Delve Deep in the Beauty of Ladakh with a memorable Family Trip to Leh Ladakh

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With its spectacular peaks, rugged paths, extreme altitudes, delectable cuisines, and outstanding location, Leh Ladakh has undeniably become one of the best spots for a fabulous family trip. but, due to the harsh weather conditions and bumpy paths, the place never made its position on the travel bucket list of parents and families. 

In the modern day, with modernisation, advanced transportation facilities and enchanting Ladakh tour packages over the years, the Ladakh family tour is finally ranked number one among India’s most fascinating family holiday destinations.

Moreover, attractive Ladakh family tour packages have caught the attention of almost all adventure geeks worldwide. Ladakh Family Tour not only covers the itineraries, places to visit, and things to do in Ladakh but also offers a fantastic family trip to Leh Ladakh with all the information required for planning. Whether it is a family trip, honeymoon, or an adventurous Leh Ladakh bike trip, this region is one of the most cherished options.

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh


Surrounded by charming land and lofting Himalayan Mountains, Leh Ladakh is beautiful all year round. As the landscape alters with the seasons, winters are long in Leh from October to March. During these months, most of the roads are closed, and the land is covered with white beauty all over the place.

Summers are from April to August, and all roads are open so people can enjoy all locations during their family trip to Leh Ladakh. So, if you want to sit and admire both the sunny time and the frozen period, the time from May to September-October is most recommended. It is considered the fall season and the onset of winter, where people enjoy perfect sky, scanty rainfall, and blue water.

Also, Ladakh Family Tour Packages are quite affordable during this period. The temperature in summer ranges from -3°C to 30°C. A Family Trip to Leh Ladakh during summer is quite enticing. 

Summers celebrate the dazzling sun across the clear, blue sky, rivers flow at an extreme speed, and snowy mountains are found glistening. The warm temperature induces the hibernating species to come out and scoot around while flowers bloom and the towns flourish. 

Thus, if you have planned to cover all the major destinations, this time is ideal for a perfect Family trip to Leh Ladakh. Few tourists are seen in the months of winter due to extreme cold weather conditions. Ladakh temperatures range from -30°C to 15°C from November to February. Heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures characterise weather conditions in winter.

Almost the entire town is seen shut during this time. The Chadar Trek is best chosen during harsh winters as it provides an intense experience for adventure enthusiasts.

Interestingly, winter is the best time for adventure geeks who are ready to face any challenge.

How to Get to Leh Ladakh

As Ladakh is located in the northernmost part of Jammu & Kashmir, India, it is easily accessible by road and air. While the journey by road is quite long, challenging, and charming, the flight from Delhi is short and comfortable. Road trips from Delhi to Ladakh can be planned through Srinagar or Manali.

Travelling via Road


A road trip is the best option if you want to formulate exclusive memories on your Ladakh family tour. You can enjoy a road trip either by car or by bike. Want to know more about the road trip to Leh Ladakh? Well, check out our guide for the perfect Ladakh road trip.

Manali to Leh Highway

Image Source : Pixabay

With a distance of about 474 kilometres, Manali to Leh is the most preferred route, as this is considered the most challenging one of the entire Ladakh adventure. Manali is easily accessible from Delhi and Chandigarh and can be reached within a day.

And, if you want to reach early in the morning, overnight buses are the best option. If your location is Delhi, you must start early to reach Manali on time. If you want a rented motorcycle, you have to book it in advance. Make sure the hired bike is in good condition. 

You can also choose state transport buses and private jeeps to reach Leh from Manali. Buses take two days to travel to Ladakh and include an overnight stay at one of the camps.

Manali-Leh highway opens from mid-May until the end of October.

Srinagar to Leh Highway


With a distance of about 434 kilometres, Srinagar to Leh route is another popular choice to reach Ladakh by road. The road trip to Ladakh includes the famed Zozila Pass on its way. Instead of Manali-Leh, the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh road is a much better option if you want to reduce the chances of road closure because of unfavourable weather conditions.

The stretch of Srinagar-Leh is usually covered in two days, involving a halt at Kargil for a night. Visitors can enjoy the serenity of Sonmarg and the bold heights of Photu La. On the way, the most popular Pathar Sahib and Magnetic Hill bring glam to the journey. Srinagar-Leh Highway remains open from April to early November. This stretch gives you the perfect opportunity to travel on some of the highest motorable roads and passes in the world

Flights to Leh-Ladakh

Image Source : ExecutiveFlyers

One could quickly board flights from Delhi and Mumbai to travel to Ladakh. To reach early, most of the flights depart in the early morning. There is also availability of flights from Srinagar and Jammu. 

  • Leh Airport is close to the city centre and takes only 15-20 minutes to drive from the city. 
  • Taxi rates range between ₹600-₹1000 for one-way drop. 

Places to Visit During Family Trip to Leh-Ladakh


From the vitality of nature, serene landscapes, clear skies, captivating hills, vibrant water bodies, and myriad cultures, Ladakh offers a peek into a natural paradise for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

  • Pangong Tso Lake astonishes nature lovers with its vibrant ambience and rhythmic waves. Ladakh Family Packages include all the famous monasteries, lakes, Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, hills, fauna, flora, and other exuberant places to make the trip memorable. 
  • Furthermore, visitors can visit the Indus and Zanskar Rivers along with Alchi Gompa to see 800-year-old paintings. 

Entry Fee for Diskit Monastery: ₹30/- per person


On your Family Trip to Leh-Ladakh, you can visit tremendous exuberant spots according to the type of family members you have. Young ones and teenagers would love to explore the beauty of Magnetic Hill, Pangong Tso Lake, and the natural flora and fauna of Nubra Valley in Leh-Ladakh.

And, if you have the majority of adults and elderly people, places such as Shanti Stupa and monasteries would bring a peaceful smile to their faces. It is the best place to nurture and rejuvenate your soul.

Moreover, Ladakh also boasts secondary destinations that can bring additional charm and adventure to your trip. The region has the highest motorable passes as compared to all over India. These lofting motorable roads take you to Marsimik La, Photi La and the new Umling La Pass.

Most Exuberant Places to Visit in Leh-Ladakh

Pangong Tso Lake


Pangong Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Leh Ladakh is a charming spot combining the essence of clear blue waters and a white sandy shore that reinvents every single thing a lake should be. Settled at a 5-hour drive from Leh, the Lake offers a cheerful ambience while providing a convenient night stay. Most tourists bring their camping gear and relish their stay with families in tents.

Ladakh travel tips suggest that the reflection of sunrise by the Lake allures the viewers as the shades of blue change constantly. If you are keen to make your trip memorable, you should enjoy the significant highlights of Ladakh’s natural beauty- the Pangong Tso

Entry Fee for Pangong Lake: ₹400 (Environment Fee + ₹20 Inner Line Permit)

Nubra Valley

Image Source : Pixabay

Nubra Valley is no less than heaven on earth, surrounded by the beauty of lofting glaciated mountains of the Karakoram range. Far-famed as one of the prettiest places in India, Nubra invites nature and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Nubra not only boasts dense deserts, forests, snow-capped mountains, flora, and fauna but also carries a cluster of villages comprising natives depicting the local people’s ancient culture and traditions. Apart from its natural beauty, double-humped native Bactrian Camel and Himalayan Musk Deer attract flocks of visitors all around the year.

If you visit Nubra from Leh, you will get an opportunity to discern the charm of the highest motorable pass, the Khardungla Pass. Camel Safari, Buddhist Monasteries, Sightseeing, Hiking, and Interacting with locals are some of the most moments you can enjoy. 

Entry Fee for Nubra Valley: ₹400 (Environment Fee + ₹20 Inner Line Permit)

Trekking Cost: Starts from ₹16,800 per head.


Image Source : Pexels

Of Course, as the name suggests, “Ladakh” is incomplete without its capital city “Leh”. It boasts many luxurious hotels and homestays that provide fantastic amenities that a man deserves during a holiday. Food lovers can satisfy their taste buds by having freshly baked savouries from German Bakeries and the local food available in the Leh Market. 

Cultural outfits, Pashmina shawls, apricot goodies, and traditional artefacts make your visit alarming. Children love to have momos and thukpa while strolling the Leh market. Buddhist Monasteries, Leh Palace, Museums, Shanti Stupa et al., are some of the most prominent spots to visit.

Entry Fee for Leh Palace: ₹15 for Indians and ₹100 for Foreigners. 

Timings: 7:00 am- 4:00 pm (7 days open)

Castle Tsemo

Image Source : Wikipedia

Settled high on the hill above the Leh Palace, Castle Tsemo boasts a beautiful golden Buddha perfectly preserved inside it. Castle Tsemo has two main parts: The Buddhist Temple and the castle, along with Namgyal Tsemo Monastery- one of the most famous breathtaking monasteries of Ladakh.

Things to Do in Leh-Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh

Image Source : Pixabay

Due to its beautiful peaks, challenging highest passes and alarming mountainous region, trekking in Ladakh is one of the most enchanting tasks for all adventure lovers. Whether with your friends or alone, you can proceed trekking by signing up with a trekking company. The most popular treks are:

Stok Kangri Trek (6150m): Stok Kangri is an ideal trekking destination for incredible sightseeing and leisure if you plan to visit from June to September. It offers an insight into the cultural heritage and alarming views of Mt. Saser’s peak of the Karakoram range.

Markha Valley Trek (3700m): With stunning landscapes, green oasis, willow groves, and a vibrant ambience, Markha valley Trek is another beautiful trek for the nature geeks visiting from June to September. The Tibetan prayer flags swaying in the air bring the sight a distinctive vibe. 

Sham Valley Trek (3750m): Sham Valley Trek is the best option for beginners as it offers an easy-going and adventurous trek. It provides glimpses of dreamy traditional villages with nomadic lifestyles along with the glittering natural beauty of the place. Besides these, there are other popular trekking spots in Ladakh too which offer the same thrill and adventure. 

Trekking Cost: It varies from ₹15000- ₹45000 per person.

River Rafting in Leh Ladakh

Image Source : Pixabay

Family Tour Packages for Ladakh offer an adventurous activity full of a stimulating environment in the form of rafting along the Zanskar and Indus Rivers. If you visit from July to August, this is the optimal time for river rafting in Zanskar. It spotlights the charming gorges into the cultural Zanskari kingdom. 

Cost: ₹1500- ₹1800 for grade II+ rafting for 2+ hours

Paragliding in Ladakh

Image Source : Pexels

Fly high like a free bird in the clear blue skies of Ladakh while experiencing the thrilling paragliding during your Family trip to Leh Ladakh. Leh and Khardung La Pass are the prominent paragliding spots in Ladakh Family Packages. 

Cost/Entry Fee: ₹3500- ₹5000 per person. 


Are you excited about your Family Trip to Leh Ladakh? Searching for a reliable travel company? WanderOn, with its extensive experience in travel and tourism, offers you exclusive Ladakh Family Packages to Leh Ladakh that would make your trip memorable! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Family Trips to Leh Ladakh

What tips must be followed during a family trip to Leh Ladakh?

Plan your itinerary very well; 

Do not ignore acute mountain sickness; 

Think twice before planning with babies and infants; 

Check the weather conditions & forecasts; 

Keep warm clothes due to extreme weather conditions; 

Drive carefully.

What essential things to carry while travelling to Leh in Ladakh?

Extra set of clothes; 

Snow boots; 

Gloves and woollen stuff; 

Cash and emergency medication; 

Shoe cleaner; 



What should I know before going to Ladakh?

Get a postpaid connection; 

Carry enough cash; 

Must know weather conditions and current temperature; 

Carry warm clothes; 

Carry a plastic bag for waste and wrappers; 

Book your hotels well in advance; 

Book an early flight.

What are the do's and don'ts in Ladakh?


Take a nap after every short trip; 

Consult a doctor before the trip; 

Search the weather conditions; 

Take medications along; 

Take warm clothes.  


Having lunch while travelling; 

Forgetting to carry cash and charge mobile and camera batteries; 

Not being particular about room conditions and stay.

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