12 Hacks For Travelling In Extreme Weather Conditions

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What is better than planning a trip during the summer or winter holidays? 

You can have your perfect getaway, far away from the chaos of the cities and the noise, and have a relaxing time during the trip. 

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds because the weather plays a vital role during your trip. 

But do you know that there are ways where you can try out a few weather travel hacks to survive the harshest of the climate and enjoy your trip as well? 

Let me tell you a few weather travel hacks that will change the game forever.


How To Survive Extreme Cold?

1. Keep Your Feet Warm


During extreme cold situations, you may start to shiver, and to keep yourself protected against cold, it’s best to keep your feet warm.  By keeping your feet warm, you can reduce the number of times you have to pee during this freezing weather. 

Besides, if your feet are warm, your whole body will feel a lot better and will keep your overall body warm. 

2. Cover Your Ears


After your feet, the next part that should be covered is your ears. Ensure that the cold wind does not enter your ears. 

By avoiding the cold breeze, you save yourself from excruciating headaches. I hope you can relate to the fact that the number of headaches increases during the winter season. It is because you allow the cold wind to enter your body by not keeping your ears covered. After all, you don’t want to mess up your hairstyle. 

No wonder why our parents used to yell at us for not covering our ears during winter. 

So your ears should be covered to avoid getting sick. 

3. Become An Onion


Layer yourself up like you are not a human but an onion. If you are travelling in extremely harsh winters, it’s best to cover yourself up with as many clothes as possible. 

Wear thermals and wind-proof jackets for absolute protection.

4. Drink Soup


To keep yourself warm, it’s essential to intake warm food and drinks.

Drink as many hot drinks as you can. Try having soup. 

Soups keep your body warm and help you deal with the harsh weather.

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5. Stay Hydrated


Be it winter or summer, it is essential to stay hydrated. 

Drink water as much as possible to maintain the temperature of the body. It is a proven fact that when you drink plenty of water, your body automatically balances its temperature, making you feel warm even in cold weather.

How To Survive Extreme Heat While Travelling?

When it comes to surviving extremes, summers are also not a piece of cake. 

People usually say that harsh winters are still better than the scorching heat of the sun, which makes you feel like the sun has sucked the life out of you. 

However, you can survive the harsh weather while travelling with a few tricks.

6. Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol


Caffeine and alcohol generate heat in your body, which makes the hot weather even hotter. 

It’s best to avoid such drinks. 

The only drink you should be drinking is water, lemonade or other refreshing drinks that do not contain caffeine to keep your body cool and hydrated. 

As I said, when your body is hydrated, it maintains the body temperature according to the outside temperature. 

7. Eat Ice Cream


Now this is one of the best excuses to eat ice cream because how else would you survive the wrath of the scorching sun? Eat ice cream with snacks to keep both your body and brain cool.

8. Wear The Correct Clothes


Now you may ask what the correct clothes are. Wearing clothes according to the weather outside is very important. 

I would suggest you wear cotton clothes that are not very body-fitting. 

It’s because when you wear tight clothes, your body begins to sweat, and you may feel itchy. 

Cotton clothes, as compared to other materials, help your body breathe and reduce sweating as well. 

So that’s what I mean by wearing the correct clothes.

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9. Use Sunscreen Like Moisturiser


If you want to protect your skin and keep your complexion the way it is, then you should apply sunscreen to every part of the body that you are exposing to the sun. 

In case you have sensitive skin, you should not take the risk of avoiding sunscreen during your summer trip to avoid looking like a burned potato.

10. Choose Your Shoes Wisely


The type of footwear you wear is essential. 

In the case of summer, avoid wearing heels because they may make your feet swell. 

Instead, wear flip-flops if you are going to the beach.

 If you are wearing shoes, ensure that you wear shoes made of breathable fabrics. 

You don’t want to sweat in your shoes because it will make you very uncomfortable, especially when you are travelling and due to excessive sweating, your feet may begin to smell, and I am sure you don’t want your fellow travellers or your friends to hold their noses and stare at you.

Nobody wants that kind of embarrassment anyway. 

11. Use Cooling Products


Cooling products while travelling includes a cooling towel, wet tissues, and portable fans that not only give you cool air but also sprinkle water as you push their buttons. 

Other things you can use are cooling eye masks and cooling mats. 

All this stuff is available over the internet. 

Buy them before your trip to make your trip memorable that don’t involve you sweating from head to toe. 

12. Avoid The Hot And Cold Effect


Your mother must have told you to avoid getting the hot and cold effect. 

For those who don’t know, the hot-cold effect is when you are in extreme temperatures and suddenly the temperature changes drastically.

This usually happens when you are on a road trip, and your car’s air conditioner is on, and suddenly you get out of the car in the scorching heat. 

This sudden temperature change can make you sick and cause rashes or allergies. 

To avoid this painful hot and cold effect, try turning off the car’s air conditioner at least 15 minutes before you get out of the car so the temperature settles and you don’t become a victim of this effect. 

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