Fundore Entertainment Park: An Adventure and Entertainment Hub in Indore

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Feeling bored and wanting to do something crazy? Come to Fundore Entertainment Park, Indore. Enjoy adventure activities, racing, and many friendly battles to enjoy with your friends and family. 

This is the ultimate guide for you to visit Fundore Entertainment Park, what it offers, insider tips on the park, and insights into nearby destinations worth exploring, along with all the information like Fundore timings, exciting things to do in Fundore, and everything you should know as a visitor.

About Fundore Indore

Fundore is a Mall cum Adventure cum Entertainment Park located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It was built with a vision to create an exclusive entertainment destination for families, friends, and adventure lovers. Just after its opening, Fundore Entertainment Park became one of the most beloved attractions in Indore. 

It is Indore’s largest adventure and entertainment park and has thrilling rides, a water park, and many more things to do. It is specially designed to make it a standout attraction in Indore.

Things to Do in Fundore Indore 

1. Funwalls  

Source: Justdial

These specially designed fun walls offer various difficulty levels, ensuring a fun and challenging experience for everyone.

Price: INR 250 (30 Min)

2. Pool Table  

Enjoy a game of pool with friends or family. The pool tables at Fundore are perfect for spending some relaxing time if you don’t want to indulge in adventure activities, allowing you to unwind and have some friendly competition.

Price: INR 150 (30 Min)

3. Go-Karting  

Source: Joon Square

Feel the rush of speed as you navigate the twists and turns of Fundore’s go-kart track. This high-octane activity is perfect for thrill-seekers looking to experience the excitement of racing.

Price: Single Seater- INR 300 for 3 Laps

          Double Seater- INR 450 for 3 Laps

4. Rocket Ejector  

Source: IndoreRocks!!!

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with the Rocket Ejector. Get strapped in and prepare to be launched into the air, feeling the thrill of zero gravity before safely returning to the ground.

Price: INR 100 – 150 (1 Time)

5. Rope Course 

Challenge your balance and coordination on the rope course. This activity features a series of suspended obstacles and bridges that require agility and focus, making it a favorite among adventure lovers.

Price: INR 200 (3 levels)

6. Trampoline  

Source: Tripadvisor

This activity is great for both kids and adults, offering a fun and energetic way to spend your time.

Price: INR 150 (30 Min)

7. Swimming   

Cool off and relax in Fundore’s swimming pool. Whether you’re looking to swim laps or just splash around, the pool provides a refreshing escape from the day’s adventures.

Price: INR 200 (1 Hour)

8. Paintball Arena  

Source: Justdial

Gear up and enter the paintball arena for a thrilling, action-packed experience. Strategize with your team and engage in friendly combat, making for an exciting and memorable activity.

Price: INR 150 – 200

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9. Roller Coaster   

No amusement park is complete without a roller coaster, and Fundore’s version does not disappoint. Experience the twists, turns, and loops that will surely make your heart beat faster.

Price: INR 300 (1 Time)

10. Zipline 

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Fundore’s attractions. This activity combines the thrill of speed with the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

Price: INR 200 (1 Time)

11. Rappelling   

Source: Betterhalf

For those seeking a vertical adventure, try rappelling. Descend from heights using ropes and harnesses, experiencing the thrill of controlled descent and the satisfaction of conquering a new challenge.

Price: INR 150 (1 Time)

12. Kids’ Soft Play   

Fundore ensures that even the youngest visitors have a blast with the kids’ soft play area. This safe and engaging space features soft structures, slides, and interactive elements designed for endless fun.

Price: INR 200 (1 Hour)

13. VR Games  

Source: FuninVR

Step into a new dimension with Fundore’s virtual reality games. These experiences transport you to new worlds, offering a unique and exciting way to play and explore.

Price: INR 150 (1 Time 1 Game), Varies from game to game.

14. Wall Climbing  

Challenge yourself and your friends on wall climbing. Fundore’s climbing walls cater to various skill levels, providing a fun and rewarding experience.

Price: 150 (1 Time)

15. Segway Rides  

Glide through Fundore on a Segway. These self-balancing scooters offer a fun and effortless way to explore the park, allowing you to cover more ground while enjoying a unique riding experience.

Price: INR 100 (1 Round)

Visiting Inforamtion for Fundore Indore 

Fundore Ticket Price  

Fundore ticket prices are designed to be affordable, with various packages available.

Mini Package: INR 600,  Inclusions- park entry, Fundore basic games, Unlimited Buffets, and any two adventure activities (excluding Go-Kart, Roller coaster, Segway & Paintball).

Unlimited 1: INR 1200,  Inclusions- park entry, Fundore basic games, Unlimited Buffets, and all adventure activities (excluding Go-Kart, Roller coaster, Segway & Paintball).

Unlimited 2: INR 3750,  Inclusions- park entry, Fundore basic games, Unlimited Buffets, and all adventure activities, 1-time Go-Kart/Roller Coaster/ Zipline, 1-time Paintball/ Segway.

If you don’t want to purchase packages then you can just enter the park with an INR 200 Entry Fee, and then pay for whichever activity you like.

(NOTE: Prices may vary, always check the prices on their official website for better deals)

Fundore Mall  

Source: LinkedIn

Visiting Fundore is incomplete without visiting its huge Mall. It has a huge shopping area, food court, and gaming zones as well. Filled with all those popular restaurants and cafes, Whether you’re craving spicy Indian dishes, savory Chinese delicacies, or sweet treats, you’ll find it all here.

The entertainment options at Fundore Mall go beyond shopping and dining. Among those, its cinema and other performances are ideal for enjoying live performances or participating in engaging events that are regularly hosted in the mall.

Fundore Timings  

Opens daily from Monday to Sunday from 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM. The best time to visit is in the evening when the park is beautifully lit, and the weather is also comfortable.

Places to Visit Near Fundore  

1. Rajwada Palace  


Approximately 8 kilometers from Fundore, Rajwada Palace is among the must-visit places near Fundore. Built during the Holkar dynasty, this historic palace combines elements of Maratha and Mughal architecture, Its surroundings of Rajwada are a vibrant market full of clothes, cuisines, and almost everything.

2. Lal Bagh Palace 

Source: LuxeBook

Just 10 km from Fundore, Lal Bagh Palace is a reminder of Indore’s royal legacy. Built in the 19th century, this palace has impressive European-style architecture, It has gardens and a museum that houses a remarkable collection of artifacts and paintings, perfect for both history and architecture lovers.

3. Sarafa Bazaar  

Source: Savaari

If there’s one market to visit near Fundore, then it is Sarafa Bazaar. Approximately 7 kilometers away, it is a must-visit destination for food lovers and night owls. Food lovers can explore chaats, kebabs, sweets and desserts. The market becomes more glamorous in the evening, so plan accordingly. 

Hotels Near Fundore  


The surrounding of Fundore has several hotels for people with different budgets. Finding a comfortable place to stay near Fundore is easy, some of them are listed below.

Enrise by Sayaji Rau Indore:  0.5 Km from Fundore

The Red Maple Hill Hotel:  0.4 Km from Fundore

Papaya Tree Hotel: 0.8 Km from Fundore

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of Fundore Indore?

It opens every day from 11 AM to 9:30 PM. Sometimes, during festivals or any other event, the timings may vary.

How can I purchase tickets for Fundore Indore?

You can directly purchase tickets at the entry, however, sometimes online purchasing is also available from different portals. Consider contacting them, from their website for booking in advance.

Where is Fundore Indore located?

The Exact address is Ahead of Rau Circle, Main, AB Rd, near Medicap’s Collage, Rau, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 

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