10 Famous Places to Visit in Raigarh: Explore the Best

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Raigarh, Chhattisgarh is one of those districts that is steep in history and mythology with some iconic industrial and natural attractions. Whether you’re chasing legends in centuries-old ruins, natural and serene attractions, or simply chasing the perfect street snack, this city is an adventure at every turn. Get ready to discover a city with stories and dishes that leave you craving more. 

Let’s explore Some of the famous tourist places to visit in Raigarh, along with hotels, the best time to visit, things to do and even what can you expect and explore near Raigarh. 

Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Raigarh 

Moti Mahal Palace  


If we talk about the pride of Raigarh, then it is the Moti Mahal Palace. Once the residence of the local royal family, this palace is an architectural marvel.  It is a fascinating site for both history lovers and architecture enthusiasts. 

It is empty from inside where you hear the echos. Although the palace is not much maintained, it still reflects the history and culture of Chhattisgarh, making this palace among the best-preserved tourist places to visit in Raigarh.

Ram Jharna  

Source: Earth Trip

If I say one of the most famous tourist places in Raigarh, then it is Ram Jharna, located near Bhupdevpur. What makes this waterfall or Jharna so famous is its link to mythology. According to legends, Lord Ram spent one of his major time in the forests of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, so, he used to drink water from this waterfall during his exile. Today, it is a famous tourist spot, and also a picnic spot. It is ideal for both family and friends.

Raigarh Fort  

Source: Britannica

Raigarh Fort, named after the place, is one of the famous places to visit in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. Located in  Bhupdevpur, and situated on the banks of the Kelo River near Urdana Road, it holds the distinction of being one of the oldest forts in the state. The fort, complemented by a nearby lake and temple, attracts numerous tourists every year. 

Kelo Dam  

Source: Sea Water Sports

Kelo is a river in Chhattisgarh, on which this dam is constructed. Kelo Dam is a crucial water source for the region and a popular recreational spot. Surrounded by beautiful green landscapes, this place is one of the famous places to visit in Raigarh for picnics, fishing, and even boating. Especially in monsoon, this place becomes even more beautiful when the dam overflows, making it ideal to visit in monsoon season.

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary 

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Don’t ever think that there are no tourist places to visit in Raigarh for wildlife lovers. The Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary with over 275 square kilometers of area, is a must-visit. This sanctuary houses a variety of flora and fauna, including tigers, leopards, and several species of deer. Visitors willing to explore this treasure can opt for guided tours and safaris.  It’s an excellent spot for a day trip and offers opportunities for wildlife photography.

Ghatarani Waterfalls  

Source: Dabanjans Land - WordPress.com

Located in the Jamahi region, Ghatarani Waterfalls is a beautiful natural attraction in the region and one of the famous places to visit in Raigarh. There’s a trek to the falls that takes you through dense forests and over small streams that just adds an extra adventure to this place. The cool waters and the surrounding greenery create a perfect spot for a refreshing dip and a picnic. It’s a hidden gem to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Especially during monsoon season, you can witness its beauty at its fullest.

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Delari Waterfall  

Source: Kesari - Kesari Tours

Located at an altitude of 700 feet, this is one of the most beautiful and pleasing tourist places to visit in Raigarh for relaxation. Its waters are ideal for a rejuvenating dip, especially during the hot summer months. Delari Waterfall is truly a raw and untouched beauty of Raigarh.

Pahad Mandir  

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Pahadi Mandir is a hilltop temple that offers a perfect blend of spiritual and natural beauty. To reach this temple, there’s a small trek full of stairs and surrounded by lush greenery. At the summit, visitors are greeted by the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The breathtaking vistas from the top, along with the peaceful environment, make Pahadi Mandir among the famous places to visit in Raigarh for devotees and nature lovers.

Chakradhar Nagar  

Source: A Soul Window

Named after the legendary classical dancer and musician “Maharaja Chakradhar Singh,” Chakradhar Nagar in Raigarh is known for its cultural significance. The area hosts various cultural events and workshops throughout the year, promoting traditional music and dance forms. If you’re interested in learning about the local art, it is one of the best tourist places to visit in Raigarh. The Maharaja’s contributions to the arts are celebrated here, and you can often catch live performances and exhibitions.

Jagdamba Fun World 

Source: jagdambafunworld.com

Jagdamba Funworld is an exciting waterpark in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, surrounded by beautiful scenery. It’s a place where visitors of all ages can have a great time. The park features thrilling water slides that twist and turn. Whether you love high-speed rides that make your heart race or prefer relaxing on lazy rides, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Things To Do In Raigarh  

Visit Historical & Cultural Attractions  

Exploring historical, cultural, and mythological landmarks is one of the best things to do in Raigarh. All the above-listed tourist places to visit In Raigarh offer a glimpse into the rich history of the region. 

Apart from that, if you’re visiting Raigarh in January, don’t miss the Raigarh Mahotsav. This cultural festival features some traditional dance and music performances, along with art exhibitions. Raigarh’s Ramleela, the dramatic representation of the epic Ramayana is also a must-attend performance if visiting before Diwali festival. 

Now, here’s a tip, don’t settle for Raigarh and try to explore some nearby cities and attractions as well like Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum in Raipur. 

Indulge in Local Cuisines & Flavours  

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Every place has its own unique dishes and flavors. However, there are many famous restaurants to visit in Raigarh, but you can just walk around and you’ll find a lot of local dhabas offering the authentic flavors of Chhattisgarh. 

Indulging in local cuisine is one of the best things to do in Raigarh for a truly authentic and raw experience. Look out for bhajiyas (fried snacks) made from potatoes and chilies. These are often served with tangy chutneys made from tomatoes, chillis, and coriander. Chila is a must-try specialty, usually made from rice flour and enjoyed with a spicy chutney. 

Fara is another popular specialty of Chhattisgarh, made from rice flour and served with a tangy curry. And if you’re visiting during any festive season, then it is a cherry on top. During festivals, you literally don’t have to search for restaurants to visit in Raigarh, every market area becomes a cultural and culinary hub. With so many local arts and crafts, and cuisines, this is an excellent opportunity to sample regional specialties.

Best Time To Visit Raigarh 

Chhattisgarh experiences a diverse range of temperatures throughout the year. So choosing the right time to visit according to your interests is really important.


For a diverse region like Chhattisgarh, the best time to visit Raigarh is winter. This is the most pleasant time, the weather is cool and comfortable. It is ideal for exploring all the famous tourist places to visit in Raigarh without thinking about those heatwaves and sweat.


Summer in Raigarh can be hot and humid, with temperatures up to 45°C. If you plan to visit during this season, it’s best to schedule your activities early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the peak heat.


Now if you enjoy greenery or there are a lot of waterfalls and dams on your list, then visiting is monsoon season is advisable. Raigarh experiences moderate to heavy rainfall during monsoon, so do check weather forecasts and road conditions as heavy rainfall can affect your travel plans.

Hotels To Stay In Raigarh  

Source: Yatra.com

Compared to other popular places in Chhattisgarh like Raipur and Bhilai, Raigarh is not a much-developed. But you can definitely find some decent – luxury hotels to stay in Raigarh. To ensure that your stay is comfortable and memorable, consider factors like location because a bad location can cost you extra time to reach your attraction. 

Hotel Trinity, Hotel Jindal Regency, Hotel Accord Premier, Hotel Ans International, and Hotel Pink Pearl are some of the best hotels in Raigarh. However, if you’re budget-conscious, then also you’ll many hotels. So, you can definitely plan your Raigarh Trip knowing that you’ll have a cozy and comfortable stay.

Places To Visit Near Raigarh 


Source: Treks and Trails

Pali is a small town with deep religious and historical significance. Located just an hour away from Raigarh, this town has some ancient temples and a peaceful environment. Pali is very famous for the ancient Shiva Temple. Apart from that, here you can enjoy some unique dishes combined with local flavors. One that you’ll easily find is small samosas with local chutney.

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Source: Justdial

Located approximately 35 kilometers from Raigarh, Kharsia is a town known for its religious sites and monkeys. Some of the tourist places in Raigarh or near Raigarh are the Hanuman Temple in Kharsiya, and some ancient Jain temples as well.

Sita Bengra  

Source: Puratattva

Sita Bengra, located on a hill near Raigarh, is an ancient site with ruins dating back to the Gupta period. It’s a place where you can see old temple remains and sculptures that tell old stories. The best part? You get stunning views of the lush green landscapes around it. Sita Bengra is perfect if you love history and nature, it is a peaceful getaway with a glimpse into Chhattisgarh’s past.

Singhanpur Caves  

Source: tripuntold

If you’re done exploring the history of Raigarh but want more, then visit Singhanpur Caves. It is a window to prehistoric India, these ancient caves are famous for their remarkable rock paintings, which date back to the Mesolithic era, around 12,000 years old. 

The artwork mostly features human figures, animals, hunting scenes, and various geometric designs.  For history buffs, art enthusiasts, and nature lovers, these caves are nothing less than the Elora caves of Maharashtra. This is why it is also known as Elora or Chhattisgarh.

Deojhar Waterfall  

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Deojhar Waterfall is a beautiful, hidden spot near Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. Surrounded by thick forests, this waterfall is a great place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The sound of the water is incredibly calming, and the green scenery around it makes it a perfect place for a picnic or a peaceful day out.

To reach Deojhar Waterfall, you need to trek through the forest, which is an adventure in itself. The path is full of natural beauty, and you might spot some monkeys along the way. The waterfall is especially impressive during the monsoon season. Deojhar Waterfall is a fantastic destination for relaxing, and photography.


Source: Trippy Hills

Jashpur is just a short drive from Raigarh and offers scenes like ancient forts with stunning views from Kotebira. Explore Rani Dah Waterfalls in the forests, ideal for picnics and photos. Kotibera Fort is one of the best tourist places near Raigarh. It offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

If you wish to extend your vacation here, then visiting Kanker is the best option nearby. It is almost 6-7 hours away from Raigarh. Consider 11 Famous Places To Visit In Kanker Chhattisgarh.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the culture of Raigarh?

Well, Raigarh is home to people of various religious beliefs. Hinduism is predominant. So the main culture you’ll find is related to Hinduism. Starting from day-to-day life, local cuisines, festivals, and art, all of this are majorly linked with Hindu and Hinduism. However, other religions also thrive here. Basically, Raigarh’s culture is a blend of traditional Chhattisgarhi customs and industrial influences.

What is the area of Raigarh district?

Raigarh district covers an area of approximately 7,226 square kilometers. It is situated in the central-eastern part of Chhattisgarh, bordered by Jharkhand and Odisha on the east.

What is Raigarh famous for?

Raigarh is mostly famous for its Jindal Power and Steel Limited, which is a steel industry, and also for its coal reserves. Well, these are not tourist places but the region is famous because of them. if we talk from a tourism perspective, then it is famous for forests, greenery, and natural attractions.

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