Indonesia To Soon Introduce Golden Visa For Tourists

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If you have dreamt of staying in Indonesia and have searched for various Bali Tour Packages so that you can at least stay here for a few days, if not for a long time, then you are in for great news. 

Indonesia will soon launch a Golden visa for foreign enterprises and foreigners who have made a significant investment in the country in business or tourism with a validity of five to ten years giving you more time to witness the beauty of some of the best places to visit in Bali.

Besides, the Golden Visa also allows you to buy properties in Indonesia, provided that you are a long-term visitor. Apart from that, there are talks about developing a fast-track application process for citizenship in Indonesia for people with a Golden Visa. 

With this policy, Indonesia is luring businessmen and wealthy individuals into the country. It has joined the list of countries that have introduced or are going to introduce the Golden Visa, including Greece, Mexico, Canada, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica. 

In recent years, Indonesia, or Bali to be more specific, has seen a significant increase in the number of tourists and has become the go-to-destination of most tourists from India. 

Those who love Indonesia have the option to stay for a longer time in the country with the help of the Golden Visa. 

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