Food In Maldives: Discovering The Best Exquisite Delights!

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The Maldives, an archipelago of over 26 beautiful atolls in the azure Indian Ocean waters is renowned for its stunning beauty adorned with luxurious resorts and serene turquoise waters. However, the important factor to see a surge in the Maldives tour package is the food of Maldives. 

This element not only helps you enjoy the intermix of popular culinary cultures of Indian, Srilankan and Maldivian cultures but also extends its arms to the international level catering to the expectations of Arabian styling. Let’s explore all the insights of food in Maldives, the best place to eat and the best resorts in Maldives that offer traditional and authentic foods of Maldives. 

Insights On Food In Maldives


The major insights of food in Maldives lie in its abundant use of fresh seafood for unique flavours and tastes. Especially when it comes to unique foods like tuna, a traditional fish delight makes the cornerstone in the list of the best food of Maldives. 

As this island country is strategically located in the Indian Ocean water abundance of marine life is always a luring factor to try new things in the food industry. The major food inclusions will be Skipjack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, and also the reef fish. Cooking Methods can also vary along the customization of the consumers like grilled, smoked, or even curried. Every cooking method yields a special taste grabbing a special spot in popular food in Maldives.

Speciality About Food Of Maldives

Here are the few factors that make the food of Maldives so special and tasty:

1. Fresh Food In Maldives


Food cooked in the Maldives will always be maintained with high quality, as there is a possibility of catching fresh marine fish and the natural vegetation creates the scope to maintain fresh food in Maldives in all places. 

2. Coconut Flavouring In Food Of Maldives

The next thing that is special about the food of Maldives is the flavour of coconut. As the tropical climate is especially favourable to growing coconuts, most of the best restaurants in Maldives use coconut flavouring to promote indigenous taste. This mixing will be of different forms like Grating, Coconut milk mic and also the direct use of coconut oil.

3. Use Of Aromatic Spices & Herbs


Another speciality of the food in Maldives is the proper blend of aromatic spices and herbs. The major inclusion of these elements are cumin, coriander, curry leaves and turmeric. Every spice has its own taste and flavour making the dish more flavourful. 

4. Cultural Influence On Food Of Maldives

The food of Maldives is a proper blend of Sri Lankan, Indian and also Arabic culinary editions. This influence shows the uniqueness, that you never can enjoy along with the soreness of natural beauty.

Best Traditional Food Of Maldives

When it comes to the traditional food of Maldives, this island nation offers a multitude of options to try. Here are the top picks in the best traditional food of Maldives:

1. Garudhiya Dish In Maldives

Source: The Times of Addu

Garudhiya is a traditional food of Maldives that has a primary inclusion of fish soup made of tuna, water, and also flavourings of spices and aroma. This item is served with white rice, chillies and also the wedges. With preference, you can also opt for the coconut milk addition to make it more flavourful.

2. Mas Huni Maldives

This is the popular food in Maldives for breakfast. Mas Huni has an inducement of shredded smoked tuna mixed with the onions. Grated coconuts, and chillies. This item is served in the flatbread locally known as ‘Roshi’ and is of great taste. 

3. Fihunu Mas In Maldives


Fihunu Mas is a grilled fish dish and is top-listed as famous cuisine in Maldives. Here freshly caught fish is marinated with the unique blend of garlic, spices and also lime juice. The uniqueness of the Fihunu Mas Maldives is its grilling technique with a spicy kick.

4. Boshi Mashuni Maldives

Boshi Mashuni Maldives is a salad styled from freshly grated coconut, onions, banana flowers and also varied spices. This is the best traditional food of Maldives for the ability to creatively use local ingredients. This cuisine offers a crunchy texture and refreshing nutrient benefits. 

5. Rihaakuru Cuisine Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

Rihaakuru is a thick and dark paste of boiling tuna for prolonged hours and making it concentration less. This traditional food of Maldives is always eaten in rice with an intense umami flavour. 

6. Kukulhu Riha In Maldives

Kukulhu Riha is about chicken curry made from a mix of coconut mix and aromatic spices. This cuisine has a rich creamy texture which is inspired by a culinary mix of Indian and Srilankan styles. 

7. Saagu Bondibai Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

Saagu Bondibai is a traditional food of Maldives made of sago pearls, coconut milk and sweeteners. This is often flavoured with cardamom and rose essence for a delightful flavour and smooth texture. This is a rare combination and can be found only in the best restaurants in the Maldives.

Top Local Food Of Maldives

When it comes to the top local food of Maldives, there are lots of options to choose from. But cater a few top picks, here is what you can try:

1. Bajiya Dish In Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

Bajiya dish is not only famous as the local food of Maldives but also the top-rated snack in this island paradise. This is a savoury pastry enjoyed as an addition to the Hedikaa. You can enjoy the flavours of tuna, onions, and spices in a golden brown texture creating a sense of full completion. If you are fond of the crispy texture this snack item can make your day special.

2. Dhon Riha Maldives

Dhon Riha is a coconut-based fish curry revered as a popular local food of Maldives with the special inclusion of tuna. This is a staple cuisine and will be prepared in most households in their day-to-day life. If you want to try more traditional and authentic, you can try island hopping in the Maldives to explore the food tradition of Dhon Riha.

3. Bambukeylu Hiti Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

Bambukeylu Hiti is a popular local food of Maldives made from breadfruit. This has a common scratch mixed with spicy coconut gravy. This is also a budget-friendly option if you are exploring the local food of Maldives with tangy and spicy flavours. 

Popular Food In Maldives On Budget

If you are looking for popular food in Maldives on a budget, here are the top picks to try which usually can be availed for economical prices with rich taste:

1. Fried Fish Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

Fried fish is the most popular food in Maldives on a budget and can be easily availed in all the local restaurants of Maldives. This is served with flavoured rice or a multi-mix bread and also be accompanied by a simple chutney or salad to satisfy your hunger. 

2. Special Maldivian Fried rice

Special Maldivian Friedrich is also a popular food in Maldives which is evenly affordable and tasty. The best place to try Maldivian fried rice is at the Cafe Rio, on Hulhumale Island in Maldives.

3. Kavaabu Maldives

Source: Nadiya's Kitchen

Kavaabu Maldives is a savoury fish with crispy fish and vegetable fritters. This item is similar to the Indian pakoras and is inspired by them. Here you can be seen fish battering with vegetable mix and the lentils until it turns crispy to eat. It is a popular food in the Maldives on a budget easily available with the local vendors in the bustling streets of Male.

Best Vegetarian Food In Maldives

Maldives is not only famous for the seafood, but every taste created on this island caters for the rightful insights of its visitor’s hunger. So if you are vegetarian don’t fret as this place has the best to offer even for vegetarians here are a few items to try and the places to visit in Maldives for vegetarian food:

1. Boakibaa Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

This is a savoury cake item made from grated pumpkin, coconut, rice flour and spices. This is top-rated as the vegetarian food in Maldives and can be found in most of the local bakeries and snack stalls. The best place to try this snack is in the cafes resting on the banks of Bodu Mora Beach in Maldives.

2. Kulhimas Maldives

Kulhimas is a highly opted vegetarian food in the Maldives for its unique nature of grated coconut and chopped vegetable styling. The usage of Cabbage, carrots and beans mingled with sauteed onions, garlic and aromatic spices makes Kulhimas more flavorful and the highly recommended vegetarian food in Maldives. 

3. Theluli Mas Riha

Source: Lonumedhu

Theluli Mas Riha is a comforting and the best vegetarian food in Maldives for its nature of seasonal vegetables like potatoes, beans, carrots and also pumpkin. All the veggies are simmered again in a coconut milk gravy for a savoury taste this is a staple food all over the Maldives and can be easily availed in your local guesthouses on a budget. 

Top Food and Drinks Of Maldives At Night

Night in the Maldives is really a worthy thing to enjoy, especially under the stars near the shore along the warm and the rich tropical breeze makes your culinary journey more delightful. Considering this fact, here are the top food and drinks of Maldives at night you can try:

1. Italian-Inspired Pasta & Pizza In Maldives

Source: Lonumedhu

The list of top food and drinks of Maldives has no proper justification if there is no addition of Italian-inspired Pasta & pizza. The uniqueness of this item is that it has a special touch of Maldivian cuisine twist and most of the restaurants on the banks of different islands like Vaadhoo Islands Maldives, Bandos, and Coco Bodo Hithi, offer this for comfortable evenings.

2. Traditional Fruit Juices


Maldives is famous for its authentic and traditional fresh fruit juices. The tropical climate here can enhance the productivity of fruits and vegetables, which is a favourable factor in enjoying more and more fresh juices like Papaya, Mango, Orange, and also passion fruits. This can not only be your refreshing drink but can also be mixed with Champagne and other spirits to have flavourful nights. 

Popular Drinks Of Maldives For Relaxation

When it comes to the popular drinks of Maldives for relaxation, there are numerous options to have a try. Here are the top drinks you can give it a shot:

1. Mocktails Of Maldives


Mocktails always stand on top as the popular drinks of Maldives which are specially crafted with tantalizing taste. They are carved out the same as the fruit juices but with a different blend of the other concoctions like Pina Colada, Virgin Mojito and also the other flavours of alcohol-free nature. They are the perfect choice to enjoy the beach vibe in the late evenings with soothing music.

2. Kurumba Juice Maldives

Kurumba juice in Maldives is made from the sweet and refreshing water drained out from the coconut with also a mix of the tinder coconut natural flavour. This drink has free electrolytes and is rich in nutrients for a relaxing beverage experience in almost all the popular islands of Maldives as a budget drink.

3. Arrack In Maldives


Arrack is one of the popular drinks of Maldives with a mix of coconut flowers or the extracted juice of palm trees. This sap collected from the coconut palm trees is further fermented and distilled to create a potent alcoholic spirit, which people here consider to have therapeutic properties. Due to its generous nature, you can try this beverage when you next time visit the Maldives.

Famous Cuisine In Maldives To Not Miss

Source: Maldives Cook

Here is the famous cuisine in Maldives to not miss for a memorable culinary experience:

  1. Kulhi Boakibaa: A savoury fish cake made from tuna, coconut puddling and spices. This square-shaped cake dumpling is best at taste and budget.
  2. Kandru Kiru Roshi: This is a flatbread cooked with a Maldivian twist and is considered to be the famous cuisine in Maldives for its flat griddle nature and the rich texture of taste, mostly available in the famous islands like Bandos Islands Maldives, Kurumbha and also the capital city Male.
  3. Bondibai Maldives: Bondibai is a dessert delicacy made from ripe plantains or bananas. The fruit is chopped thinly and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do people in Maldives eat for breakfast?

People in the Maldives often eat Mas Huni for breakfast, the best and most delightful addition with a crispy flavouring of coconut.

What is the most popular drink in the Maldives?

The most popular drink in the Maldives is Kurumba, a fresh coconut water with lots of nutrients and free electrolytes.

What is the famous food in Maldives?

The famous food in Maldives is Garudhiya, a traditional fish soup made with tuna and aromatic spices.

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