13 Top-Notch Family-Friendly Resorts In Maldives: Ultimate Guide!

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Popularised as the “Paradise On Earth”, the Maldives stands as one of the most sought-after holiday destinations for most of the tourists. Its exhilarating beauty with serene ocean hugs, beckons all its tourists seeking a perfect renunciation. However, amidst varied options and diverse Maldives packages offered by many entities, choosing one among the family-friendly resorts in Maldives is a herculean task.

For this reason, we have compiled a clear list of the 13 best family-friendly resorts in Maldives where you can have a proper blend of luxury, relaxation and affordability. Along with this, you can also have a clear glance at all the adventure activities to do in the Maldives relevant to the islands you choose. Let’s Get Into the list:

Luxury Family-Friendly Resorts In Maldives

1. One & Only Reethi Rah Luxury Resort In Maldives


One & Only Reethi Rah is one of the award-winning luxury family-friendly resorts in Maldives. Nestled by the wonders of the Indian Ocean, this resort is a jewel for a magical escape to the oceanic wonders.

Guests are welcomed here with the traditional music band and served welcome drinks. All the amenities here are top-notch followed by the best panoramic sea view from the room. 

Perfect For: Luxury, Amenities and Exclusivity.

2. Soneva Fushi Resort


Soneva Fushi islands stay in the heart of Baa Atoll, which recently got its Unesco Biosphere tag. The vast living spaces and sun viewpoints are the major attractive features of this resort. Guests are welcomed ecstatically and are offered free food for their entire stay.

The private residences on Fushi resort have securing sun point views where you can also try water activities like snorkelling and diving. High-class spa services are the added promise to consider this as one of the best luxury family-friendly resorts in Maldives.

Perfect For: Luxury, View-Points and Barefoot Exploration.

3. The Ritz-Carlton Resorts Maldives


The Ritz-Carlton is one of the luxurious family-friendly resorts in Maldives. Guests here are welcomed with a blowing of the Sangu Conch Shell and a welcome drink. This resort epitomises luxury in every step with its royal amenities. Sun-Sets here are celebrated with Bodu Beru drums which is then followed by a flaming ceremony.

Lavish spas, water sports, buggy rides, panoramic room view and breathtaking ocean scenery make this island more attractive in all segments.

Perfect For: Sun-Set Event, Culinary Mix and Amenities.

Best Maldives Resorts For Families Anytime

4. Kurumba Resorts In Maldives


Kurumba Maldives is the first luxurious private island resort in the North Male Atoll. It has a vibrant heritage and extraordinary hospitality that makes this grab a sweet spot in the list of family-friendly resorts in Maldives.

Its diverse restaurants and bars including the entertainment make this resort the best staycation for the adventure getaway. The spaces with mindblowing ocean views with marine creatures all across make Kurumba the best in the segment.

Perfect For: Entertainment, Restaurants and Bars.

5. Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Resorts Maldives


Sun Siyan Iru Fushi Resorts is a 5-star experience located in the northernmost point in the Maldives. This is considered to be the best island for Island hopping in the Maldives with proper maintenance.

Spacious villas, award-winning spas and lavish restaurants that include bars are the added features. Customized water sports activities and 1st class kids club help this resort to top rank in the list of best Maldives resorts for families. 

Perfect For: Kids Club, Spas, Island Hopping.

6. Constance Moofushi Maldives Resorts


Constance Moofushi is also an exclusive 5-star experience if you are looking for the best Maldives resorts for families. It rests on a remote island with a proper blend of luxury and simplicity.

Starting from welcoming activities to the diverse cuisines there are various elements you can have fun staying in Moofushi resorts. With large lagoon views surrounded by coral gardens, evenings here feels extra special.

Perfect For: Gastronomy, Sports and Leisure.

Cheap Resorts In Maldives For Families

7. Rashdoo Dive Lodge Maldives

Next Stop Maldives

Rashdoo Dive Lodge Resorts is again a 3-star experience and can be a straight-away choice if you are looking for cheap resorts in Maldives for families. The cleanliness, services and facilities are still top-notch features in the budget range.

You can enjoy serene beach views, meeting rooms, indoor play areas, snorkelling and even an open bar/lounge at the bay.

Perfect For: Open Garden Views and Economical Options.

8. Guraidhoo Palm Inn


Guraidhoo Palm Inn is an experience that you can’t miss considering its ‘Feel At Home’ services. With constant maintenance and beach view rooftop rooms create a delightful experience all in the range of affordable budget. 

You can opt for direct laundry services, beach activities and also easy spas. It also provides babysitting services which is why it feels safe and considered to be one of the cheap resorts in Maldives with Families that have toddlers.

Perfect For: Families With Toddlers and Economical Stays.

9. Biyadoo Island Resorts In Maldives


Biyadoo Island Resort is one of the cheap resorts in Maldives for families with a 3-star experience. With just 45 minutes of speed boat ride from Male, this resort offers various double and triple occupancy rooms.

Open air bar is the major attraction here it offers a wide range of foods and drinks. Avan Spa is highly ranked for its services and you can also rent Hobbiecat for kayaking which is one of the best things to do in Maldives.

Perfect For: Budget-Friendly stays and Kayaking.

10. Canopus Retreats Resorts Maldives


Canopus is not only one of those cheap resorts in Maldives but also the best in service offering staycations to have a trip on. Being in a strategic location, the resort is just a walk away from the famous Bikini Beach.

With its 2 storied structures, you can have a crazy oceanic view from your room and also enjoy the warm breeze throughout the day.

Perfect For: Family Rooms, Cost-Effective Options, and View Points.

Affordable Resorts In Maldives For All Tourists

11. Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives


Cinnamon Dhonveli Resorts is renowned for its whole lot of fun activities. This is one of those most opted affordable resorts in Maldives considering its stunning views and the beach activities.

The beach-side dining experience, surfing at Pasta Point, Stairway Walk-in, and picturesque view rooms are the prime factors to opt for this resort as a destination getaway option for families.

Perfect For: Affordable options and fun activities.

12. Fihalhohi Maldives Resorts


Staying at Southern Atoll, Fihalhohi Resorts is one of those cheap resorts in Maldives for family tourists. With its clear waters, sandy beaches and well-maintained greenery this resort indulges any tourists with its pampering looks. Amenities and customer services are top-notch here.

With PADI-certified divers, this place is considered as one of the best places for Scuba Diving in Maldives.

Perfect For: Beach Views and Diving Activities.

Top Family Resorts In Maldives To Book Online!

13. Lily Beach Resort and Spa


Lily Beach Resort and Spa is one of the top family resorts in Maldives with its bliss and entwining nature of accommodation. With its vibrant designs, award-winning services, and various lavish amenities this resort offers no less options to feel luxury and comfort.

 With just 25 minutes of seaplane service, you can find your place in any of their 9 luxury villa options which are very family-friendly. The starry sky dining options, trained spas and beach activities are the added advantages of this resort.

Perfect For: Families, Cuisine Mix and Beach activities.

Is Maldives OK for children?

With various options for kid-friendly family resorts in Maldives, this place is perfectly suitable for children.

Is Maldives a family-friendly destination?

Yes! Maldives is perfectly a family-friendly destination considering its views, safety and affordable options.

Which part of Maldives is best for family?

South Ari Atoll is the best part of Maldives for a family.

Which is better Bali or Maldives for family?

It’s Subjective! If you are looking for adventure Bali is the right choice and for luxury and relaxation, Maldives grab the top spot.

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