10 Famous Places To Visit in Manendragarh Chhatisgarh

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Located in the northern part of Chhattisgarh, India, Manendragarh is a picturesque town known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Nestled amidst lush green landscapes and rolling hills, this serene town provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Part of the Korea district, Manendragarh is renowned for its historical significance and is considered one of the best places to visit in Chhatisgarh, scenic waterfalls, ancient caves, and vibrant local culture. With its mix of historical landmarks and natural attractions, Manendragarh is the perfect destination for travellers looking for adventure and relaxation in the heart of Chhattisgarh.

This blog aims to give you brief information on relevant topics such as tourist places to visit in Manendragarh, Manendragarh travel guide, and Top attractions in Manendragarh.

How To Reach Manendragarh, Chhattisgarh


Manendragarh, located in the Northern part of Chhattisgarh, India, is accessible by various modes of transportation, making it convenient for travellers to reach this charming town.

By Road:

  • From Raipur: Manendragarh is approximately 400 kilometres away from Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. Travellers can take NH 130 and NH 43, which connect Raipur to Manendragarh via Ambikapur.
  • From Bilaspur: It takes about 350 kilometres to reach Manendragarh from Bilaspur via NH 130 and NH 43.
  • From Ambikapur: Manendragarh is around 130 kilometres from Ambikapur, and the journey takes about 3-4 hours by road.

By Rail:

  • Nearest Railway Station: Manendragarh Railway Station is well-connected to major cities like Raipur, Bilaspur, Ambikapur, and other parts of Chhattisgarh. Trains from various destinations ply to and from Manendragarh, making it a convenient option for travellers preferring rail transport.

By Air:

  • Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Manendragarh is Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur, located approximately 400 kilometres away. From Raipur, travellers can opt for road transport to reach Manendragarh.

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Best Time To Visit Manendragarh


The best time to visit Manendragarh is during the winter months, from October to March. During this time, the weather remains pleasant, with temperatures ranging from cool to mildly warm, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Many Manendragarh famous places would make you want to come to this place again and again.

Monsoon, from July to September, is another good time to visit, especially for those interested in exploring waterfalls like Ramdhara and Amrit Dhara, which are at their best during this season. 

Summers, from April to June, can be hot and humid, so it’s advisable to avoid visiting during this period unless you are prepared for the weather conditions.

Planning your visit to Manendragarh during the recommended times ensures a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience, allowing you to explore the town’s attractions and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Best Places To Visit In Manendragarh Chhatisgarh

Manendragarh, located in the serene state of Chhattisgarh, is a hidden gem that offers an array of attractions for tourists. From stunning waterfalls to historical landmarks, this town has something for everyone. 

Here’s a detailed guide to the famous places to visit in Manendragarh, perfect for planning your next trip.

1. Ramdhara Waterfall

  • Description: One of the most popular places to visit in Manendragarh.
  • Highlights: Mesmerizing views, and lush greenery, ideal for picnics.
  • Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season for the fullest water flow.
  • Activities: Swimming, photography, relaxing in nature.

2. Korea Palace

  • Description: A historical landmark showcasing the grandeur of ancient architecture.
  • Highlights: Intricate carvings, beautiful murals, spacious courtyards.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime throughout the year.
  • Activities: Exploring the palace, learning about its history, and photography.

3. Amrit Dhara Waterfall

  • Description: A popular tourist spot known for its natural beauty.
  • Highlights: Surrounded by dense forests and rocky terrains.
  • Best Time to Visit: Post-monsoon for the most impressive views.
  • Activities: Trekking, picnicking, nature walks.

4. Bhavarkhoh Caves

  • Description: Ancient caves with prehistoric significance.
  • Highlights: Rock paintings and carvings that provide insights into early human settlements.
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • Activities: Exploring the caves, studying rock art, and photography.

5. Ghughua Fossil Park

  • Description: A unique park showcasing ancient plant fossils.
  • Highlights: Fossils over 65 million years old.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime, especially for educational trips.
  • Activities: Learning about prehistoric flora, guided tours, and educational activities.

6. Devgarh Hill

  • Description: A perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts.
  • Highlights: Panoramic views of the landscape.
  • Best Time to Visit: During the cooler months from October to March.
  • Activities: Trekking, hiking, bird watching, enjoying the views.

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7. Chaiturgarh Fort

  • Description: Also known as Lafagarh Fort, a historical stronghold.
  • Highlights: Stunning views, historical significance.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime, especially during cooler months.
  • Activities: Exploring the ruins, learning about history, photography.

8. Hanuman Mandir

  • Description: A popular religious site in Manendragarh.
  • Highlights: Beautiful architecture, serene ambiance.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime, especially during festivals.
  • Activities: Offering prayers, and experiencing spiritual solace.

9. Kharun River

  • Description: A serene river flowing through the town.
  • Highlights: Picturesque setting, perfect for picnics.
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • Activities: Picnicking, fishing, boating, leisurely walks.

10. Sitabengra Caves

  • Description: Ancient rock-cut caves dating back to the Buddhist era.
  • Highlights: Intricate carvings and sculptures.
  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime throughout the year.
  • Activities: Exploring the caves, studying the carvings, and photography.


Manendragarh is a treasure trove of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and cultural heritage. 

This comprehensive guide highlights the famous places to visit in Manendragarh, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the top attractions.

 Whether you’re seeking adventure, history, or simply a peaceful nature retreat, Manendragarh has something to offer every traveler. Plan your visit and explore the hidden gems of this charming town.

Which is the nearest airport to Manendragarh?

The nearest airport to Manendragarh is Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

What is the natural beauty of Chhattisgarh?

Chhattisgarh is known for its lush green landscapes, dense forests, and picturesque waterfalls.

What is Manendragarh famous for?

Manendragarh is famous for its rich cultural heritage and scenic natural attractions.

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