Explore The Global Vipassana Pagoda: A Retreat In Mumbai

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In Global Vipassana Pagoda the biggest dome can hold 8,000 people for meditation in it. It is located in Gorai, Mumbai. It is declared as one of the Seven Wonders Of Mumbai by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). The architecture of Global Vipassana Pagoda is inspired by Burmese architecture. 

The Global Pagoda in Mumbai was inaugurated by the former President of India Dr. Prathiba Patil on 8 February 2009. Pagoda was built in Mumbai to preserve the practice of Vipassana in India. The architecture of the Global Vipassana Pagoda was inspired by the Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda) in Myanmar. 

The corporeal relic of Lord Gautam Buddha is enshrined in the second dome of Global Vipassana. This relic were excavated from Bhattiprolu, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh.

What Is Vipassana?


Vipassana is an ancient technique of meditation rediscovered by Lord Gautam Buddha around 2500 years ago. Vipassana means to see things as they are, it is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses mainly on observation of oneself. This observation-based self-exploratory journey will help you grow more conscious, dissolve mental impurities, and become more aware of your thoughts. 

The Vipassana has been handed down to the present day, by an unbroken chain of teachers. The late Mr S.N. Goenka appointed the current teachers of Vipassana. Among the first teachers at Global Vipassana Pagode was S.N. Goenka. On the inaugural day of Pagoda, a one-day meditation course was held by Goenka. 

There are many free courses of Vipassana for the common people. They can find this course online on the official website of Global Vipassana Pagoda.

Architecture Of Global Vipassana Pagoda In Mumbai


Planning of the Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai started in 1997 and officially the work began in 1997. The Pagoda consists of three sub-domes, the largest dome was completed in 2006, and the bone relic of Gautam Buddha was enshrined in the central locking stone of the dome, making it the world’s largest structure containing the Budha’s relic. 

In Global Vipassana Pagoda the biggest dome has a height of 89.93 m and a diameter of 93.82. The foundation stone of the dome is of basalt while the dome is made of sandstone bought from Rajasthan. It is estimated that 2.5 million tons of stone were used to build this Pagoda in Mumbai. The architecture of Global Vipassana Pagoda is also known as Burmese architecture and is the largest meditation hall in the world.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai is a replica of the pagoda in Myanmar known as the Shwedagon Pagoda.  

This Pagoda has a beautiful share of golden and red. It feels like the blaze of pure fire from a distance. Also, one of the major architectural marvels of the meditation hall is that the hall doesn’t have any pillars, and is estimated that it will be there for over a millennium.

History Of Global Vipassana Pagoda


The history of the Global Vipassana Pagoda started in 1997 when the planning to make a Pagoda started. The largest dome where the relic of Buddha is kept was completed in October 2006 making it the world’s largest structure to have a Buddha relic. This relic was found in the stupa at Bhattiprolu, Gunter District, Andhra Pradesh. 

The second and third domes sit atop the first dome. Construction of the third dome was structurally completed on 21 November 2008.

On 6 February 2006, the Pagoda was inaugurated by former President Of India Late Prathiba Patil.

Places In Global Vipassana Pagoda You Should Not Miss Visiting

Global Vipassana Pagoda is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra. Being a major tourist attraction it also fetches the attention of regular meditators. 

1. Wheel Of Dhamma


A Garden with lush green plants and trees in it. There is an Ashoka wheel revolving around. This wheel symbolizes ethics, concentration., and wisdom which is an essential part of teaching in Buddhism. 

2. Gong Tower

Another small tower with four pillars is the Gong Tower. A huge shield-like metal is hanging there. It is to be struck to announce the spread of Dharma for the benefit of all.

3. Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a small tower with four pillars having a huge bell in it. A horizontal stick is tied with rope for people to strike it. This bell is to be struck at the exit to spread love and compassion all over. 

4. Ashoka Pillar


There is an Ashoka pillar near the main dome. This pillar indicates the symbol of spreading Dharma in all directions. 

5. Amphitheatre/ Rangbhoomi

In this huge open place, you can sit and enjoy the scenery view of the Pagoda.

6. Main Dome

The main dome can accommodate 8,000 people for meditation. From Gate No. 7 you can have access to a small part of the dome. It cannot be assessed the whole dome from Gate no. 7 as a glass wall is there. This huge dome is purely for meditation purposes. On the outer wall of this dome, you can see many Buddhist philosophies engraved on the wall. 

7. Buddha Statue

A beautiful Buddha statue meditating is also there at Global Vipassana Pagoda. The Buremec Architecture makes it look more intrinsic and beautiful. 

8. Garden

A garden for kids and for your leisure time is also there. It has slides, swings, and other activities for kids. 

How To Reach Global Vipassana Pagoda


How To Reach Global Vipassana Pagoda By Ferry Services

If you are traveling by local train, the nearest railway station is Borivali Railway Station. Once you get down at Boravili Railway station you can either get a bus or a rickshaw to Gorai Creek. The buses are 294 and 247, which will take you to Gorai Creek. 

You can also reach the creek by Boravali Metro station. You can get a rickshaw from the metro station to the creek. The metro station is around 3.8 km from the creek. 

Once you reach Gorai Creek there are two ferries options to reach Pagoda.

1. Gorai Village Jetty

This ferry will take you to the Gorai village. This jetty is regular and operates every 15 minutes. The distance between Gorai village and Pagoda is around 3.5 km. The cost of this ferry is INR 15/-. The auto-rickshaw will charge INR 100/-  for three people. So, if you have a group of Dil Chahata hai or Three Idiots, then this is the most economical option for you. 

2. Essalworld Jetty

Now, if you are Bunny from YJHD and your Naina hasn’t shown up yet then trust me let that INR 100/- go for this return trip ferry. The distance is around 500 meters to the Global Vipassana Pagoda. 

How To Reach Global Vipassana Pagoda By Train

Travel by Local train up to Bhayandar Station West (W.R.) and then take MBMT (Mira Bhayandar Municipal Transport). From Bhayandar Station (Westside), route no. 4 Bus is available for Global Vipassana Pagoda. Timings 6.30 am till 7.30 pm.  The fare from Bhayandar Stn. to Global Pagoda is approx. Rs. 22.

Hotels Near Global Vipassana Pagoda

Source: Tripadvisor

There are a lot of options for hotels near Global Vipassana Pagoda. Although there are many hotels for stay, the following are some of the hand-picked resorts and hotels near Global Vipassana Pagoda for your reference:

  1. Hotel Park and Farm
  2. Farm Regency Resort
  3. White Sand Lodging Manori
  4. Tom’s Hideout Resorts
  5. Villa Bharat
  6. Breeze Resort

Restaurants Near Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai

Source: Zomato

Although there is a food court in Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai to satisfy your hunger there are not many restaurants near Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai. You can mostly hog on street food or maybe in the food court which is located on the Pagoda premises. Following are some of the handpicked restaurants near Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai (These restaurants are mostly on the Manori side)

  1. Ac’s Kitchen
  2. Mama’s Nest
  3. Red Star Chinese Point
  4. Domino’s Pizza
  5. Hunger Thrill

Global Vipassana Pagoda Timings

Global Vipassana Pagoda is open on all days of the week from Sunday to Saturday. The Ideal Global Vipassana Pagoda timings are from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm. The last entry in Pagoda is given at 06:30 pm. Therefore it is advisable if you want to explore Pagoda you should come by late afternoon. 

Places To Visit Near Global Vipassana Pagoda

Now, there are many places to visit near Global Vipassana Pagoda. Some of them are listed below

  1. Esselworld
  2. Water Kingdom
  3. Esselworld Bird Park
  4. Gorai Beach
  5. Manori Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Vipassana Pagoda cost?

There is no entry fee to visit the Pagoda. Although you have to spend a little on food and travel.

What is the significance of the Global Vipassana Pagoda?

The Global Vipassana Pagoda has the largest dome which can accommodate 8,000 people. It is an important centre for Vipassana in India which was largely forgotten by Indians. 

Is Global Vipassana Pagoda made of gold?

 No, The Global Vipassana is majorly made of sandstone. Although, it is painted golden.

How much is the ferry ticket to Pagoda?

If you are taking Gorai Village Jetty then it will cost you rs. 15/- per person and if you are taking Esselworld jetty then it will cost you around Rs. 100/- per person.

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