A Detailed Guide For Komic Village In Spiti Valley

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Are you tired of your routine and want to travel somewhere to get rid of the chaotic schedule? Spiti Valley is one amazing destination to quench your thirst for travel and adventure. Komic Village is quite a popular village among tourists as it is home to one of the oldest monasteries in the world, the Tangyud Monastery. The village is very small with few inhabitants.

Being at such high altitude and a remote location, the village faces several challenges because of lack of access to basic resources but to overcome these challenges, the locals use traditional methods to ease things.

Komic Village is a hidden gem of Himachal, offering a unique blend of culture and natural beauty. Taking  Spiti Valley Tour Packages is advisable to explore the best of Spiti.

Komic Village in Spiti Valley

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Komic Village in Spiti Valley is believed to be one of the highest inhabited villages in the world with an elevation of approximately 15500 ft above sea level. This deserted village is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Komic Village is a quaint village with a population of approximately 114 people who live in very simple mud houses built quite close to each other with narrow lanes, making it very cozy and intimate, which explains the unity and love among the locals. The village houses a small monastery, called the Tangyud Monastery, which is also one of the oldest monasteries of Spiti Valley and is of great religious and cultural significance.

Komic Village is surrounded by snow capped peaks, panoramic views and stunning landscapes. It is actually a test of resilience of human life and adaptability in extreme situations. The villagers lack access to basic resources due to such high altitude because of which they adhere to old and traditional methods for their livelihood. Lack of infrastructure also hinders any scope of growth in tourism which could have been a major source of income for the villagers. Despite all challenges, the villagers welcome tourists with open arms. 

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Places To Visit in Komic Village

1. Tangyud Monastery

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Komic Village is home to one of the largest and also the oldest Buddhist Monastery in Spiti Valley and it also goes by the name Sa-skya-gong-mig-kyi-gon-pa. This old monastery is affiliated with the Sakya School, which teaches Tibetan Buddhism. This Monastery dates back to the 14th century and is popular for its murals and unique architecture and is found at an elevation of approximately 15000 ft above sea level. The monastery is located at a pristine location with splendid views of the valley and has scriptures that belong to Buddhism, and other artifacts as well. Apart from that, there are some prayer rooms, meditation chambers and a large assembly hall. This monastery is one of the major attractions of Komic Village.

2. Komic Monastery

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Komic Monastery which also goes by the name Kungri Monastery is another famous Monastery of Spiti Valley, located at an altitude of approximately 14000 ft above sea level and is considered as one of the highest in Asia. According to popular beliefs, the monastery was founded by Dromton, who was a popular Buddhist scholar. The Monastery’s architecture is very classic Tibetan style. You can find sloped roofs and some very colorful flags which hold some religious value, fluttering in the sky. Offering rich cultural heritage, the Komic Monastery is quite a place that attracts tourists as it gives a glimpse of the cultural and historical aspect of the place.

3. Komic Village Trek

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If you are fond of hiking and trekking then you should know that Komic Village offers a trekking trail and that is a treat for adventure enthusiasts. The trek starts from Langza Village, passes through Hikkim and Komic Village, taking a total of approximately 4 hours to complete. 

Experience the trekking trail of the rugged terrains. Spot the Spitian houses and fields of barley along the trekking trail. The best time to take this trek is between the months of July to September due to the pleasant weather conditions. This trek is an experience of a lifetime because as you move forward, with every step you take, there is a glimpse of the cultural values, the traditions and the very old monasteries present there, making it an experience worth having. 

Places Near Komic Village

1. Hikkim Village


Hikkim Village is located approximately 4 kms from the Komic Village, and is situated at an altitude of 14500 ft above sea level. Popular for its cultural heritage and rustic charm, there are not more than 75-80 people who live here who make their living by livestock rearing and farming. The very friendly locals here can teach you about the Spitian culture more than any book or Travel Guide. The best part about this village is that it is home to one of the highest post offices in the world. Travelers take pictures in front of the post office because it is something to flex on your social media. Established in the year 1983, this post office is of great significance to the locals here who rely on it for any outside communication. The travelers themselves can send postcards and letters from the post office. Besides there is a monastery which is a famous landmark here. This monastery dates back to the 11th century and has affiliation with Tibetan Buddhism’s Gelugpa Sect.

2. Langza Village


Langza is a serene and picturesque Village found in the Spiti Valley, located at a distance of approximately 10 kms from the Komic Village. Langza Village, one of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley stands at an elevation of around 14000 ft above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the valley and some stunning backdrops. It is quite an isolated village with a population of almost 150 people living here whose source of income is totally dependent on farming and livestock rearing. Langza Village is also popular because one can find ancient fossils here which is evident in the scattered fossils all over the village. Besides there is an ancient monastery which makes this small village a popular tourist attraction. Established in the 10th century, this monastery has a collection of Buddhist scriptures. Langza is no less than a hidden gem in Spiti Valley.

3. Key Monastery


I am pretty sure that all of us have heard the name of Key Monastery at least once in their lifetime. Also known as Kee Gompa, Key Monastery is believed to be one of the oldest and the largest monasteries in Spiti has a rich collection of ancient manuscripts,murals and other artifacts. It is a famous Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and is also a home to a community of 300 monks. Built in a rectangular shape, the monastery has four towers which were designed for protection of the monastery from the invaders. It is one heck of a fascinating attraction and tourists can participate and engage in the prayers and also interact with the monks. There is a school run by the monastery for imparting education to the children, making it an important learning center of the village. It is a must-visit destination for anyone willing to experience a rich culture, fine architecture and wonders of nature. 

4. Chandratal Lake


Popularly known as the Moon Lake, the stunning Chandratal Lake is situated at an altitude of 14000 ft above sea level. The natural splendor and its unique beauty is what attracts tourists, making them want to witness the lake and its crystal clear water. Surrounded by mountains, one can see the reflection of these mountains in the lake which in itself is a very beautiful sight. According to local beliefs, the water of the lake comes from Chandra River, which is an important sight for the believers as they believe that this lake has been built by Gods themselves. One can even go for camping activities near the lake and enjoy the pristine beauty of the surroundings. 

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Best Time To Visit Komic Village

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The village is accessible to the visitors throughout the year, however the best time to visit this village is between the months of June and September, as the weather becomes quite pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 10℃ to 20℃, making it perfect for trekking expeditions and camping activities.

If you are planning to visit the village during the summer months then it is advisable to pack light and breathable clothing, which means shorts, pants and t-shirts would work. However the weather is very unpredictable here so it is advisable that you carry some warm clothes as well because at night the temperature drops making it quite cold.

Winters are very harsh here which may lead to heavy snowfall eventually leading to road blockages. So it is advised to avoid going to Komic Village from the months between November to February and even if you plan to do so then you must be prepared for unexpected changes in weather, roadblocks and extremely cold winters.

If you are planning the trip in winters then it is advisable that you carry all the woolens that you can because winters are very harsh here. Make sure to carry your warmers as they give a lot of protection against the cold.Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and sunscreen and hats to protect yourself from the scorching sunlight at high altitudes.

Places To Stay In and Around Komic Village

Being a remote village, Komic does not have plenty of options for accommodations but it does offer a few homestays that you can stay in and enjoy the culture and get to experience the lifestyle of the locals living there. Some of the accommodations in Komic Village are:

1. Komic Homestay


It is a small homestay that is solely run by one of the local families here and offers basic amenities such as hot water, comfortable beds, clean bed linens and clean bathrooms. The rooms are quite spacious. The food prepared here is made with pure and organic ingredients which explains why it is so delicious. Local dishes include thukpa, momos and also an alcoholic beverage called “chhang”. The homestay is designed in a Spitian style, which is called a Gompa. Gompa is supposed to be a warm and cozy place where one can sing and dance and also read books. The best part is that you will be overwhelmed with the love and warmth in their hospitality. Komic Homestay was once a simple house that was converted into a homestay seeing the popularity of the place. You not only get to stay here, it is basically living their life and getting to step in their shoes and see how they survive in such harsh conditions. 

2. Snow Leopard Homestay

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Snow Leopard Homestay is located in the Hikkim Village of Spiti and is an exciting way of exploring the rugged terrains and the remote beauty of the place. Located in the Kinner Village of Spiti Valley, the homestay is situated at an elevation of approximately 13700 ft above sea level and is surrounded by snow covered mountains and panoramic views. Found in the heart of the village, the homestay is easy to locate and also makes it convenient for visitors to have access to nearby areas. It is equipped with basic amenities such as comfortable beds, hot water facilities, clean bathrooms and clean bed linen and ample space in the rooms. The in-house kitchen serves absolutely drool worthy dishes made from fresh organic ingredients found in the valley. The food here is vegetarian with the most popular ones being momos and thukpa.

The name of the homestay has been kept due to the fact that one can spot snow leopards here and visitors can take a travel guide to undertake treks which are offered by the homestay itself. Besides, there are other wildlife species that can be spotted such as the blue sheep, Himalayan Brown Bear and the Tibetan Wolf.

The homestay also offers bird-watching activities for all the bird watchers to have a great time here. Birds that can be spotted here are the snowcock, golden eagle and the Tibetan Snowfinch. It is also a great place for exploring the surrounding areas that can be explored by the tourists including Pin Valley National Park, the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, and also the very famous Key Monastery.

The warmth and hospitality that one receives here will definitely make you want to come back here again because the staff is very friendly and gives a very homely welcome, making it a home away from home.

3. Tashi Delek Homestay

Image Source : Tashi Delek Guest House

Tashi Delek Homestay is located in the unspoiled region of the valley and is said to be a gateway to this hidden world. Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Tashi Delek Homestay gives an opportunity to explore the unspoiled and untouched region of India. The homestay is run by a local resident of the Spiti Valley called Tsering Bodh. He is a very welcoming host and has a passion for sharing the knowledge about the culture, traditions and the way of life of the people in Spiti.

The homestay is located in one of the oldest villages called Lhalung, which is surrounded by beauty from all sides. The lush greenery, the snow-capped peaks, the crystal streams is what Lhalung village is all about. Besides the very important attraction, the Lhalung Monastery is found in this village.

The meals are prepared with locally sourced ingredients and one can enjoy the Spitian food, blended with a Tibetan touch. The super friendly people here don’t mind if the guests join in the kitchen if they wish to see how the food is prepared or lend a helping hand.

The guests can take a travel guide if they want more insights of the place. However, Tsering is also very knowledgeable. The homestay offers several trekking trails to monasteries, temples and so on. You get to experience the tranquility and serenity of the place in the air. The calm that you will feel here may remove the chaos in your head.

4. Sakya Abode Homestay

Image Source : Hotel Sakya Abode

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and want to silence the noise in your head and just have a few days of calm, then Sakya Abode Homestay, located in Kaza is the perfect place for you. It is a homestay which is solely owned by a local family of Spiti. The stunning landscapes and the rugged terrains will make you fall in love with this place. Sakya Abode offers spacious rooms equipped with all modern amenities, making your stay a comfortable one with hot water facilities, clean and attached washrooms and comfortable beds. It also has a common dining area where the guests can enjoy the local Spitian Cuisines, made from locally sourced ingredients and love, which makes the food absolutely delicious. One can feel the richness of Indian as well as Tibetan flavors in every bite. The homestay offers guided tours to Kibber Village, Key Monastery and the Chandratal Lake. It also helps in arranging travel guides and transport arrangements for their guests to have a smooth and hassle free experience. 

It is a perfect place for those who are seeking a tranquil environment, a bit of adventure, nature and an experience worth remembering, then look no further, this is the place for you.

5. Hotel Kinner Camp

Image Source : Kinner Camps

Hotel Kinner Camp is a luxury tented camping resort, offering several tent options from deluxe tents to luxury tents to suites to family rooms all equipped with modern amenities including attached washrooms, hot water and heating facilities, cozy sit out areas, spacious rooms with comfortable beds, and stunning views of the valley. The hotel has in-house restaurants that serve Indian Cuisine, Spitian Cuisine and Continental dishes made with fresh organic ingredients. You can enjoy this absolutely delicious food in the common dining hall or the roof terrace under the starry sky. These camps also give its guests the chance to participate in the Spitian dance and local cultural programmes organized by the Kinner Camps. Besides, the hotel also gives tourists the chance to go for guided treks to Key Monastery, Pin Valley National Park, the Chandratal Lake and also to nearby wildlife sanctuaries to spot rare species of flora and fauna found here, making your experience an unforgettable one. 

Places To Eat In Komic Village

While wandering around the valley, you might get confused about where you might get the best taste of Spiti Valley to kick away your hunger pangs. There are not a lot of restaurants in and around the area but there are several local shops, cafes and a few restaurants as well, that for sure will turn out to be the best places to eat food in Spiti Valley for relishing the authentic Spitian taste.

1. Tara Homestay

Image Source : TARA HOME STAY

Tara Homestay is popular for its warm hospitality and the very delicious food that is prepared using locally sourced ingredients. The cooks are highly skilled and make sure that the guests have the most authentic Spitian taste to pamper their taste buds with some drool worthy food. The communal dining hall allows the guests to enjoy their food in the common area while also interacting with the other travelers and getting to know their experience of Spiti. 

Omelet, porridge, pancakes and local breads are provided for breakfast to the guests. Healthy breakfast is there to keep the guests energetic for their adventurous day ahead. 

For Lunch and Dinner, lentils, vegetables, rice, mutton and chicken is provided. If one wishes to have vegan food then that can be prepared as well, upon requests. The meals are served with fresh salad and pickles that are like a cherry on top. If you are at Tara Homestay then you should not miss out on the very famous momos here filled with either vegetables or meat.

2. Komic Kitchen

Image Source : Komic Kitchen

The Komic Kitchen, located in the remote Komic Village is owned by the local Sakya family and is operated by them as well. It is a culinary delight for the travelers who come here for the amazing food. The restaurant has a rustic interior with Spitian styled decor and wooden furnishings, making it a cozy place to dine. The food is a fusion of Tibetan and Indian flavors with Spitian cooking style, making every bite worth your money. The welcoming atmosphere allows the guest to engage with the chefs and observe the cooking style. The menu changes with the changing season so the guests can get the seasonal dishes. 

Komic Kitchen is popular for its Yak Cheese which is prepared by this Sakya family all by themselves and it is quite impressive as the cheese has a very unique structure and flavor. The signature dish served in the Komic Kitchen is “Thenthuk”. It is a traditional soup of Spiti and is prepared with vegetables, meat and noodles that are handmade. Besides that, chowmein, thukpa, momos and local bread is served here. Momos come with several fillings including veggies, mutton and chicken, whereas thukpa is a noodle soup with either vegetables or meat. Spitian Sweet Rice is the special dessert served here to add on to your food experience.

3. Tashi Delek Cafe

Image Source : Tashi Delek Guest House

Located in Kaza, Tashi Delek Cafe is a foodie’s paradise for it offers a range of dishes for you to make your taste buds happy. The interiors of the cafe have a rustic decor, with a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere making the dining experience worth remembering. Giving a glimpse of local culture, the walls of the cafe are filled with artworks that serve as a window to the culture of the place. From Spitian Cuisines to Continental dishes, Tashi Delek is sure to give you a taste that you will never forget. The famous Thukpa which is a noodle soup along with vegetables and meat is the signature dish of Tashi Delek Cafe. The steamed dumplings or very favorite momos is another very popular dish here which is served with a very spicy red chutney. Pizzas, burgers and a few beverages including tea and brewed coffee are also served here. Tashi Delek is undoubtedly a culinary delight and a paradise for food lovers.

Things To Do In Komic Village

wildlife-sanctuary-in spiti
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  • Visit the Komic Monastery

Apart from admiring the beauty of the landscapes, you can also visit the famous Komic Monastery and dive deep into the ancient architecture, culture, tradition, Buddhist scriptures and other artifacts that one can find here in this several years old monastery. Learn the religious and cultural significance of this monastery, the establishment of which dates back to the 14th century. 

  • Trek To Langza Village

You can take this 7km trek from Komic Village to Langza Village, which is popular for its fossil formations. One can witness this at the fossil park where millions of years old fossils of marine animals are found. 

  • Explore the Wildlife Sanctuary 

Home to a number of wildlife sanctuaries, Komic Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important attractions here as it is home to several wildlife species such as the Himalayan Wolves, Ibex and Snow Leopards as well. 

  • Stargazing in Komic Village

Komic Village, due to its remote location has been unspoiled and unpolluted by the tourists, making it a perfect place for stargazing. You can set up camps and watch the starry sky and live your dream life.

How To Reach Komic Village

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  • Komic Village By Road

The most convenient way to reach Komic Village is by taking a bus to Manali or Shimla and then reaching Kaza which is the nearest town to Komic Village. From Kaza you can hire a taxi and reach the Komic Village.

  • Komic Village By Air

The nearest airport to Komic Village is Bhuntar Airport in Kullu & Manali. You can take your flight from Delhi or Chandigarh and fly to Manali and then take a bus to Kaza. From Kaza you can hire a taxi to reach Komic Village. Do keep in mind that there are less flights available and the weather plays an important role and most flights do not operate during the winter months because it becomes unsafe. 

  • Komic Village By Train

Joginder Nagar Railway station is the nearest railway station to Komic Village and is approximately 364 kms away from Kaza. After reaching the railway station, you can take a cab to Kaza and then to Komic Village. 

Do’s & Don’ts in Komic Village

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  • Do visit the popular attractions.
  • Do carry sanitizers and your basic medical kit.
  • Do carry your woolen clothes because the weather is unpredictable.
  • Do follow the rules of the place.
  • Do try the local dishes. 


  • Don’t harass the locals.
  • Don’t throw garbage or make the place dirty.
  • Don’t make fun of anyone.
  • Don’t harass the animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are two significant facts about the Komic village?

The most significant fact about the Komic Village is that it is one of the highest inhabited villages in the world with an elevation of 15500 ft above sea level. Another significant fact is that it is home to one of the most important monasteries, the Komic Monastery which is a 14th century old monastery containing buddhist scriptures and is of great cultural and religious significance.

2. How far is Komik from Hikkim?

Komic Village is located at a distance of approximately 4 kms from the Hikkim Village, which is a home to a famous monastery that was established in the 11th century.

4. What is Komic famous for?

The Komic Village is famous for its monasteries, wildlife sanctuary, it’s absolutely mouth watering food and mesmerizing views.

3. What is the altitude of Komik village?

The Komic Village is believed to be one of the highest inhabited villages in the world with a towering altitude of 15500 ft above sea level.

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