Heatwave Alert In Greece: Rising Temperatures and Wildfires

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Get ready for some serious heat in Greece! The weather department says a scorching heatwave will last for three days. Vassilis Kikilias, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, is warning everyone that temperatures will soar above 40 degrees Celsius. And there’s a big worry about wildfires too.

The Minister says the worst days will be Wednesday and Thursday, with the heatwave alert raised to “very high.” Weather experts even think temperatures could hit a crazy 43 degrees Celsius before the weekend.

This year, Greece has had a warmer winter than usual, almost like April. And that’s not good news because it’s setting the stage for forest fires, starting as early as March.

The Minister stressed how hard firefighters are working every day to put out forest fires. To try and stop fires from happening, the government is getting tough on anyone who starts them on purpose or by accident. They could end up in prison for 20 years and pay a huge fine.

In 2023, wildfires destroyed a massive 175,000 hectares of forests and farms in Greece during a two-week heatwave. Experts say this is all linked to the planet getting hotter because of things like burning fossil fuels. 

So, as the heat wave hits, stay safe, follow the rules, and let’s all do our part to prevent more wildfires. 

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