G20 May Lead To Cancellation Of Flights For Smooth Flow

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The G20 summit has left the capital city a little shaken because of the changes that are taking place. 

The much-awaited G20 summit, the biggest event in the country, will be held on 9th and 10th September, and certain arrangements are being made. 

As per reports, approximately 1,000 flights are going to be cancelled and rescheduled to ensure smooth arrivals of the guests attending the summit. 

The Delhi International Airport Limited has received several requests for cancelling the flight, which has nothing to do with less parking space for the aircraft. There is ample space for the aircraft; the step is being taken to ensure less congestion. 

As per the reports, almost 80 arrivals and 80 departures may have to be cancelled, and some of the airlines have been suggested to park their aircraft at other airports. 

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