Explore Gulmarg In Winter; A Snow-White Paradise

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Visiting Kashmir and its various towns like Gulmarg in Winter, is on every snow lover’s bucket list. A trip up north must be on your bucket list without a doubt, and your trip would be incomplete without taking a tour to Kashmir– The Paradise on Earth.

Kashmir needs no introduction, it is and will always be one of the most beautiful hill stations in India for vacations and even honeymoons. Kashmir has many places to visit, ethereal hill villages, and towns that will transcend you into a new world. 

Pahalgam, Doodhpathri, Sonamarg, and Gulmarg in Winter are some of the best tourist spots in Kashmir.


Out of all the famous places in Kashmir, also known as the ‘meadow of flowers’ Gulmarg in Winter becomes a snow-white beauty. 

Gulmarg in Winter is extremely popular amongst tourists and it turns into a supreme white magical land with snow-capped peaks, pristine glaciers, and out-worldly snow adventure sports like skiing, sledding, ice-skating, pony rides, and most importantly the gondola ride. 

The weather in Gulmarg in Winter is perfect for snow lovers. The temperature goes as low as -4 degrees Celsius and stays up to 11 degrees Celsius. These sub-zero temperatures are accompanied by heavy snowfall and chilled winds. 

Most people might think that during the winter season, most outdoor activities and places to explore are shut down, but you’ll be surprised to know that there is an array of activities to do in Gulmarg in winter. Let’s explore them, up close. 

Top things to do in Gulmarg in Winter

Gulmarg is among the most visited destinations in Kashmir during winter, and why is that so? You will know now:



 Gulmarg in Winter is a hub for ski enthusiasts, offering the perfect slopes and edges for experienced and beginner skiers. It is among the best winter sports in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg offers a variety of landscapes, featuring lush expansive valleys, hills covered with thickets, and various off-trail paths- the snow conditions and levels are conducive for skiing and draw skiers from across the world.

Ice Skating in Gulmarg in Winter

Another exciting thing in Gulmarg in Winter is sliding on frozen water at the outdoor ice-skating arena. 

Imagine skating on crystal-clear ice, speeding around the ice-skating rink, falling, and getting up. It is one of the most fun things to do in Kashmir

Ice skating is one of the best things to do in Gulmarg in winter, especially for young adults and kids.

This is the major attraction in Gulmarg in Winter and summer. Famed as one of the highest cable cars in the world, the Gulmarg gondola ride is a no-miss. 

An important thing to consider when planning your trip to Gulmarg in Winter, especially if you wish to take the gondola ride. 

Due to its immense popularity, getting tickets for this ride is extremely difficult, therefore, make your bookings 1-2 months in advance. 

Without a doubt, the Gulmarg Gondola ride is among the most memorable activities to do in Gulmarg in winter.

Winter Treks


 Kashmir is known for its ethereal beauty and trekking destinations. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Talsar Malsar Trek are among the most popular and difficult treks.

However, many other easy to moderately difficult treks can be undertaken in Gulmarg in Winter. 

Visitors can take up the Apharwat Peak trek and behold the majestic and panoramic views of the mountain ranges.

Try Snowboarding in Gulmarg in Winter

Tried your hands on skiing, but it wasn’t your cup of tea? Worry no more, try snowboarding. Gushing down the milky white snow-laden slopes on a snowboard will give you high doses of adrenaline. 

When visiting Gulmarg in Winter, try snowboarding, and taste the chilled alpine breeze as you slide down the slippery snow-covered slopes.

Snowshoe around Gulmarg in Winter

For adventurous souls seeking a unique and offbeat experience, snowshoeing is a great way to explore the beauty of Gulmarg.

Although snowshoeing is gaining popularity among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, it isn’t an easy winter sport, and requires some pre-preparation, as walking on the snow can be quite challenging. 

Popular winter trails and hikes that can be discovered through snowshoeing are the Drung Hike, Apharwat Peak Trail, Kantar Nag via Chor Panjal Pass, and Peth Dhanwas via Basam Gali.

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Winter Snow Festival

The Gulmarg Snow Festival is a beautiful display of winter and everything it brings along with it. 

When planning a trip to Gulmarg in Winter, try to plan it around the snow festival time and brace yourself for an array of exhilarating activities and moments, such as skiing and snowboarding. 

Explore the stunning ice sculptures and dive into the vibrant local music, dance, and cultural practices.

Treat yourself to mouthwatering regional dishes at the food stalls serving authentic Kashmiri delicacies. 

Additionally, wander and surf through the craft booths exhibiting exquisite artisanal works, textiles, and souvenirs.

Exploring St. Mary’s Church


Behold the grandeur and Victorian Architecture of the 100-year-old St. Mary’s Church. Instituted over a century ago, this church still stands tall and exhibits the beauty of its golden past.

When on a tour to Gulmarg in Winter, the St. Mary’s Church is a must-visit. The beauty of this structure increases a thousandfold during snowfall. 

The parapets are covered in white crystalline snow dust and its grey walls stand proudly against the milky white background.

Visiting Baba Reshi Shrine

Offer prayers at the wish-fulfilling shrine of a sacred Muslim saint Baba Reshi. Situated in the Baramulla district in Kashmir, this shrine has an interesting history.

When you visit this place, you will see a fireplace, which was said to be constructed by the saint himself, and this fire has magical and mystical wish-fulfilling powers. 

So, whenever you visit Gulmarg in Winter, summer, or any other season, don’t forget to make a wish at the Baba Reshi Shrine.

Go Golfing


If you didn’t know then let us share an amazing fact with you. Gulmarg is the proud home to the world’s highest golf course. 

Picture this, you’re standing thousands of metres above sea level and playing golf on a verdant velvety carpet like a vast patch of grassland, it’s surely a surreal experience.  

Although the golf course in Gulmarg attracts famous golfers and sports enthusiasts from across the globe, it is advisable to skip this part on your visit to Gulmarg in Winter, as there is snow everywhere, making it impossible to play golf. 

But you can always visit this site, even when in Gulmarg in Winter.

If you thought these were the only activities you could do when visiting Gulmarg in Winter, then here are some more surprises and the top 5 places to visit in Gulmarg in Winter


A hidden gem in Kashmir’s verdant valleys, this place is a mini paradise for nature lovers and explorers. 

Kondogri is a popular stop on the gondola ride, it is known for its scenic beauty and is also the starting spot for major snow adventure activities.

Do not forget to get off at this station when visiting Gulmarg in Winter and taking a gondola ride. You can either walk and explore this area or even hire a pony, whatever suits you more. 

Strawberry Valley


 It wouldn’t be fair to say that this is among the best places to visit in Gulmarg in Winter, because the beauty of the strawberry valley can be experienced in the summer season when it is at its full bloom.

However, during the winter season as well, it doesn’t fail to impress the tourists looking for a quiet trail to walk on or click stunning photographs. 

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

If you’re an animal lover or a wildlife photographer then spend a good amount of time at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. 

This place is home to a diverse range of wildlife and plant species. Although, during warmer seasons, this place is a blast of greenery and color and you can spot more animals as compared to what you’ll see when visiting Gulmarg in Winter.

But, even during the chilly weather, you can spot some of the most exotic animals that tread the snow-covered mountainous terrains.

Outer Circle Walk

Explore the breathtaking panoramic views and landscapes of Gulmarg in Winter as you walk through this popular route, encircling Gulmarg. 

It’s an excellent way to soak up the natural beauty of Gulmarg and behold the stunning alpine landscapes.

Apharwat Peak


Another spot you can access via the gondola. The Apharwat Peak is a great place for adventure sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers. 

It is the perfect place to visit in Gulmarg in Winter, for skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. 

How to reach Gulmarg in Winter and which mode of transportation is the most advisable, let’s find out

Gulmarg in Winter experiences extreme weather conditions and heavy snowfall. Most of the roads to reach Gulmarg are closed, the best way to reach this hill spot is by cable car or gondola. 

By Air: To reach Gulmarg in Winter, you can take a flight from the major cities in India and reach Srinagar. The Srinagar International Airport is the nearest airport to Gulmarg, from there you can easily hire a taxi which would cost you around 3000/- to 4000/- INR to reach Gulmarg

By Rail: the nearest railway station to Gulmarg is Jammu Tawi, which is approximately 290 km from Gulmarg. 

The weather in Gulmarg in winter is extremely cold and most of the area is covered with snow, you can get some amazing views and great sightseeing opportunities if you travel to Gulmarg in Winter via train. 

So, how to reach Gulmarg in Winter, entirely depends on your preferences and comfort. But we would advise taking a flight to Srinagar, and then hiring a taxi to Gulmarg.

Here are some options for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Gulmarg in Winter


There are many great accommodation options available for travellers wishing to spend the night in Gulmarg in Winter, under the clear blue sky filled with stars and glowing white snow underneath.

  1. Hotel Pine Spring Gulmarg: Cost per room approx. 3000/- INR
  2. Hotel Gulmarg Residency: Cost per room approx. 2,500/- INR
  3. The Gulmarg Palace: Cost per room approx. 3,500/- INR
  4. Everest Guest House: Cost per room approx. 3,000/- INR
  5. The Khyber Himalayan Resorts and Spa: Cost per room approx. 10,000/- INR

There are many stay options in Gulmarg in Winter, from economical to luxurious all kinds of resorts, hotels, and homestays are open for tourists. It is advisable to make your bookings in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Before you plan your trip, here is a list of things to carry to Gulmarg in Winter. This list will be of great help, so do not skip these items

  1. Insulated clothes 
  2. Woollen clothes
  3. Woollen socks 
  4. Woolen Caps
  5. Waterproof caps
  6. Waterproof jackets
  7. Waterproof gloves
  8. Woollen Gloves
  9. Medicines
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Hiking Boots
  12. Heating Pads
  13. Snacks
  14. Scarves and Mufflers 
  15. Rubber Boots
  16. Sunscreen Lotion
  17. Moisturizer
  18. Antiseptic Liquid
  19. Band-aids
  20. Painkiller spray
  21. Painkiller pills
  22. Water Bottle
  23. Hot Water Thermos
  24. Travel Documents
  25. Power Bank

This was a list of the essential things to carry in Gulmarg in Winter, however, you may add or remove the things as per your requirements.

Can I go skiing in Gulmarg in winter?

Yes, Gulmarg in winter is one of the most popular Skiing destinations in India.

Which trekking routes in Kashmir are the best?

Kashmir Great Lakes and Tarsar Marsar are some of the best trekking routes in Kashmir.

Which month is snow-heavy in Gulmarg?

From October to March, Gulmarg experiences heavy snowfall.

Is Sonmarg better than Gulmarg?

Sonmarg is another beautiful hill station in Kashmir, it has many great things to see and explore. If you do not have a Gulmarg Gondola ticket then yes, skip going to Gulmarg and visit Sonmarg instead. 

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