6 Haunted Places In Dubai To See The Spooky Side

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We have known Dubai for its lavish lifestyle, extravagance and opulence, and fantastic nightlife. However, did you know about the haunted places in Dubai? 

It may come as a shock to you, and it may be the last thing on your mind when you are on your Dubai Tour, but it is true that this city, with limitless possibilities in terms of innovation and technology, has possibilities of ghosts wandering around as well. Sounds spooky, right? 

In some areas, paranormal activities take place in these haunted places to visit in Dubai, which will surely give you chills. 

People who are into weird paranormal activities should check out these places and witness the spooky places in Dubai.

1. Pan Emirates Tunnel: The Haunted Tunnel

Image Source : Economic Times

For fun, people visit theme parks in Dubai or go fo other activities, but who like to explore the unknown visit the Pan Emirate Tunnel.

Indeed, tunnels are terrifying because they are very dark and become even scarier when some creepy and spooky stories are associated with them. 

If you are looking for a horror place in Dubai, then the Pan Emirates Tunnel is something to look for. You will be doubled up with fear as you might have an eerie feeling inside the Tunnel. 

Those who have been through this tunnel claim they felt someone’s presence in the dark tunnel as if they were standing next to them. 

Some even claim that they have seen appearances inside the tunnel, and while they were inside, they felt uneasy, proving that there is something inside this dark tunnel that makes it one of the top haunted places in Dubai.

2. Al Khail Gate: The Suicidal Spot

Image Source : Gulf News

Normally people in need of adventure go for Scuba Diving In Dubai, whereas people who want to take their adventure up a notch wish to explore this suicidal spot in Dubai. 

Out of all the haunted places in Dubai, Al Khail Gate is among the top because of the series of events that have taken place that may shake you to the very core. 

The Al Khail Gate is a scary apartment whose construction was completed in the year 2011. However, the people who lived here could not stay for more than six days because of the paranormal activities that took place there. 

The residents claimed that their belongings, such as mobile phones, chargers, combs, and other things, disappeared and reappeared in a completely different place where they would keep them. 

Besides, they have heard moans and cries of women and children, due to which the first inhabitants left.

After they left, no one had the guts to move to that place, and a few suicides have also been reported here.  The owner of the building has put it under maintenance, but the place has remained abandoned and remains spooky to date. 

3. Al Jazirat Al Hamra: The Ghost Town Of Dubai

Image Source : wikipedia.org

Located just one hour from Dubai, the Al Jazirat Hamra is one of the most haunted places in Dubai. As per the legends, three tribes used to live in this area, but these tribes soon abandoned it, and ever since, it has been famous for its paranormal activities. 

If you ask the locals of the place, they will warn you not to visit the area after dawn. All you can see here is the abandoned houses, and you can hear the sound of eerie silence. However, if you wish to see the haunted town of Al Jazirat, you can visit the place. 

4. Al Qasimi Palace

Image Source : wikimedia commons

If you are looking for one of the top haunted places in Dubai, then Al Qasimi Palace, located in Al Daith, is about half an hour from Dubai. 

You must have seen movies where you could hear stories of the abandoned palaces and the spooky things about the place. Similarly, this palace was beautifully designed and was once a royalty in Dubai, but it remains abandoned and is a haunted ruin. 

There are several stories about the ruins and how it’s one heck of a haunted place. Locals would advise you not to go near the palace because, as per the stories, some people have heard voices of children playing.

Apart from that, some people also claim that they have seen children peeping from the windows of this haunted mansion, proving that it is, in fact, a horror place in Dubai. 

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5. Jumeirah: The Devil’s House

Image Source : Tripadvisor

One of the most haunted places in Dubai is a house in Jumeirah, which has forced people to flee from the place to protect themselves from the evil that lives in that house. 

Some Filipinos once inhabited this seven-bedroom building in 2011, but after some time, they fled from the place because they reported that they had witnessed paranormal activities and had seen the appearance of ghosts a dozen times. 

If you ask the locals, they will tell you that the house has a negative energy and ask you not to go anywhere near it. If they try to enter, they may get possessed by ghosts, so to be on the safer side, it’s better to maintain their distance. 

6. Sharjah: Al Dahid Road

Image Source : Flickr

The place is known as one of the haunted places in Dubai because of a picture that went viral. There was a family who was on an outing and were taking pictures. In one of the pictures that the man took his wife, he accidentally captured paranormal activity. 

He could see a picture of a scary woman with her arms stretched and standing close to the family. 

The picture went viral, and many people believe that it has been photoshopped, however, experts claim that it has not been tampered with. The truth lies with the family and God himself. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Dubai

1. Are there any haunted places in Dubai?

Yes, there are haunted places in Dubai, about which the locals have plenty of stories that make them one scary spot. These haunted places in Dubai are mainly abandoned and give spooky vibes.

2. Can I find ghost tours or haunted attractions in Dubai?

You can visit these attractions by yourself, and there may be a few local companies that deal in ghost tours and haunted walks. 

3. Are there any abandoned buildings in Dubai with spooky stories?

Yes, almost all the haunted places in Dubai are abandoned, with stories of hearing moans and cries of women and children and other spooky stories as well. 

4. Can I explore historical or cultural sites in Dubai that might have interesting stories?

Yes, Old Dubai has plenty of historical sites with cultural significance, such as the Creek, Al Fahidi District, and so on. 

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