14 Best Festivals In Vietnam To Celebrate The Festive Cheer

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Are you planning your next vacation and wondering where to go? Look no further! Vietnam packages from India are your ticket to a world of vibrant culture, jaw-dropping landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. 

One of the most fascinating things to do in Vietnam is to immerse yourself in the country’s rich tapestry of festivals. Yes, you heard it right! Festivals in Vietnam are not just events; they are the soul of the nation and a spectacle that should be on your list of places to visit in Vietnam.

From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the tranquil waters of Halong Bay, Vietnamese festivals offer a unique blend of tradition, spirituality, and fun. These festivals captivate not just the locals but also travelers from around the world. 

Dive into this blog to explore the colour, music, and flavours that make Festivals in Vietnam a must-experience phenomenon. So, if you’re curious about how Vietnamese festivals can turn your holiday into a lifelong memory, read on!

Best Festivals In Vietnam

1. Tat Nguyen Dan

Image Source : Nationalholiday

Have you ever wanted to be part of something magical? Pack your bags and head to Vietnam to witness Tat Nguyen Dan, one of the most awesome festivals in Vietnam! Imagine ringing in the Lunar New Year with lively dragon dances, bursting fireworks, and delicious foods. 

In 2024, Vietnam’s festivals are going to be extra special, and you won’t want to miss this traditional festival in Vietnam. From your Ho Chi Minh guide to places to eat in Vietnam, everything will be wrapped in joy and colours during Tat Nguyen Dan!

Festival Date

Usually falls in late January to early February, depending on the Lunar calendar.

Where To Celebrate It

Ho Chi Minh City – Catch the city’s vibrant parades and fireworks.

Hanoi – Join in the ancient customs and rituals, perfect for soaking in the culture.

2. Perfume Pagoda Festival

Image Source : Vina.com

Imagine a world where mystical caves meet serene rivers, all set against a backdrop of lush mountains. Welcome to the Perfume Pagoda Festival, one of the most enchanting traditional festivals in Vietnam! 

This isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a spiritual journey that touches the soul. You’ll hop on a rowboat, glide along scenic waterways, and explore ancient temples in Vietnam that promise to leave you awe-struck. 

So, mark your calendars and get ready for an adventure that tops all Vietnam travel tips

Festival Date

Held between February and March, based on the lunar calendar.

Where To Celebrate It

Hanoi: The main event takes place at the Perfume Pagoda, about 60 kilometers southwest of Hanoi.

Yen Stream: For the full experience, don’t skip the rowboat trip along the Yen Stream, which is part of the pilgrimage route.

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3. Lim Festival

Image Source : Hanoitimes

Want to witness the vibrancy of festivals in Vietnam? Dive into the rich tapestry of the Lim Festival! As the sound of traditional Quan Ho folk songs fills the air, you’ll be captivated by the colourfully dressed singers and their heartfelt melodies. 

The festival is a celebration of love and friendship, and guess what? It’s a fantastic treat for those on a honeymoon in Vietnam, as romance blossoms amid cultural splendour.

Festival Date

February, during the lunar month

Where To Celebrate It

Lim Town, Bac Ninh Province – Experience the epicentre of festivities.

Nearby temples in the region – Feel the spiritual energy and traditional echoes.

4. Tet Han Thuc

Image Source : Duongs2restaurant.com

Tet Han Thuc, or the Cold Foods Festival, is one of the most heartwarming Vietnamese festivals. As spring says goodbye, this festival lets us take a moment to remember our ancestors. 

Like many traditional festivals in Vietnam, it’s a blend of delicious foods and age-old customs. Can you imagine a day without fire? That’s what this festival is about! People munch on cold dishes, especially “banh troi” and “banh chay,” delightful treats that bring families closer.

Festival Date

March 3rd of the lunar calendar

Where To Celebrate It

Throughout Vietnam, especially in family homes where traditions run deep.

Temples and pagodas, as many locals pay their respects and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

5. Phu Giay Festival

Image Source : Germanfoodie

Experience the vibrant colors and joyous spirit of one of the most fascinating Vietnamese festivals, the Phu Giay Festival! Rooted deep in the culture, it’s among the traditional festivals in Vietnam that showcase the country’s rich heritage. 

Locals dress in eye-catching costumes, perform lively dances, and offer prayers to the goddess Lieu Hanh. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement, making it a must-visit for anyone who wants to dive deep into Vietnamese festivities.

Festival Date

Usually celebrated in the third lunar month.

Where To Celebrate It

Phu Giay Temple, Kim Thai village, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province.

Streets of major cities where Vietnamese festivals are observed, for smaller-scale celebrations.

6. Hung King Festival

Image Source : Vietnaminvestmentreview

Dive deep into the heart of Vietnamese culture with the Hung King Temple Festival, one of the most revered Vietnamese festivals. This celebration takes you back to the origins of Vietnam’s early kings, infusing every moment with historical pride and unity. 

As one of the standout traditional festivals in Vietnam, the vibrant processions, tantalizing local foods, and rhythmic drum beats make it the best time to visit Vietnam. Get ready to experience a cultural treat like no other!

Festival Date

10th day of the third lunar month.

Where To Celebrate It

Hung King Temple, Phu Tho Province – the epicenter of the festivities.

Major cities nationwide host smaller events and ceremonies in honor of the occasion.

7. Buddha’s Birthday

Image Source : Vietnamnet

Among the myriad Vietnamese festivals, Buddha’s Birthday stands out as a radiant beacon of serenity and joy. Celebrated with utmost fervor, it’s one of the most anticipated traditional festivals in Vietnam. 

Streets are adorned with colorful lanterns, and the gentle hum of chanting fills the air. Everywhere you look, there’s a sea of devotees in flowing robes, carrying fragrant flowers, and offering prayers.

This festival is not just a religious observance; it’s a day where the spirit of peace and gratitude envelops the nation.

Festival Date

8th day of the 4th lunar month

Where To Celebrate It

The ancient pagodas in Hanoi, especially the One Pillar Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi, overlooking the West Lake

8. Hue Festival

Image Source : Tuoitrenews

The Hue Festival is a mesmerizing spectacle that captures the heart of Vietnamese culture. Among the numerous Vietnamese festivals, this one shines brightly, showcasing the rich history and vibrant colors of traditional festivals in Vietnam. 

For a few days, the ancient city of Hue transforms into a stage for traditional performances, colorful parades, and festive activities. As you wander the streets, you’ll be enchanted by the harmonious blend of past and present, all coming alive in a joyful celebration.

Festival Date

Typically held every two years in April or May.

Where To Celebrate It

The Imperial City – The heart of Hue, where the main events take place.

Perfume River – Enjoy boat parades and evening performances along this iconic river.

9. Reunification Day

Image Source : Hoiannow

Vietnam buzzes with joy and pride every year on Reunification Day. It’s not just another holiday; it marks the end of the Vietnam War and the moment North and South Vietnam became one. 

Picture streets lined with vibrant parades, and skies lit up with spectacular fireworks. Of all the festivals in Vietnam, this one holds a special place in the hearts of the locals. It’s a time to remember, celebrate, and hope. If you’re eager to experience the essence of festivals in Vietnam, don’t miss this one.

Festival Date

April 30th

Where To Celebrate It

Ho Chi Minh City: Witness the grand parade at the historic Reunification Palace.

Hanoi: Soak in the spirit with cultural events around Hoan Kiem Lake.

10. Vietnam Independence Day

Image Source : Medium

Vietnam Independence Day is a vibrant day that holds a special spot in the hearts of the Vietnamese people. It marks the day when Vietnam declared its freedom from French colonial rule. 

Streets come alive with flags, parades, and joyous celebrations. Imagine a nation coming together, bursting with pride and happiness! If you love festivals in Vietnam, this is a day you don’t want to miss. Experiencing festivals in Vietnam gives you a deep insight into the country’s rich history and culture.

Festival Date

September 2nd

Where To Celebrate It

Hanoi-Visit Ba Dinh Square, where the original declaration was made, and join the grand ceremonies.

Ho Chi Minh City- Walk along Nguyen Hue Street to see amazing decorations and be part of lively festivals in Vietnam.

11. Halloween

Image Source : Vietnamtimes

Halloween is a colorful and exciting event, even in Vietnam. Though not originally a part of Vietnamese traditions, it has recently found its place among other festivals in Vietnam. 

Streets come alive with children and adults donned in spooky costumes, each trying to outdo the other. Stores display pumpkins, witches, and ghosts, adding to the thrilling ambiance. 

Just like other festivals in Vietnam, Halloween brings a blend of Western customs and local flavor, making it a unique experience.

Festival Date 

October 31st

Where To Celebrate It

Big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi – These cities go all out with decorations, parties, and trick-or-treating events.

Bars and Clubs – For adults, plenty of nightlife spots offer Halloween-themed nights full of costumes and fun!

12. Mid-Autumn Festival

Image Source : Vietnam

Imagine a night when the moon shines the brightest and families gather to share love and mooncakes. That’s the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam! It’s one of the most beloved festivals in Vietnam, it’s a magical time for both kids and adults. 

Picture streets filled with colourful lanterns and dragon dances! Children get to parade with their own lanterns while adults exchange mooncakes, a special treat that symbolizes unity. The air is filled with laughter, folk songs, and the feeling that, for this one night, anything is possible.

Festival Date

Usually falls between mid-September and early October, based on the lunar calendar.

Where To Celebrate It

Hanoi’s Old Quarter: Walk along ancient streets decked out in full festive flair, offering traditional toys, mooncakes, and lively performances.

Ho Chi Minh City: Check out District 5, where the city comes alive with lion dances, games, and a sea of lanterns.

13. Hoi An Lantern Festival

Image Source : Afarmedia

Think of a city where thousands of glittering lights illuminate historic streets and reflect off tranquil lakes at night. Welcome to the Hoi An Lantern Festival, one of Vietnam’s most wonderful events. 

The town changes as the sun sets. Instead of electric lights, colourful lanterns of all shapes and sizes illuminate the night, creating a dreamy and romantic mood. You’ll be transported back in time and immersed in the allure of old-world Vietnam.

Festival Date

Every full moon night.

Where To Celebrate It

The historic town centre of Hoi An, walking along the banks of the Thu Bon River.

Local cafes and restaurants overlooking the river, where you can enjoy the view with traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

14. Wandering Souls Day

Image Source : Vietnam

Wandering Souls Day is one of the most touching festivals in Vietnam. Imagine a day dedicated to honouring and remembering those who have passed away. Families create beautiful altars with flowers, fruits, and special foods. 

They light incense and perform rituals to call back the souls of their loved ones, making them feel welcome and loved. The belief is that these souls come back to visit the living, so it’s important to make them feel at home. It’s not just a day of sorrow, but a heartfelt celebration of life and family.

Festival Date 

The festival usually takes place on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, which often falls in August or September.

Where To Celebrate It 

Local temples: Many people gather in temples to perform collective prayers and rituals.

Family homes: The heart of the festival is in Vietnamese households, where families set up altars and gather to honour their ancestors.


Vietnam’s rich tapestry of festivals offers a captivating peek into its culture and traditions. From the colourful lanterns of Tet to the soulful gatherings on Wandering Souls Day, each festival is a unique experience waiting to be discovered. So why wait? Dive into Vietnam’s vibrant festival scene and create memories for a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions About Festivals In Vietnam

1. What are the major festivals celebrated in Vietnam?

Vietnam celebrates various major festivals like Tet (Lunar New Year), Mid-Autumn Festival, and Wandering Souls Day. Tet is the most significant, marking the lunar new year with feasts and family reunions. The Mid Autumn Festival involves mooncakes and lanterns while Wandering Souls Day honours deceased ancestors.

2. What is the significance of the Tet (Lunar New Year) celebration?

Tet, or Lunar New Year, is Vietnam’s most significant festival. It celebrates rebirth and the beginning of spring, marking the start of a new year. Families reunite honour ancestors, exchange gifts, and hope for prosperity and good luck in the coming year.

3. Are there any unique regional festivals in Vietnam worth experiencing?

Absolutely! The Water Puppet Festival in the North showcases traditional puppetry on water, a unique Vietnamese art form. In Central Vietnam, the Hue Festival revives the ancient customs of the imperial city. The Khmer-influenced Ok Om Bok Festival in the South celebrates the moon and harvest. Each offers a distinctly regional flavour.

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