Five Guys Restaurant In Dubai: Savouring American Flavours!

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Dubai along with its astonishing views is also famous for its unique gastronomic journey. It is the restaurant’s hub, where every place serves it people with their effective services. One restaurant chain that needs a special call-in Dubai Package is the Five Guys Restaurant. 

This restaurant chain is not only famous for its world-class burgers but also for various other customised starters and the main course. With serving in more than 9 locations, this is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Dubai to try in your leisure. So, let’s delve into more details about this restaurant, its timings, famous items, and also the different locations to reach for this restaurant.

About Five Guys Restaurant In Dubai

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Five Guys Restaurant Dubai is one of the popular burger chains nestled in multiple locations in Dubai. This place is heaven for burger lovers with made-to-order burgers with the inclusion of fresh ingredients and also hot dogs. The first Five Guys Restaurant was opened way back in 2015 and then expanded its base to 9 locations with a world-class cooking style. The best part of this restaurant is that the patrons appreciate the portion-sized burgers and the ambience in all its outlets.

Five Guys Restaurant Location

Five Guys Restaurant Dubai has multiple outlets, among then the two prominent and fast-running locations are as follows:

1. The Dubai Mall

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Five Guys Restaurant is located on the Financial Centre Road, Unit TDG-Lg-102 In Dubai Mall. you can simply reach this location via the Red Line metro to Burj khalifa also known as Dubai Mall station. You can also take bus routes 27, 29, and F13 at the Dubai Mall bus stop.

2. The Dubai Festival City Mall

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The second prime location of the Five Guys Restaurant is on the Dubai Festival City Mall. To reach this location you need to take the Greenline to the Creek station and there you need to take a short ride taxi and the bus routes F08, 53 and 24 stop near this mall.

Five Guys Restaurant Menu

Here is the Five Guys Restaurant menu to check with:

Five Guys Restaurant Menu In Starters

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  1. Cajun Fries: These are hand-cut friends that are seasoned with a blend of cajun spices, which provide a unique taste and a crispy tone. They are fluffy inside which is served with a sauce. 
  2. Regular Fries: Five Guys Restaurant also serves fresh fries which are cooked in peanut oil for a savoury taste then these fries are thick-cut and are known for their generous portions and are delicious in quality.

Five Guys Restautant Menu In Maincourse

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1. Bacon Cheeseburger: This is a double-patty burger that is further topped with crispy bacon and melted with American cheese. This is further grilled and custom-served with a variety of toppings for a satisfactory taste.

2. Little Hamburger: If you are looking for a lighter meal, this is one of the lip-smacking foods in Dubai which is served with a single patty cooked with perfection. This comes in a unique taste with personalized toppings.

Five Guys Restaurant Menu In Desserts

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1. Freshly Baked Cookies: This is a soft-toned chewy cookie that is baked freshly. They are available in classic flavours like chocolate chip and which are extremely satisfying to end the meal.

2. Special Milkshake: This thick and creamy milkshake is available in a variety of flavours that include chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. You can also get add-ons like Oreo, and bacon bits and each savoury has a unique taste.

Famous Items In Five Guys Restaurant Dubai

Here are a few famous items in Five Guys Restaurant In Dubai:

1. All-The-Way Burger


All-The-Way Burger is one of the standout eateries in Five Guys Restaurant. This is a fully loaded experience that includes the standard toppings, mayonnaise, lettuce, pickles, mushrooms, ketchup, and mustard. This chef-special burger is one of the must-try experiences in Dubai for a gastronomic journey.

2. Homewrecker Burrito

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This is one of the signature items in the Five Guys Restaurant, this is known for its customizable ingredients, which include a choice of protein and wraps.

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Best Time To Visit Five Guys Restaurant

The best time to visit Five Guys Restaurant is during off-peak hours, typically mid-afternoon between 2 PM and 4 PM. This ensures shorter wait times and a more relaxed dining experience, avoiding the lunch and dinner rush.

Top Places To Visit Near Five Guys Restaurant

Here are the top places to visit near Five Guys Restaurant:


1. Dubai Mall: This is one of the massive shopping malls with more than 1200 stores all across to have fun in.

2.  Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is one of the world’s tallest buildings with stunning views from the observation decks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who owns Five Guys franchise?

The Five Guys franchise is owned by the Murrell family.

What makes Five Guys special?

Five Guys is special for its fresh, customizable burgers and fries cooked in peanut oil.

How many locations does Five Guys have?

Five Guys Restaurant has more than 1700 locations worldwide. In this, Dubai has over 9 and it is trying to expand more.

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