Goa to reopen for tourists! Here’s everything you need to know!

“Doesn’t matter what your dream destinations are, Goa will always make its space in your list.”

After months of Nationwide lockdown, it is finally happening. The government of Goa has announced that everyone’s favorite beach destination would be opened for tourists starting from 2nd July. More than 250 hotels across this coastal state got permission to resume their operations.

Everyone who is planning to take those long-awaited trips needs to adhere to a set of rules and regulations else they won’t be allowed to enter the state.

Goa to reopen for tourists!
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Everyone has to take care of the following things before planning a visit to Goa. 

  • A traveler has to carry a negative COVID-19 certificate, the test should be carried out not more than 48 hours prior to the trip.
  • People with no negative COVID-19 certificate have to take tests at the border and have to stay at government facilities until the results arrive.
  • Anyone with a positive coronavirus test would return to their respective places or quarantine themselves in Goa until the negative result.
  • Travelers need to pre-book their stay at the hotel which has the approval to operate by the Tourism Department.
  • People with booking in a non-approved hotel, homestay, or hotel will not be allowed to enter the state.
Goa to reopen for tourists

With that said, check out how you can spend your stay in Goa and explore the charming and unexplored beauty of this extravagant travel destination.

A world of beaches to wander on and a sea of shacks, clubs and casinos to lighten up your nights, Goa is no less than a rollercoaster joyride.
However, still somehow hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Goa every year from across the globe and fail to realize that there’s more to Goa than just beaches. Or pubs. Or shacks. Or casinos and cruises for that matter.

A past home to the Portuguese culture, Goa has all sorts of surprises that a wandering soul can wish for, but can’t expect.

Goa after unlock 2.0
And so you too can get to know about the wonderful, unexplored and off-beat hallows of Goa, Here’s a list of 7 places you must see in Goa, but nobody told you about.

D’Mello House

D’Mello House

Said to be one of the scariest and spookiest abandoned residents in Goa, D’Mello house totally makes the cut to be on this list.

The lake house located near the Santemol area has been reported to produce myriads of spooky and mysterious noises of windows breaking. Objects falling. And of sharp screams as well.

Today an abandoned property, holds a past. The locals tell that the house belonged to two brothers who had an everlasting dispute over their ancestral property. The brothers later took to violence causing the death of one brother.

The place has since then been building a history of various paranormal activities. Anyone who likes exploring rich, abandoned properties, must get their feet on this land.

Harvalem Falls

Harvalem Falls

One thing you gotta know: If you are visiting Goa during the monsoon, you can’t just miss out on Harvalem Falls.Just a small drive from the Arvalem Caves (almost 32 kms from Panjim), the Harvalem Falls will give you some of the best and most offbeat things to do in Goa.

So, if you want to enjoy a waterfall with a beautiful Rudreshwar Temple standing close to it, in Goa, Harvalem Falls is the place for you.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall, Dudhsagar is one of those places which isn’t too off-beat, but isn’t too explored either.

However, the tales of its beauty have been long sung. Almost 73 km away from Panjim, at Dudhsagar waterfall you can witness magic happen as the water drops down from nearly 1,000 feet above the ground, adding nine moons to the beauty of the lake under your feet.

Plus, you may also get to spot some rare birds near the place.

Arvalem Caves

Aravalem Caves

Said to have been built in the 6th century by either brahmins or budhist priests, the Arvalem caves are evidence to one of the oldest civilizations.It’s also said that the five pandava brothers stayed in these caves during their exile. Apart from that, the caves are architectural masterpieces in themselves. Something that any budding historian or architect would love to explore.

So, if you are that kind, the Arvalem Caves can instantly charm up your trip to Goa.

Cabo De Rama Fort

Cabo De Rama Fort

One of the most famous sayings about this place is that the Lord Rama and Sita stayed here during their exile.

After being ruled by Hindu kings for ages since the beginning of time, the fort was taken over by Portuguese in 1763.

Speaking of today, the citadel lies in ruins. Generally considered a shrine to devotees, this place is often visited by hindu tourists. Apart from that, the place hardly has signs of life if you count a few monkeys and eagles out.

Distance from Panjim is 60 km.

Fort Tiracol

Fort Tiracol

One legend of a fort, Tiracol has seen a myriad of battles. Established in the 17th century, the beautiful fort stands right at the mouth of Tiracol river.

The only way to reach here is by taking a ferry from the Querim beach.

Apart from this, operations for turning the fort into a luxury resort are ongoing. Which is why currently, the fort is open for tourists only from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

St. Anthony’s cathedral inside the citadel adds to the architectural beauty of this place.

Pequeno (Bat) Island

Pequeno Bat Island

One huge universe of corals and sea anemones, Pequeno (Bat) Island is a part of land located in the sea (don’t worry, it’s just 30 km from Panjim) and is filled with rocky beaches.

The best time to visit the place is an early morning. Then you can rent a small boat and have a quiet and nice morning picnic with your friends or lover. Clearly, nothing in Goa beats the romantic charm of this place.

For a more beautiful option, you can spend a night camping at the beach, waking up to the serene sea right in front of your eyes.

Goa Trip After Lockdown

Goa is one of the most beautiful and most surprising places to visit in India. With a warm sunny breeze in the day and a mysteriously cold and calm yet lit up vibe in the night, exploring Goa has to be on all adventurers’ bucket lists.

In this post, we tried to educate you about some of the least explored yet most appealing places in Goa. Hopefully, this was helpful.

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