoculars, because there will come a point where you might spot a tiger or a very beautiful bird at a distance and you would want to see it from up close but you won’t be able to do it because you didn’t keep your binoculars. How sad would that be?

So don’t forget to keep your binoculars. 

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6. Torch


If you are going trekking or camping, its best to keep a torch with you because when you have to pee in the middle of the night when its all dark and scary, you will need this torch to see where the washroom is or just in case you get lost somewhere, you are going to need light, and that is when this torch will come to your rescue.

7. Tripod/Selfie Stick


If you are one of those travellers who do not miss out on taking pictures of anything, then it’s best you take your selfie stick or a tripod stand with you. 

Taking solo selfies may not take a lot of effort, but when you have to take a group selfie, you will need a selfie stick or your tripod stand. 

8. Backpack Cover

Source : Amazon.in

Doesn’t matter whether you are going hiking, trekking, or just on a simple trip. Ensure that you have a backpack cover to protect it against dust, dirt, and water. I am sure you don’t want your expensive travel backpack ruined in the rain just because you were not careful enough to protect it. So make sure you carry your backpack cover, which is an essential travel accessory. 

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9. Shoe Cover

Source : Fruugo IN

Your shoes are the most precious thing for you, and that goes unsaid. However, carrying them in your backpack does confuse you on how to keep them safe while also ensuring you don’t dirty your clothes in the bag with the shoes. For that, the smartest thing to do is keep a shoe cover and your shoes inside the cover. It will protect your shoes and keep your clothes away from shoe dirt.

10. Re-Usable Plastic Bags

Source : CNN

The air-tight reusable plastic bags are going to be your best friend because you don’t know where these can be used, so it’s best to keep them with you. You can also keep your travel medicines inside this bag.

11. Passport Cover

Source : Travelsleek

Your biggest nightmare is that you are in a foreign land and you lose your passport. Isn’t it? 

If you are travelling abroad, keep your passport in a passport cover to avoid any damage; if it gets mixed up somewhere, it will be easy to differentiate. 

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12. First Aid

Source : IBX Insights - Independence Blue Cross

You could be travelling to one of the safest places on Earth, and you still get hurt because who can stop you from falling on the ground and bruising your knees, getting hit on the head, or just getting into a fight? The possibilities are limitless, so it’s a smart thing to do to keep first aid with you because it is an essential travel accessory.

13. Swiss Knife


Now I am not suggesting you keep a knife and go wild, but it’s good to keep a Swiss knife with you just in case you land in some situation where you need it to cut a rope, or something like that, so you don’t have to look for others who might have a swiss knife.

14. Safety Locks

Source : Amazon.in

Many people don’t believe in having a safety lock if they only take their clothes and nothing precious. What they don’t understand is that there are people who can even take your clothes, and I am sure your clothes and shoes are very precious to you; you don’t know their worth unless you lose them to a thief. This is why safety locks are one of those travel accessories without which you shouldn’t consider travelling. 

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15. Inflatable Neck Pillow

Source : Amazon.in

If you are in a habit of falling asleep anywhere, anytime, then you should keep an inflatable pillow while you are travelling. Trust me, it is going to be a lifesaver and will also ensure that you sleep like a baby.

16. Ear Plugs

Source : Element14

The importance of earplugs need not be explained because you know that already. Don’t you? This an essential travel accessory when you are surrounded by too much noise, or a snoring uncle next to you, and all you want to do is silence the noise and concentrate on your thoughts.

17. Eye Mask

Source : Health

Another way to sleep peacefully is to carry your eye mask while travelling to restrict any light falling on your eyes. 

It is not only limited to travelling, you can also use the eye mask if you are staying in a hostel room and your roommates refuse to turn off the light, but you have to sleep. 

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18. E-Luggage Scale

Source : Fruugo IN

The worst part about any trip is that the airlines charge you for your extra luggage while returning from a trip. This doesn’t happen while we are going on a trip because we try to keep our bags as light as possible, but while returning, we stuff them with everything available in the market, and who weighs it while returning anyway, where do you find a measuring scale to measure it anyway, apart from the airports. 

So it’s best to keep an E-Luggage Scale and keep your bags in check instead of paying a hefty amount at the airport. 

19. Power Bank


This goes without saying because it is the most basic thing to keep in your bag. You will not always find a charging point to keep your phones and cameras charged, so you will need a power bank to charge them.

20. Universal Travel Adapter


If you are travelling to another country, it is possible that you will find it impossible to charge your phones because of the different charging ports, so you should carry a universal travel adapter to charge your electronic devices. 

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