Green Bowl Beach In Bali: Unveil The Beauty Of Paradise

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Green Bowl Beach is known as the topmost surf spot in the tropical paradise of Bali. It is a beautiful place where the sea meets the land, and everything looks green and serene. 

The beach got its name because of the greenery surrounding it. The sand is soft and white, perfect for playing and building sandcastles. The water is clear and cool, making it great for swimming and splashing around. You can see many colorful fish swimming near the shore. The beach is not very crowded, so you can enjoy the peace. There are caves and cliffs to explore, and sometimes you might find crabs and shells along the shore. It’s a fantastic place to relax, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Green Bowl Beach is a hidden gem that brings joy to everyone who visits. Also, it is definitely one of the top 3 beaches in Bali to have your best time there. 

Make sure to explore this beach on the next Bali trip and have the best out of it. 

About The Green Bowl Beach 


The Green Bowl Beach is located in the southern part of Bali near Uluwatu and the most secluded beaches are found there. 

There are beautiful waves placed at the lowest hill making it a great place for surfers. The steep descent climb is required to reach this great location. Many weekenders and inflexible surfers are attracted to this place and stay here to have a good time. It is one of the best beaches in Bali for surfing as well. 

Also, one of the best features of Green Bowl Beach in Bali stands to be the limestone caves that enclose little rock shrines and offer shade and shelter for beachgoers. You need to come to Green Bowl Beach whenever there is a tide, and once the calm crystal waters provide the experience of snorkeling. 

Best Time to Visit Green Bowl Beach in Bali?

The best time to visit Green Bowl Beach in Bali is during the dry season, which typically runs from April to October. You can definitely visit it as one of the best places to visit in Bali to make it more memorable at this time. 

During these months, you can enjoy sunny weather with minimal rainfall, making it ideal for beach activities and exploration. The sea is usually calmer during the dry season, allowing for better snorkeling and swimming experiences. It’s important to note that Green Bowl Beach is known for its hidden and secluded nature, accessed by a steep staircase, so visiting during the dry season ensures safer and more comfortable access.

Additionally, the low tide during this period reveals the stunning green seaweed covering the beach, adding to its unique charm. While the dry season is generally the preferred time to visit, it’s always a good idea to check current weather conditions and tide schedules for the best experience.

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How to get to Green Bowl Beach?


Getting to Green Bowl Beach is easy! First, head to the southern part of Bali, Indonesia. If you’re in Uluwatu, it’s even closer. Once you reach the Ungasan area, look for signs leading to the Melasti Beach. Green Bowl Beach is right next to it. 

The journey to the beach involves descending a flight of stairs, so be prepared for a bit of a workout. As you descend, you’ll be greeted by greenery and the sound of the waves. Once you reach the bottom, voila! You’ve made it to the stunning Green Bowl Beach. Remember to bring essentials like water, sunscreen, and maybe a snack, as there aren’t many facilities on the beach. Enjoy the beautiful blue waters and the serenity of Green Bowl Beach!

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What to expect at Green Bowl Beach in Bali?

Green Bowl Beach in Bali is a beautiful place where you can expect to see amazing things. First, the beach is not very crowded, so you can have lots of space to play and relax. The water is a stunning shade of green, and you might even find some cool shells or tiny crabs. 

There are big cliffs around the beach, and you can reach the shore by going down some steps, which is an adventure in itself. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear because the water is perfect for swimming and splashing around. It’s a peaceful spot, so you can enjoy the sounds of the waves and the chirping of birds. Just remember to bring some snacks and water, as there are not many shops around. Green Bowl Beach is like a hidden treasure waiting for you to explore!

Tips for visiting the Green Bowl Beach Bali

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  1. You can rent a scooter or taxi for reaching the place. 
  2. Visit in the morning to enjoy the beach to avoid the unnecessary crowds. 
  3. Bring your own snacks and water to stay energized. 
  4. Carry a beach towel to lay down on the sand. 
  5. Check out the cool cave on the beach. 
  6. Know about the particular times of the tides. 
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