Fun N Food Village; A Splashing Fiesta of Unending Fun with Family

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When the 90’s Mumbai kids said “ Essel World May Rahunga Mai, Ghar Nahi Jaunga Mai”, Delhi kids replied, “Feel the Rush, Feel the Fun at Fun N Food Village”. Today we will go down memory lane and become kids again, it’s picnic time!

No international trip or a tour in India can beat those few hours of unmeasurable fun we had during our day picnics, with school friends under the strict vigilance of our teachers.

Remember those golden school days, when we reached school early in the morning, all set to board the bus with sandwiches, cutlets, potato wafers, chocolates, cold drinks, and whatnot, packed in our little school bags? 

Or a day outing during summer vacations, when all our cousins came over and our parents took us to the best amusement park in town. Earlier there was another amusement park, Appu Ghar, which was shut down many years ago.

The empty spot left by Appu Ghar was filled by “Fun N Food Village Delhi”. It was inaugurated by the former president of India, Late Giani Zail Singh. The History of Fun N Food Village dates back to 1993 an era when amusement parks were top-rated among kids. 

It was established and is operated by Polo Amusement Park Ltd., the flagship of the Polo Group of Companies. Fun N Food Village Location is also very mindfully picked, it is located at the old Delhi-Gurgaon road, making it easily accessible for locals as well as tourists.


What’s so special about the Fun N Food Village Delhi?

Apart from being one of the most popular places in Delhi among kids, Fun N Food Village has several other specialties, which make it one of the most offbeat summer vacation destinations even for adults. 

The architecture of the Fun N Food Village is thought of and unique. The whole park is divided into two major chunks. 

The first part is the Fun N Food Village Amusement Park consisting of all the land rides and the other section is the Fun N Food Village Water Park, as the name suggests, it is a whole dedicated section to some of the world’s best water rides. 

Once you enter the gates of the Fun N Food Village in Delhi, you will feel like you have entered a whole new world. The whole land ride area is painted in vibrant and bright hues of yellow, red, neon green, electric blue, purple, magenta, white, and a dazzling orange. 

Another fascinating fact about this place is the exclusive range of cafeterias and food courts which are not just apt for adults but offer a special range of food items for kids. 

The whole idea of the Fun N Food Village is to bring out a fusion of modern recreation with traditional Indian culture. You can see glimpses of Indian heritage in the form of pop-colored camels, the Mayur train, and other elements. 

Do you know, the temperature in Delhi is almost touching 50 Degrees? What are you waiting for, let’s hurry and explore the innumerable things to do at Fun N Food Village, to ditch the deadly heat. 

  • Feel the thrill of the land rides: There are more than 20 land rides including kiddie rides, family rides, and other rides for young adults. The best thing to do at the Fun N Food Village in Delhi is to make sure, you cover every ride possible. 

Some heart-stopping and adrenaline-pumping rides are 

  • Tora Tora
  • Rock N Roll
  • Columbus
  • Roller Coaster
  • Polo Trooper
  • Magic Carpet
  • Robot Ride
  • Top Spin

But these rides are only meant for adults and that too, if they are daredevils. 


For kids, there is a plethora of cute little fun activities as well:

  • Caterpillar train
  • Coffee Cups
  • Jungle Bouncy
  • Merry Go Round
  • Mini Pirate Ship
  • Mini Wheel
  • Sea Horse Train
  • Mayur Train
  • Beat the heat at the water park: This is the most fun part of the overall experience. Imagine splashing down the high water slides at full speed, challenging the scorching heat. Fun N Food Village water park is the ultimate solution to quench your adventure thirst. 

With more than 22 thrilling and chilling water rides, the water park is the only place in Delhi where you would want to be especially during summer. 

Fun N Food Village water park boasts Asia’s longest and fastest water slide. So grab your swimwear and leave all your stress and worries on the top, while you zoom your way down the longest slide in Asia. 

The Fun N Food Village water park also houses a 400 ft long ‘Lazy River’ it is an unmissable ride. 

And how can we forget the Jungle Fortress? A series of numerous neon green colored water pipes, based on a jungle theme, with colorful animals and plants adding to the beauty, the jungle fortress is full of splashing waves and is loved by families visiting the Fun N Food Village water park. 

The water park fun has just started. There is so much more to enjoy like the Rain dance, getting lost on the Hide-and-seek slide, Swirling around the fusion slide, tasting the thrill of the Tornado, and enjoying other family and kiddie rides. 

The water park here is one of the most photographed places in the world.

  • Try some yummy for the tummy delights: The Fun N Food Village has ‘Food’ in its name for a reason. There is no fun without mouthwatering food and refreshing coolers. But it is a task for mothers, especially when they are traveling with small kids.

Keeping this in mind, the Fun N Food Village multicuisine food court caters to a wide range of dishes loved by all. So all you mommies don’t need to worry about packing a picnic basket, take a break from the kitchen for one day, and enjoy delish delicacies at the Fun N Food Village cafeteria. You can also find some of the best dishes to eat in Delhi here.

  • Rejuvenate your senses at the Spa: Kids are energy warehouses, adults are not, and the creators of Fun N Food Village understand that well. Therefore, there is a provision for a health club on the amusement park premises. 

Here adults can relax and spend some time pampering themselves at the Spa or take a Therapeutic Jacuzzi bath, Steam Bath, Sauna, or go for a Herbal Massage. Go Souvenir shopping: Visitors can end their Fun N Food Village trip with a small token of love and remembrance. There is a dedicated souvenir shop in the amusement park, offering goodies, toys, Fun N Food Village merchandise, and much more. It is one of the best places in Delhi for shopping.

How to reach the Fun N Food Village?

You can easily reach the park by car or take a bus, you can also opt for the metro. Fun N Food Village nearest metro stations are Dwarka Sector 21 (Blue Line) and Guru Dronacharya (Yellow Line).

We are sure, you must be checking your calendars and already planning your visit to the Fun N Food Village, but before you book your tickets, here are some Tips for visiting Fun N Food Village:

  • Being one of the most happening and popular amusement parks in Delhi NCR, it is imperative to know the best time to visit Fun N Food Village, as you would want to know the availability of tickets, especially if you’re going in a big group.
  • The best time to visit Fun N Food Village is from April to August. Firstly, because even summer vacations fall between these months and the weather is great for outdoor activities.
  • Fun N Food Village in Delhi ticket price are as follows:

Adult: Rs. 1000 + Tax (For all days)

Child (Height 33 inches to 4 feet 6 inches): Rs. 600 + Tax (For all the days)

  • Fun N Food Village timings are 11 AM – 6 PM on Weekdays & 11 AM – 7 PM on Weekends. (The amusement park is open throughout the year except for Diwali).
  • Although, the park is completely safe for kids, make sure you keep your children under vigilance. 
  • The weather in Delhi remains super hot during the summer months, therefore, stay hydrated. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes like Jeans, Shorts, or Jumpsuits, to avoid any inconvenience and awkward situations while going on bigger rides.
  • Avoid wearing heels or delicate footwear, as there will be lots of walking in the park. 
  • Wear sunscreen, carry shades, and a cap or any other headgear to keep yourself cool.
  • Despite UPI and other cashless payment options, it is always safe to carry some cash, for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Carry basic medicines for headaches, nausea, and stomachache. 
  • Avoid going on rides on a full stomach, there are chances of vomiting. 
  • Carry your swimwear and other swimming gear. You can even hire swimsuits at the Fun N Food Village, but from a hygiene point of view, better carry your own. 
  • If planning to visit the park with a large group, make bookings in advance. You can book online tickets from their official website.

Check out the latest updates here: 

There are many hotels near Fun N Food Village, like The Umrao, Deventure Sarovar Portico, Kapashera, New Delhi, Satvik Resort and Hotel, etc. where outstation visitors can stay and visit the amusement park. 

What kind of place is Fun N Food Village?

Fun N Food Village is an amusement and water park, where you can enjoy the whole day with family, friends and loved ones. 

Is Fun N Food Village good for all ages?

Yes, Fun N Food Village has something to offer for everyone. From thrilling and adventurous rides to Kiddie rides, there is everything. 

What are the opening and closing hours?

The park timings are: 11 AM – 6 PM on Weekdays & 11 AM – 7 PM on Weekends.

How many rides and attractions does Fun N Food Village have?

There are more than 40 water and land rides in Fun N Food Village.

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