Fastrack Immigration At Delhi Airport: Check Details To Apply

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Recently Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched a new programme named Fast Track Immigration- Trusted Traveller Programmer(FTI-TTP) at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3. This is one of the revolutionary steps in the Fastrack Immigration at Delhi airport which is specially designed to smooth line international travel and also to enhance passenger convenience.

Programme Overview


This FTI-TTP special program targets the immigration program for pre-verified travellers. The important development is that it also includes Overseas Citizens of India along with Indian passport holders. These passengers can enjoy Fastrack Immigration at Delhi Airport by utilizing the designated e-gates by bypassing the traditional immigration checkup and serpentine queues.

FTI-TTP aids in reducing waiting time and also enhances security by cross-certifying the identity through the pre-verification process by taking into consideration the biometrics and the facial recognition of the passenger.

Key Features & Benefits Of Fastrack Immigration At Delhi Airport

Source: The Economic Times
  1. Efficiency Enhancement: The government Of India stated that by taking advantage of the advanced technology, FTI-TTP facilitates in faster clearance for the regular travellers.
  2. Security Enrichment: The new system is designed to maintain sturdy security standards by cross-verifying the travellers with pre-existing data by ensuring utmost safety by benefitting the eligible individuals from the long expedited process.
  3. Further Expansions: Fastrack Immigration at Delhi airport is quite now in operation and as per the GOI report, it is in the plan for further expansion to 7 more airports with a total of 21 airports in the recommendation

Implementation and Public Reaction

Since its launch, the Fast Track Immigration- Trusted Traveller Programmer(FTI-TTP) gained a lot of positive responses from frequent travellers as this move can cut down the waiting time significantly and caters to qualified and smooth immigration processes. This shows the Indian government’s efforts and commitment to enhanced travel experiences aligned with the more citizen-centric approach without compromising on safety.

Further Outlook Of FTI-TTP

According to the details shared by the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), this new system captures the data and stores the biometrics securely by encrypting by prioritizing passenger safety. The stored data is validated on arrival by matching the biometrics submitted to the portal. As of now, this programme is run at Delhi Terminal 3 and plans to include more busiest airports like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi and Ahmedabad as well. The MHA also referred to its aim of adding regional airports as well with the seamless integration of the first phase of FTI-TTP.

Registration Process To FTI-TTP


Passengers are recommended to register on the online portal by accessing, which is specially managed by the Bureau of Immigration. All the eligible applicants including OCI card holders and also the Indian passport holders to upload the necessary documents for verification. Upon approval, applicants receive a tag of ‘Trusted Traveller’ status and gain access to the expedited immigration lane.

Future Outlook

With the progress and the appreciation received for the fastrack Immigration at Delhi Airport, the Union Home Minister highlighted this programme as the cornerstone for the commitment of the Indian government to enhance travel efficiency under the Viksit Bharat at 2047 vision by modernizing and creating a hassle-free travel experience. This program not only aligns with global standards but also embraces the technological advancements for what India is capable of taking care of as a preferred destination.

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