Golfing in Meghalaya: A Guide to Golfer’s Paradise in India

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If you are an avid golfer looking for a golfing experience that’s both unique and beautiful, then you can’t go wrong with a round of Golfing in Meghalaya during your Meghalaya Trip. Popularly known as the “Abode of Clouds”, this gorgeous state in northeast India is home to some of the best golf courses in the world. 

The natural beauty of this state is clearly reflected in the golf courses in Meghalaya. With stunning scenery,  challenging courses, and a touch of serenity, golfing is one of the best things to do in Meghalaya for any person visiting the state.

Best Golf Courses in Meghalaya

There are several golf courses in Meghalaya’s capital city – Shillong that offer a thrilling gaming experience backed by the stunning views of the rolling hills and valleys in Meghalaya. So, let’s discover the best ones!

1. Shillong Golf Course: A Golfer’s Paradise


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Known as the ‘Gleneagles of East’, Shillong Golf Course is a jewel in the crown of Meghalaya’s golfing experience. Built in 1898, this state-of-the-art 18-hole golf course is one of India’s oldest and most beautiful golf courses. 

Shillong’s rich history as a golfing destination can be traced back to this course, which is surrounded by rolling hills and majestic pine trees. The course’s challenging greens and well-maintained fairways are sure to delight golfers of all skill levels. Thus, making it one of the top things to do in Shillong.

Golfing in Shillong isn’t just about playing the game, it’s also about having an amazing time. Imagine yourself teeing off in the middle of pine groves and feeling the chill mountain breeze on your backswing. As you make your way down the fairway, the beauty of nature around you will take your breath away. Open to all levels of golfers, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, this course is sure to give you an amazing experience of golfing in Meghalaya.

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Things To Do in Shillong Golf Course

Golfing in this beautiful hill station in itself is an adventure in Shillong, but here are a few more things that you can do at Shillong Golf Course:

  • Golfing at Shillong Golf Course: Of course, the primary attraction is the golf course itself. Enjoy a round of golf in this picturesque setting, surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills. The well-maintained fairways and challenging holes make it a golfer’s paradise.
  • Nature Walks: The locals in Shillong, visit the Shillong Golf Course to take leisurely walks around the golf course, cross the quaint bridges, marvel at the monoliths and to soak in the natural beauty. The serene environment with pine trees and fresh mountain air makes it an ideal place for a calming nature stroll.
  • Bird Watching: Meghalaya is known for its diverse birdlife, and the area around Shillong Golf Course is no exception. Bring your binoculars and camera to spot various bird species amidst the scenic landscape.
  • Photography: The Shillong Golf Course offers numerous picturesque views. Capture the beauty of the landscape, the golf course itself, and the surrounding hills to create lasting memories.
  • Picnicking: Plan a picnic with family or friends on the well-maintained lawns surrounding the golf course. It’s an excellent spot for a relaxed outdoor meal with a view.
  • Visit Nearby Attractions: The Shillong Golf Course is conveniently located, allowing you to explore other attractions in Shillong, such as the Ward’s Lake, Shillong Peak, Don Bosco Museum and some best churches in Shillong. These attractions offer a glimpse into the culture and history of the region.
  • Dining: On the outskirts of the course, there are a number of restaurants, some of which feature outdoor seating, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and lush greenery while enjoying your favorite drinks. You can savor the local cuisine of Meghalaya at these restaurants and eateries.

2. Other Golf Courses in Shillong


There are 3 other scenic golf courses in Shillong, which offer a beautiful experience of golfing in Meghalaya. But since they fall under the military based in Shillong, it is not accessible to the general public, unless you are visiting with a military personnel.

  • Air Force Golf Course – This Golf Course in Meghalaya is comparatively smaller with 9 holes. It is decorated with a fighter jet at its edge. Locker Room facilities are available on the golf course. There is also an in-house restaurant here, from where you can enjoy the surrounding views while enjoying your meal.
  • Rhino Golf Course – This Golf Course in Meghalaya was built in the year 1993 and spans over a length of 1762 yards. This is a 9-hole golf course with shower and locker room facilities. There is also a tennis court located on the premises, along with an in-house restaurant.
  • Varanasi Gorkha Golf Club – This Golf Course in Meghalaya’s capital city – Shillong is also an 18-hole golf course surrounded by picturesque views. Locker Room facilities are available on the golf course. This golf course also features an in-house restaurant for a quick bite after your session of golfing in Meghalaya.

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Reasons for Golfing in Meghalaya


The golf courses in Meghalaya are a perfect balance of sport and natural beauty. The green fairways, fresh mountain air, and soothing landscapes create an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s why you should consider golfing in Meghalaya:

  1. A unique golfing experience – Golf in Meghalayas differs from the traditional golf courses. The natural environment elevates the game. It’s an adventure that’s not just about the course, but also about the journey.
  2. Pristine beauty – The golf courses in Meghalaya are very well maintained, so you’ll be able to play your best game amid lush, velvet greens. The sheer beauty of the scenery is breathtaking.
  3. Challenging terrain – If you’re a golfer who loves a challenge, then you won’t be disappointed with Meghalaya’s courses. Each hole is a new challenge for you, and the twisting and turning terrain adds an extra layer of excitement.
  4. Peaceful vibes – Unlike city golf courses, there’s peace and serenity on every Meghalaya course. You’ll be able to enjoy your game alone, with only the sound of nature around you.
  5. Cultural experience – While you’re playing golf in Meghalaya, don’t forget to explore the local culture. Meet the friendly locals and enjoy the traditional cuisine.

Golfers from all over the world are drawn to the picturesque landscapes, demanding courses, and tranquil atmosphere of golf courses in the Himalayas. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice golfer, golfers from all over India are sure to have an unforgettable experience on the golf course. Therefore, if you are looking for a golf experience that goes beyond the ordinary, then this is the perfect destination for you. So, grab your clubs and prepare to play in the beauty of nature.

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