Discover The Enchanting Beauty Of Grand Island Goa: A Hidden Paradise

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Nestled off the coast of Goa, the Tranquil Grand Island beckons tourists with its crystal-clear waters and rich marine lifestyles, creating an excellent place for snorkelling fanatics. The Grand Island Goa is not only for adventure enthusiasts but is also an outstanding honeymoon destination for couples. 

One can immerse themselves in sightseeing, snorkelling, sea strolling, swimming, and many more aqua sports. Boat trips across the Grand Island Goa provide an unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to revel in panoramic views and a peaceful atmosphere away from the mainland crowds.

Diving fanatics will find the Grand Island Goa as a great area for exploring underwater marvels, while others can search for a serene retreat amidst nature’s fresh splendour. This secluded haven delivers an escape to tranquil and amazing surroundings, making it a must-visit for those searching for serene and immersive amusement.

One of the best things to do in Goa while you are planning your visit during your honeymoon is to explore the various experiences that Goa has to offer. 

The Grand Island beckons travellers with its turquoise waters, and aquatic life which holds the colourful coral reefs, and marine creatures anticipating you. If you are into adventures will love the island for it offers snorkelling and other water sports activities, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Goa. Take boat trips across the island amidst the bloodless breeze brushing through your hair; while glimpsing the breathtaking landscapes that form an excellent backdrop.

The Grande Island” additionally referred to as the Ilha Grande is one of the most incredible discoveries in Goa. The Island is a house of Palm trees, jaw-dropping marine life stories, and amazing sunsets. While you’re in Goa you must experience the nightlife.

About Grand Island In Goa


The Grand Island in Goa is one of the best vacation places that you must add to your list. A visit to the Grand Ivisi may be a half-day retreat, in the middle of the outstanding sea. This place is on top of everyone’s vacation list. Grand Island is further popularly referred to as Ilha Grande, Bat Island or Monkey Beach. 

It’s one of the most visited places in Goa and is known for its wonderful locations where one can enjoy watersports like diving, and snorkelling in the state. Grand Island, signifies a tropical island position of the picturesque glances of the seashores and a tremendous water world consisting of unreal natural beauty. Sailing on a ship is the best and easiest way to reach Ilha Grande. 

A whole Boat tour to the Island consists of delightful snorkelling, fishing, and a romantic lunch. The essence of the barbequed fish is genuinely too magnetic. If luck is with you, then you will definitely spot dolphins twirling in their natural world. The Grande Island or Monkey Beach trip is suggested in the morning because it will be thrilling in addition to rejuvenating. 

You can discover a whole lot of locations that appear absolutely exclusive from the land like Aguada fort, merchant’s house, primary prison, and a few beaches from the mid-sea. The monkey beach trip has got you covered with every beautiful thing in Goa. 

Grand Island ride isn’t always exclusively regarding the island visit, however, it hides interesting various freshwater sports too. Once your adventure begins, you may be greeted by the stunning dolphins. Watching them twirl and twist inside the blue sea is an incredible experience, which can be adventurous at least once in a lifetime.

Scuba Diving In Grand Island Goa


Scuba Diving is one of the most interesting activities along with some thrill, available in Grand Island Goa. This is one of the best adventure things to do in Goa. There are numerous packages and deals available through which you can make your reservations. Dipping into clean fresh blue waters and swimming along with the colourful and exotic fishes and different aquatic creatures is an amazing and surreal experience. 

This whole journey of Scuba Diving in Grand Island Goa is completed in the presence of trained experts and guides and is completely safe and secure. The volunteers are provided with scuba diving devices, gear and masks from the management and they will give a quick brief tutorial before they take you into the amazing aquatic world. If you are in Goa then you must experience this amazing adventure. 

How To Reach Grand Island Goa

If you are thinking of how to reach Grand Island Goa then worry not we have got you covered, the nearest main metropolis on Grande Island is Vasco da Gama, about 30 km away from Panaji. Daily buses and cabs are available from Panaji, which you can book to reach Vasco da Gama. From Vasco da Gama’s Coco Jetty beach, you can take a local boat to travel 4 kilometres to Grande Island. This local boat will also drop you back after the journey.

Places To Visit Near Grand Island Goa

1. Baga Beach


Nestled along the shores of North Goa, Baga Beach is known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively beachside activities. A visit to this beach offers the best opportunity to immerse yourself in numerous water sports, surrounded by coconut trees and white sandy shores.

Embracing the lively vibes of Baga Beach, visitors can indulge in the appeal of seashore shacks, dance floors, and a collection of water sports. The pleasant and alluring atmosphere of the seashore makes it an amazing vacation spot for special activities, blending beachside relaxation with exhilarating water adventures. Baga Beach’s vibrant flea markets add to the attraction, creating a great blend of amusement and pleasure, making it one of the top places to visit in Goa.

2. Basilica of Bom Jesus


Nestled within the heart of Goa, the Legendary Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of the most photographed places in the world stands as a testament to the area’s rich ancient and religious heritage. This UNESCO World Heritage Site seeps architectural grandeur and a peaceful environment, drawing site visitors from all over the world. 

This church offers a quiet sanctuary for mirrored image and exploration, clasping centuries of ancient richness and cultural importance. Step into this iconic symbol of Goa’s heritage to witness the legendary charm of the catholic church and immerse yourself in the perfection of the region’s history, it is one of the best places to visit near Grand Island Goa.

3. Sinquerim Beach


This unknown gem is nestled in the coastal splendour of Goa and gives a peaceful and serene escape from the bustling crowds. With its coconut trees, pristine white sand, and thrilling water sports activities, Sinquerim Beach is the perfect setting for beachside leisure and special events. This hidden paradise embraces natural splendour and a serene environment, presenting visitors with a rhythmic combination of tranquillity and pilgrimage.

Restaurants Near Grand Island Goa


Here is a list of the top restaurants near Grand Island

Cage Sussegado Souza

This is one of the best restaurants near Grand Island, with an amazing interior and a colourful outdoor. Must strive foods: Fish fry, Sausage rice, chicken cafreal

Curries Bar And Restaurant

If you are searching for the best Southeast Asian Food, then this place is just for you. This is another one of the best restaurants near Grand Island.

Redonda Restaurant

Redonda Restaurant is one of the best Southeast Asian restaurants near Grand Island, this restaurant usually opens late but serves delicious food.

Hotels Near Grand Island In Goa


Here is a list of the top hotels near Grand Island in Goa

Le Meridien Goa

This is a luxurious hotel near the Grand Island along with the swimming pool. Here the staff is very friendly with an incredible service.

Room Types: Classic Twin Room with balcony,  Vista Family Studio Room

Fairfield by Marriot Goa

This is one of the best hotels near Grand Island in Goa, the delicious food is served here with multiple options, and friendly staff with the best service. If you want the best experience, you must stay here.

Best Time To Visit Grand Island In Goa


The best time to visit Grand Island in Goa is in the months from October to March. Goa becomes really humid during summer, so it’s advised not to plan your visit during the summer months. And in the time of monsoon, the Arabian Sea becomes quite ferocious unlike its character. It is advised to visit in monsoon as it is the best time to visit Grand Island in Goa.

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How to reach Ilha Grande, Goa?

Daily buses and cabs are available from Panaji, which you can book to reach Vasco da Gama. From Vasco da Gama’s Coco Jetty beach, you can take a local boat to travel 4 kilometres to Grande Island.

Where is Grande Island?

The Grande Island is located in the middle of the famous Arabian Sea.

What is the cost of an Island tour in Goa?

The cost of an Island tour in Goa is Rs. 1099

Is Grand Island, Goa worth visiting?

Grand Island Goa is one of the top most places to try Snorkeling in the country. It is one of the best picturesque places that one can visit.

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