Delhi Red Alert: Extreme Heatwaves In Delhi, Stay Safe With Expert Tips

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Recently, a “Red Alert” has been issued for Delhi and nearby states by the India Metrological Department, also, they have warned about the extreme heatwaves in Delhi from May 23, and can last until May 31. Some parts of Delhi NCR recorded 47°C on Sunday. 

What Is Causing Extreme Heatwaves in Delhi

Experts say that hot winds from Rajasthan are a major reason for the extreme heatwaves in Delhi. Mahesh Palawat, vice president of Meteorology and Climate Change at Skymet Weather, explained that open areas with vacant land get more radiation. He said direct sunlight and lack of shade make New Delhi temperatures extremely hot.

He also mentioned that some parts of Delhi are especially vulnerable to these early hot winds, which make the already severe weather even worse.

Dr. Satish Koul, the Senior Director & Unit Head of Internal Medicine, at Fortis Memorial Research Insitute, Gurgaon, stated, “As the mercury rises to unbearable levels, the threat of heat-related illness is also on the rise.”

Currently, prevention and protection from New Delhi temperatures is an ideal answer to this condition.

Heat Strokes Becoming Common

Heat strokes are one of the most common and dangerous illnesses at this moment that can strike because of high heat conditions, and in extreme cases can even cause death. Ir happens when the body’s normal temperature (37°C ) rises above (40.6°C).

Heat strokes often occur when the body gets dehydrated and its heat control ability is lost, and heat in the body reaches dangerous levels. However, it can also happen without any alarming signs and can cause damage to brain functioning. So, it’s advisable to please be hydrated and protected especially during the hot summer months.

People with previous diseases like hypertension, diabetes, or kidney-related issues should be more cautious. Even if you’re experiencing heat cramps or heat exhaustion, then also such conditions can lead to heat strokes, so it’s better to follow some tips to stay safe during summers.

Tips To Stay Safe During Summers

  • First of all, keep yourself hydrated, carry water bottles with you when you go out, and even at home keep your body hydrated.  
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Fabrics that allow ventilation are recommended. Wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Do go outside: It is advisable to stay indoors, especially in the peak sun hours, as it is the hottest during this time. Particularly, if you have to go, then protect yourself from scarves and sunglasses. 

Recent Cases

Dr, Ajay Agarwal, Director of Fortis Hospital Noida, said that with the rising temperature, the number of patients suffering from heat exhaustion has increased by 20 – 30%.

He also added that we are seeing a lot of patients with heat cramps, abdomen pain, weakness, and vomiting regularly these days.

These are some clear signs of heat exhaustion.

So, being conscious of heatwaves in Delhi and other states is the most ideal and recommended thing. Keep yourself hydrated, drink at least 3 liters of water every day.  When going outside, proper covering is essential, and when coming back, try to cool yourself at a normal temperature using a fan or a cooler, and then take a bath if you want.

However, currently, it is the most important thing that we keep ourselves away from direct sun, since, in no time, you can experience heat strokes and dehydration.

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