Greece’s “Floating Ship in The Sky”: A Surprising Illusion Captured By Greek Photographer

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A Floating Ship in the Sky named the Achilleas appeared off the coast of Greece. The ship was travelling between the mainland of Greece at Kimi and Skiros, one of Greece’s islands.

It happened because of a bizarre optical illusion. This Floating Ship in the Sky or these kinds of illusions happen when the sun heats the air above either land or sea. The warm air sits on top of cooler air, making light bend weirdly, and making things look misshapen or deformed. This Floating ship in Greece has been seen in different parts of the country.

People thought it might be because of a story about the Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship. This story is mentioned in a book by Jonathan Eyers called “Don’t Shoot the Albatross!.” Also, this illusion isn’t just seen at sea. It can make mountains look like they’re floating, too.

This strange phenomenon of a Floating Ship in Greece was captured by a photographer named Nontas Kalogiannis. It perfectly showed the illusion called a Fata Morgana, which is a kind of strange mirage. 

Fata Morgana, which is the Italian name for Morgan le Fay, the wizard from the stories of King Arthur who was said to use magic to create illusions of fairy castles to attract sailors into danger, has caused a floating ship in the sky over time. For example, people have seen Floating Ship in the Sky near the shores of Britain in places like Cornwall, Devon, and Aberdeenshire. In other places, four ships were seen appearing to hang above the water.

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