Global Village Dubai: A World Of Wonder

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The Global Village Dubai, the most anticipated family entertainment hub, was launched in the year 1997 and is currently a hotspot for tourists who flock here in thousands from October to April. 

If your package includes a day for Global Village, then it definitely is the best Dubai Tour package, allowing you a day filled with fun and adventures. 

Global Village is one of the most loved theme parks in Dubai, allowing you to have the experience of a lifetime. No matter whether you are coming here for the nightly life culture, fun rides, or for an authentic experience of shopping in Dubai, Global Village Dubai is the best place for spending an excellent time with your friends and family. 

Both kids and adults will end up having a wonderful time at the Global Village, for there are about 175 fun rides to get the adrenaline pumping and 27 pavilions for 90 different countries to showcase their local products. Global Village Dubai gives you an authentic shopping experience.

Global Village Dubai Shopping Experience 

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You will be stunned once you reach the pavilions and see the products from various countries. Try Morocco’s Argan Oil, beautiful carpets from the markets of Iran and Afghanistan, Spain’s engraved necklaces, pure quality dry fruits from Thailand, and various other exotic spices, fragrances, and home decor from different countries. 

Global Village Entertainment

There will be no shortage of entertainment at the Global Village Dubai, for you can enjoy a mix of entertainment at the World Stage Center in Global Village in night concerts and shows that feature artists who create wonders with their music, dance and comedy. 

So don’t forget to attend the concert, for it will be an evening to remember, full of loud music, good food, and an even better atmosphere. 

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Rides At The Global Village Dubai

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There are 31 themed rides at the Carnival in Global Village Dubai for an unforgettable experience. Take the helium balloon ride, and watch the park from a phenomenal 360-degree view. 

Get ready to get the adrenaline rush from the Spanish Boat, Caribbean Ships and Mexican Balloons, and the Holland Wind Wheel. 

If you are a very courageous person, and nothing scares you, then you should definitely visit the House of Fear, featuring a cast of characters whom you will see in 9 different scenarios. So don’t miss out on this. 

Prepare for the endless entertainment by the Columbian Clowns and marvel at the heart-stopping feasts of the high-wire daredevils. 

The most fascinating part is the Ferris Wheel, which has a ten-second countdown, and when the clock strikes 12, you will be amazed by the amazing fireworks lighting up the whole sky. 

Explore Ripley’s Believe It or Not at the Global Village, with its astounding and amazing offers on retail options for visitors. 

The Squirrel’s Nutkin Activity Park is the perfect place for you if you have kids. They will have a great time at the park, as there are various activities to indulge in, including a climbing maze, a play area, and a climbing wall. 

There are 125 arcade games and skill games, making your trip to the Global Village an incredible one.

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How To Reach The Global Village? 

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By Car: If you travel by car, you can easily reach the Global Village, located 39 km from the airport. It will take almost 40 minutes to get to the Global Village. Head South from the airport towards the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. 

By Metro: The most convenient mode of transportation in Dubai, which most people prefer is the Dubai Metro. So if you are coming from the airport, take Terminal 1, and take the red line to the Centerpoint metro station. You can take buses 102 and 104 from the metro station to reach the Global Village. 

By Bus: If you wish to directly take a bus to the Global Village, then take the C32 bus from airport Terminal 1 and reach the max metro seaside bus station and from there, you have to take another bus, 104, that will directly take you to the Global Village. 

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Essential Tips To Know Before Visiting The Global Village

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There are some things that you should know before you visit the place, so let’s see what are they. 

  • Your choice of indoor or outdoor park depends on the weather. 
  • If you have kids, ensure that they meet the minimum height requirement before taking any rides. 
  • There are alternatives for various foods and beverages to ensure that you don’t stay empty stomach.
  • Make sure you don’t overeat before going for any ride; it may cause nausea or vomiting. 
  • Avoid weekends, because it remains very crowded. Weekdays are preferable. 
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes so you can enjoy the entire time. Avoid tight clothing. 
  • Purchase tickets online to avoid standing in long queues. 
  • Put on sunscreen and stay hydrated because summers can get very hot. 
  • Keep an eye on your belongings, and don’t leave them around unattended. 
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