February 30 Dubai: A Must Visit Culinary Beachfront Bliss!

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Dubai continuously unveils new and unique destinations for tourists, driving a soaring demand for Dubai travel packages worldwide. Amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai’s beaches, one venue that beckons for a leisurely stroll and promises a life-altering experience is February 30 Dubai. 

As distinctive as its name suggests, February 30 Dubai captivates with its culinary marvels and top-tier beverages served against the backdrop of serene Arabian azure waters. Discover why February 30 Dubai demands special attention, why it’s a must-add to your list of best places to visit in Dubai and explore its diverse menu and renowned culinary offerings.

About February 30 Dubai

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

February 30 Dubai restaurant located at Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah with a homegrown Beirut concept. It beckons to be one of the best transformative destination places that redefines the dining convention. With time, this place became famous not just as a restaurant but as a place with unique amenities that have a proper blend of luxurious elegance and stunning serene vistas.

It also got special attention with the nuances of efforts put in by famous chef Reif Othman who is revered almost as a gastronomic genius with his unique cooking styles. From beach sit-out to the private bar lounge there are hardly any misses out on this place for its visitors.

Anyone who loves the striking interior with a good sense of food can truly have a memorable experience on February 30 Dubai. Due to all these reasons it reverted to be the resplendent jewel of Palm Jumeirah where every visitor has a genuine escape to the embrace of the extraordinary.

Location Of February 30 In Dubai

Love That Design

February 30 Dubai is a famous beach bar and restaurant primely located at Palm West Beach in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah. As this place stays in the heart of Dubai’s city you can reach February 30 Dubai in multiple ways like Metro, Shared Cab, Public Transport and also on a personal drive

February 30 Dubai Timings

February 30 Dubai timings vary along with the access of Palm Jumeirah beach as it rests in the same location. However, this restaurant operates in the following hours.

  • Monday: 12 PM to 2 AM
  • Tuesday: 12 PM to 2 AM
  • Wednesday: 12 PM to 2 AM
  • Thursday: 12 PM to 2 AM
  • Friday: 12 PM to 2 AM
  • Saturday: 10 AM to 2 AM
  • Sunday: 10 AM to 2 AM

February 30 Dubai Age Limit

What’s On Dubai

Being one of the popular places in Dubai, February 30 Dubai has no age limit for entry before 10 p.m. But no one is allowed below the age of 21 after 10 p.m. at the Shisha smoking area.

February 30 Contact Details

  • West Beach, Palm Telephone:+971 4 244 7200
  • Mobile: +971 50 716 0030 
  • W:+971 58 1400 465 
  • Email: reservation@february30dubai.com.

February 30 Dubai Price

February 30 Dubai lies on one of the best beaches in Dubai, Jumeirah beach with lounges costing around 150 AED on weekdays and 250 AED on weekends. These lounges can be accessed by anyone during the day times and at night children below 21 are not allowed in the boozing area. With decent taste in food, February 30 Dubai price can have a range of 55-75 AED for snack items and the main course and beverages can extend up to 445 AED.

February 30 Dubai Menu


February 30 Dubai has an exquisite food and beverage menu that can be accessible during its opening times. Here is the February 30 Dubai menu to order:

Food Menu February 30 Dubai

  1. Sashimi(3pc) & Nigiri(2pc): This platter has a choice of Akami, Otoro, Sea Bass, Salmon, Ikura and more costs at 398 AED.
  2. Uramaki Roll: This surfboard meal comes with a varied choice of flamed king crab, crispy shrimp, Wagyu beef, Philadelphia Salmon,  Salmon Avacado and Rainbow Maki whole for 865 AED.
  3. Poke Bowl: This section is a choice of sushi rice or Quinos with a wide choice of Chirashi, Salmon, Sous Vide Chicken, and Vegan with trio dips at a charge of 98 AED.

Along with this menu, you can also eat Salads, Raw meat, Hot servings, Pasta, Risotto, Nibbles and desserts on February 30 Dubai. There is also a customised kids’ menu with items like Penne, Soft warm cookies, Fish Fingers, and Fruit Bowl. Baby Crepes, and more. At night you can also access a beverage menu that has surrealist signature drinks, Hopster Sangrials, G.N.T, and guilt-free drinks.

Famous Food Of February 30 Dubai

Bibz Eats

When it comes to the famous food of February 30 Dubai, seafood takes the top spot. Items like Shashmi, Crispy Shrimp, Spicy Tuna, Scottish Salmon, Baby Squid, Veal Scallopini, and Veal Milanese are the top picks here. 

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Where is February 30 located?

It is located in the west zone of Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah.

Is there any dress code for February 30 Dubai?

No! As it is the beach access area there is no proper dress code for the February 30 Dubai.

Are children allowed at February 30?

Yes! Children are allowed till 10 p.m. at night and they don’t have access to the Shisha smoking area.

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