16 Hacks That Will Help Find Cheap Accommodation For Your Next Trip

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Whoever invented travelling should be given a trophy or a medal or something. Do you know why? Of course, you know the reason, because that man or woman was a genius.

SRK once said one-sided love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Trust me, he lied because the most wonderful feeling in the world is travelling the world, and that my friend is the ultimate truth, and there is no denying it. 

We love travelling and given a chance we would travel the world the whole year if we had that kind of money. Isn’t that the ugly truth?

Well, let’s face it, travelling can be expensive because you have to plan many things. From your flights to the number of days to your accommodation, you plan your vacation from head to toe. If you are really smart and make an extra effort of digging information, there are ways to make your travel cheaper.

What if I tell you that you can find cheap accommodation for your trip? Isn’t that enticing?

Yes, you read it right! You can find cheap accommodation by putting in a little extra effort and a little more of your smartness in the right place and at the right time. 

Get Social Media To Your Rescue


You are on almost all kinds of social media, right? You must have also noticed that there are multiple deals on social media regarding hotels or any kind of accommodation. Chances are that you may come across a great deal, get plenty of discounts, and finally find the cheap accommodation you have been looking for.

Say No To Cookies


No, I am not talking about the cookies hiding in your kitchen cabinet; never say no to that. I am talking about your browser history, cookies, and caches. The browser has all the data that you search for. Even when you talk about something, you may find it’s advertisement the same day, so you see the browser knows what you want and what you are most likely to buy. 

So when you delete the history or look for cheap accommodation in incognito mode, there is a high possibility that you will get cheaper rates for the accommodation.

This happens because the browser knows your preferences when it has your search history. Once you revisit the website or search for accommodations again, the system very smartly hikes up the prices because it has understood that you are most likely to book your accommodation and with the increased prices, you will be in a rush to book it then and there only so that the prices do not raise further.

This is not something that is being made up; some people believe it is just something people say and doesn’t happen in reality. The truth is that happens every time you try to book your accommodation. It is not limited to just accommodation but also with flights. 

Get E-Letters


You can also subscribe to e-letters and receive the latest updates and deals. You can subscribe to the websites that you like and receive updates over your mail. Often hotels give away discounts, and it’s not always necessary that you will have updates about every discount that you can get, but subscribing to these newsletters will help because you will be up to date. You will also be able to book cheap accommodation for your trip.

Stay On A Sunday


Leisure travellers mostly take weekend trips and leave on Sunday evenings, so Sunday evenings are free. It would be wise if you stayed on a Sunday because of which you will get reasonable prices for accommodation. 

The Total Cost Scam


While comparing the sites, you will definitely find cheap accommodation but be very careful because these websites only tell you the rate of the room and then later add several taxes and charges that add up to the total cost. You end up paying all of it. 

Therefore before hitting the book button, check the total price, including taxes and every other extra charge that may be applicable and when you find the total cost, compare it with other websites and then book the cheapest one. 

Collect Travel Points


This is particularly for regular travellers who stick to a particular hotel chain. Some of these hotels have their cards which means every time you stay there, you get some points which can also provide you with good discounts. These reward points can also be encashed so that money can be used elsewhere. 

Travel Credit Cards


Get yourself a no-fee travel credit card which does not require you to pay an annual fee, and you can use it for travelling across the world and save a lot of money. These cards are an absolute lifesaver because it helps you save a lot of your money.

Every transaction you make from these cards earns you a point, and these points are quite beneficial because they can be used for further bookings. 

These credit cards also give free access to airport lounges, hotels, flights, etc. So go and get yourself a no-fee travel credit card.



The latest and the most wonderful initiative of the hospitality industry is the introduction of Air BNB to the people. 

Some of us don’t like the idea of living in a hostel, and hotels are way too expensive. This is when you take the road less travelled and choose the midway. 

Air BNB is more like an apartment with all the amenities you get in a hotel room, plus you also get a kitchen where you can cook your food, so you can save a lot of money on food because food outside is costly. 

However, the concept is only helpful if you are travelling with someone because if you travel solo, it will be a little expensive for you, but when you are with a bunch of people or if you are a couple, the cost can be split up. 

The best part about Air BNB is that you feel like it’s your second home, and also, most of the time, these Air BNBs are pet-friendly, so you can also bring your best buddies on your trip and not leave them alone with a neighbour as you do, every time you take a trip.

Travel Websites Rewards


Do you know that some websites give away rewards every time you book from them? 

Well, if you didn’t know, then you know now. 

Several websites reward you on every booking, so the next time you purchase a product or service from these sites, you get discounts or rewards for your next booking. Isn’t that rewarding? 

One of the websites, hotels.com, offers you free accommodation after ten bookings, so you see, sometimes you just need the right amount of information to get what you want.

Free Cancellations


Since we are trying to save an extra buck here, your safest bet is to book a room that allows free cancellations without charging you a penny. If there are no cancellation charges, you can easily look for other hotels. Do some research, and if you find a cheaper hotel room, you can book the other one and cancel the one you booked before. 

This is a smart trick because you can reserve a room just in case you don’t find any other room that’s cheaper than the one in question. So make sure this backup hotel does not charge any cancellation fees.

Plan During The Shoulder Season


If you are wondering whether the accommodations are cheaper during the off-season. You are a little right about it. However, the best prices are found in the shoulder season. Now what’s the shoulder season? That is the time of the year which is between the peak season and the off-season. 

The best part about the shoulder season is that you will find favourable weather conditions, fewer crowds, and cheaper accommodations. Besides, during the shoulder season, the prices of flights and car rentals drop drastically, so it’s a win-win situation.

Stay For More Than A Day


It often happens that when you stay for one day in hotel accommodation, chances are that you may end up paying a heavy amount of money, but when you stay for more than a day, you may get some good discounts.

So next time you book accommodation, try staying for more than one night and save your money on discounts. 

Live In Hostels


If you are absolutely hell-bent on saving money, try living in a hostel. If you think these are just like the hostels you used to have in schools, then you are absolutely wrong. The concept is the same but way cooler than the hostels in schools. 

You will get a room with four, six or twelve beds, depending on what you are going to choose, because the prices of the rooms with different numbers of beds may vary. So you actually pay the price of the bed and not the entire room, and if you order food, you would be charged extra like any other regular hotel. 

Choose The Correct Location


One of the essential tasks is finding the accurate location for your accommodation. Ensure that the accommodation you choose is not very far from the places you plan to visit. 

It is not wise that you book cheap accommodation somewhere in isolation and then end up spending the money on conveyance which you were trying to save on accommodation. 

So choose wisely, and make sure you stay close to airports, railway stations and local attractions. Pick some centrally located accommodation but also make sure that the prices are affordable.

Check Multiple Sites


Most of the time, when you directly book from the hotel’s website, you may find exceptionally high prices, and when you search for the same hotel at some hotel booking sites, you may find the same room at a lower price. But that doesn’t mean you book your accommodation when you see a slightly lower price. 

It’s best to do some digging, compare several hotel booking websites and then book your accommodation where the price is lowest. See, you gotta make some effort if you want to save some money and spend it on other exciting activities that you have planned for this trip. 

Stay With A Local


If you are in India, you must have relatives calling you to visit their city or country and stay there. Maybe now is the time to accept that invitation. This is not about finding cheap accommodation, and this is the place where you can live free of cost. Not only that, but you also get free food. If your relatives are actually very friendly and hospitable people then chances are they will take responsibility for showing you around the city, and that would save you all the money, the only money you will be spending will be on flights and shopping if that’s what you are into. 

So next time your father’s cousin’s brother’s aunt’s sister who lives in a very cool city, invites you to her place, just take her address instead of nodding and ignoring the invitation. It will help, trust me. 

Sometimes you find amiable locals who not only invite you for the sake of it but actually want you to stay with them and have the local food at their homes. So just accept that invitation and spend the night at their place. You get a roof over your head, free food, stories and all the warmth you were not expecting to find in this foreign place. It will be worth it, and most importantly, it will be a memory of a lifetime for you. 


So next time you book your accommodation, try all these tricks I have mentioned above, and I am sure you will find that cheap accommodation at exactly the place you want. 

Wrapping up, I would only like to say that I always tell people that with the right attitude and the right amount of effort, you can get what you are looking for, and it could be as small as finding free or cheap accommodation or as big as making an empire for yourself. So Goodluck!

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